What do we know about the benefits and dangers of onions: onion, green. What useful properties has a bow and if it can harm

More than five thousand years ago, mankind discovered the useful properties of onions.

During this time, ancient and modern scholars and physicians has been established, what benefits and harm, bow brings.

But not all useful properties of this vegetable known to the General public, but anyone would call it the most harmful property is an unpleasant smell.

Onions. The composition and caloric content

In the XII century, the crossbow appeared on the territory of Ancient Russia, although Russia believe Afghanistan and Iran. Since the bow is present in many culinary recipes and is widely used in folk medicine.

Today we know about its 400 species and more than half of them are grown on the territory of the Russian Federation.

What is so unique bow and what are its health benefits? The answer to this question will be presented in this article information on the composition of the bow, which is the secret of its popularity.

A rich vitamin and mineral content of this vegetable is the main reason why our ancestors attributed to him miraculous properties. Onions, useful properties of which have been confirmed for many centuries, contains:

• cobalt;

• copper;

• zinc;

• iodine;

• manganese;

• Nickel;

• vitamin C;

• vitamin b;

• essential oil;

• flavonoids.

Thanks to a rich composition of onions, the benefits and harms of which cannot be underestimated, is not only a leader in cooking, but in medicine and even in cosmetics.

In Luke is very much iron, the amount of which does not affect the method of cooking the vegetable. During cooking or frying, the iron will not evaporate, so with iron deficiency anemia moderate consumption of vegetable in any form will go only on advantage.

Potassium, which is part of the onion, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Carotene, Biotin and folic acid contained in the juice of green feathers. Besides, onion juice is rich in essential oils and carbohydrates. But to call it nutritious, do not dare, because 100 g onions only 41 kcal.

What are the benefits of onion for human body?

First of all, the bow is one of those vegetables that clean the blood and has beneficial impact on the Central nervous system. It is recommended as a preventive means, able to prevent a heart attack, as well as to fight insomnia.

In addition, all known vitamins are contained in the vegetable, so its regular use will relieve the person from a vitamin deficiency and helps to improve the immune system.

In addition to vitamins, it contains ascorbic acid, the lack of which is one of the main causes scurvy, anemia, cardiovascular and infectious diseases. Therefore, the onion, the benefit of which to the body is difficult to overestimate, must be present in the diet of everyone who cares about their own health.

All from childhood known the fact that onion helps to overcome a common cold, because due to its disinfectant properties, it kills the infection. For these purposes, onions can be eaten, inhalations with onion juice, and cook for a healing mixture of honey and lemon. Tampons impregnated with onion juice, help to quickly get rid of a cold. To overcome colds, it is recommended to attach a ring of raw onion to the soles of his feet at night.

The high content of volatile production in Luka, allows doctors to recommend it in case of intestinal infections. Not resist the bow and the pathogens of other diseases, because it destroys pathogens:

• tuberculosis;

• diphtheria.

• dysentery.

Streptococci are also afraid of phytoncides that provide the antibacterial properties of the vegetable.

In addition, doctors recommend to consume onions in the following cases:

• to activate the metabolism;

• to improve appetite and digestion;

• to improve body tone and improve the General condition;

• hypotension;

• in diabetes;

• for constipation;

• for the prevention of cancer.

Traditional medicine for the treatment of patients widely used onion, useful properties of which are confirmed by centuries of experience. It is recommended to enter into the diet of patients suffering from chronic fatigue, General exhaustion, for the treatment of respiratory diseases, fungal infections of the mucous membranes and skin. Use onions in your meals helps to get rid of Giardia and ascarides.

Bow and indispensable for the treatment of neurological and dermatological diseases, because its use helps to overcome a number of serious problems:

• dermatitis;

• rheumatism;

• papillomas,

• corns;

• warts;

• trichomoniasis;

• blisters;

• hair loss;

• purulent acne;

• boils;

• fistula.

Use baked onions in food shown those who suffer from obesity, kidney stones, stagnation of the liquid, and also leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Bow: what’s the harm?

Not only bad breath is a negative result of eating onions inside. In some cases, this vegetable becomes a cause of increase the acidity of the stomach and irritation of the mucous membranes of the digestive organs, so people with similar problems, you should limit the use of the bow.

Not worth it to get involved and cores, because it can change heart rhythms, and in large amounts raises blood pressure and can trigger an asthma attack.

Volatile, which is in the vegetable and in moderate doses are the man advantage, long-term contact with a mucous membrane, cause burns.

Despite the many useful properties of the bow, before using it for medicinal purposes, it is necessary to consult the attending physician. This will help to avoid many health problems.

Benefits of onions for pregnant and lactating women

In the absence of Allergy to onions during pregnancy, it must be present in the diet. It is not only possible but also need to eat pregnant, especially because you can buy it at any time of the year, and it is quite inexpensive.

Thanks to its unique composition, because in the onion there are Niacin, vitamin C and b vitamins, women expecting a baby bow will not hurt. It not only increases the protective forces of the body and improves hemoglobin level. For pregnant and lactating it is very important because the food that feeds the mother, one way or another, enters the body of the child.

Doctors recommend to increase the use of the bow in the planning period of pregnancy and in the first trimester. Folic acid that it contains, plays an important role in the process of formation of the fetus, and its lack is often the cause of congenital anomalies and premature birth into the light.

Because the bow can damage the mucous of the digestive organs, its use should be moderate.

Great onion increases the appetite, and chlorophyll contained in it, promotes hematopoiesis.

Much better after sleep pregnant onion, so when it is used, no insomnia woman expecting a baby, not terrible.

If during pregnancy a woman indulges in the consumption of useful vegetable, it will provide you and your baby protection from bacteria and viruses, whose effects on the female body during pregnancy is highly undesirable.

In the second half of pregnancy, even in the absence of any complications, it is best to eat this vegetable is smaller. There is a perception that it can be associated with the development of Allergy in children.

Inflammatory processes in the digestive system, tachycardia, liver disease and urinary tract are a contraindication to the use of onion during pregnancy and lactation.

Onions good or bad for children?

Many parents, for a long time can not decide on whether to give the child a bow? Benefit or harm the baby will it bring? and so, don’t rush to acquaint their child with the vegetable. According to pediatricians, an introduction to children’s diet raw onion should be carried out not earlier than after 3 years.

Since 7 months, provided that the child has tried zucchini, potatoes, carrots, it is possible to give boiled onions.

Although the bow has a mass of useful properties, children at any age in its raw form, it should be given in small quantities. Thus it must be combined with other products (to add to salads, serve with bread, soup). In this case, it retains all its beneficial properties and nutrients better absorbed, reduced irritant effect of onions on the digestive organs.

In addition to the consumption, for medicinal purposes children used onion juice. It is used as a proven remedy for cough, runny nose and inhalation, but only after consultation with a pediatrician and not before the child turns 3 years.

To reduce the irritating effects on the gastrointestinal tract, onion, for therapeutic purposes, give the child after eating and always with milk and honey.

The same recommendations regarding the treatment of cough boiled onion: it is also ingested with a large amount of fluid, and to improve the taste, in the drug add honey or sugar.

Onion, diced and left in the room, is an excellent preventative measure for children during epidemics. Essential oils moisturize mucous membranes, facilitates nasal breathing. They are harmful to microbes at mucosal surfaces. However, it is absolutely not effective against microbes that have already penetrated into the blood of the child. In addition, such inhalation give a short effect.

That the onions didn’t hurt the child, parents should control the process of its use. First of all, you need to remember that being a sharp product, it can irritate the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, can provoke digestion and cause abdominal pain. To eat onions, can only able to chew child. Otherwise, the onions should be thoroughly crushed.