Starvation diet: rapid weight loss in a short time. Four effective menu hungry diet

Starvation diet is one of the most rigid systems of nutrition for weight loss, which involves the abstinence from food for a certain period of time.

As a result, people can lose 5 to 7 kg.

It should be noted that nutritionists such a plan not much approve of, as sudden weight loss can have a negative impact on health.

The most difficult is not to endure a starvation diet, and keep the result that has been achieved.

System weight loss is not recommended more often than once in six months, and only when absolutely necessary.

If you have an important event, a favorite outfit a bit tight – starvation diet is the perfect solution.

The main advantages and disadvantages of a starvation diet

Before you decide on extreme weight loss, you need to know about all positive and negative sides of the methods.

Key benefits

1. Great performance. A week of following the meal plan, it is possible to lose at least 7 lbs. the Final result depends on the initial weight of the person.

2. From the body to actively begin to display all the toxins and wastes that have accumulated over time.

3. Large financial expenditures starvation diet is not required. All of the products included in the diet as accessible as possible for people.

4. Due to the fact that the diet is hungry, cook a lot do not have is a very easy process of losing weight, so as not to tempt the flavour of the ingredients.

Starvation diet, as with any system weight loss, has its drawbacks. It is important to be prepared for possible consequences.

1. The feeling of hunger will torment every day, as food will have to be abandoned.

2. In the body, you won’t receive beneficial vitamins, trace elements and minerals, which will lead to drowsiness, fatigue and even slight dizziness.

3. It is possible that after a getting rid of a large number of pounds some areas of the skin can SAG. With time it will pass, if you start to exercise.

4. The body will experience severe stress, due to the fact that you will experience a nutrient deficiency.

5. If after weight loss people can not cope with his desire to pounce on the fridge, the extra weight back in greater quantities than left. Very important to know how to get out of the diet to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Starvation diet: the weight loss system

Hungry diet is based on the main principle – a strict restriction of foods to your diet, counting calories. Due to the fact that the body will not receive nutrients, sharply starts to go the extra kilos.

There are several options diet – tea, barley, water. However, the diet is allowed to create other products.

Most suitable for a starvation diet are:

• green tea, herbal teas, plain water without gas, milk, skim;

• lean beef, chicken, eggs;

• from fruits prefer oranges, grapefruits, pineapples, green apples;

• yogurt-fat 1% cottage cheese and yogurt;

• vegetables the emphasis is on seasonal, for example, cucumbers or tomatoes;

• useful to starvation diets dried fruits, especially suitable dried apricots and prunes;

• grits, cooked in water, without added sugar and salt.

Each person selects foods for the everyday diet, based on the individual characteristics of the organism. Someone hard to survive only on water, but it is permitted to replace the yogurt.

Weekly fasting on water

The essence of this method lies in the fact that for weeks the main focus is on water, juices and other beverages. Besides nothing can’t be eaten. Perhaps of all the options of a starvation diet it is this the most difficult, because people will want something tasty but can’t afford it.

1. Monday. On the first day, drink 1.5 liters of fresh milk, fat content 2,5%.

2. Tuesday. Allowed to drink only plain water without gas. The minimum volume of 2 litres

3. Environment. 3 liters of brewed green tea – it must be drink during the day. There for flavor you can add a few slices of lemon and a tablespoon of honey.

4. Thursday. Drink a liter of clean water in the morning and before bed a glass of yogurt fat content of 1%.

5. Friday. Recommended plain water (1 liter) and the same number of carrot-Apple juice.

6. Saturday. Ginger tea – 1 liter and the same amount of drinking water without gas.

7. Sunday. Pomegranate juice – 500 ml and 1.5 liters of clean water.

Such a diet is very difficult to withstand, but the result will exceed all expectations – 7 days of fasting on water save a minimum of 7 pounds.

Minus 4 pounds «hungry» version of the diet for a week

Presents a diet designed for 7 days. To withstand these version of a starvation diet is much easier than the previous one, since the body will receive nutrients.

1. Day 1. During the day you should drink 2 liters of pure water, coffee and tea are prohibited. Boiled 100 grams of chicken fillet, it is eaten in small portions a few times.

2. Day 2. In the morning, drink 100 ml of skim milk, during the day need to eat 100 grams of cottage cheese without sweeteners.

3. Day 3. In the morning to drink a Cup of green tea without lemon and honey. Bake for 5 average sized potatoes and eat them during the day.

4. Day 4. Two liters of pure water without gas and 1 kg of green apples.

5. Day 5. It is planned on the same principle as the second day.

6. Day 6. It is planned the same as the first day.

7. Day 7 is out of the diet. Morning eaten two boiled eggs and drink a Cup of green tea. Lunch – banana and a glass of milk. For dinner a Cup of yogurt fat content of 1%.

Result. During the week we spend at least 4 kg. If you have many excess weight, the result can be better.

Minus 4 kg in 4 days

Menu hungry diet 4 day is suitable for those who are struggling to fully indulge in food. The body is constantly be satisfied with a small amount of calories, will the weight loss.

1. Day 1. Two boiled eggs and 1 whole orange before sleep consumed pre-soaked in water, prunes – 5 stuff.

2. Day 2. Full day unsweetened tea, 1 orange, and 50 grams of low-fat cheese.

3. Day 3. Before lunch you drink 500ml of green tea. For lunch a salad of tomato and cucumber in its own juice, before bedtime a glass of milk.

4. Day 4. Natural low-fat yogurt in the morning and during the day 2 of big orange.

Following this menu, you can get 4 days at least 4 pounds. This is the maximum duration of the diet without harm to the body, it is permitted to repeat not more often than once a month.

Hungry diet pearl barley

Few people know that barley is considered a dietary large. Besides, it is very satisfying, so even a small amount of cereal relieves feelings of hunger for several hours. A diet designed for a week.

1. Day 1. Every 2 hours eat 50 grams of boiled barley (without salt and oil) 1 green Apple.

2. Day 2. Every 2 hours for 50 grams of barley with chopped banana.

3. Day 3. Every 3 hours 50 grams of barley with a small amount of soaked raisins.

4. Day 4. Every 3 hours 50 grams of barley with chopped orange.

5. Day 5. All day allowed to eat 200 grams of grapes, you can enjoy your Breakfast barley porridge (100 grams).

6. Day 6. Morning – a glass of water with two slices of dried apricots. Lunch 50 grams of barley porridge, bedtime Cup of yogurt fat content of 1%.

7. Day 7. Same as the previous day.

The disadvantage of the presented system power can be called that every day to eat barley – it is annoying. Even if the person will not feel hungry after a few days he wants to eat something else. The main thing is to withstand starvation diet of barley porridge for 7 days. It is guaranteed to get rid of 5 kg or more depending on initial weight. Moreover, such a diet is easier than just tea or water.

Important aspects of nutrition

In addition, you need to adhere strictly to the menu, starvation diet has several important nuances. Knowing them, man can be sure I will come to the desired result, get rid of short term of excess weight, and will not recover back.

1. Regardless of the option selected diets constant need to keep drinking regime. Per day a person needs 1.5-2 liters of water. Its use allows to speed up the process of cleaning the body and removing toxins.

2. During the diet the body doesn’t come of nutrients is bad, especially if the person works in the field of mental and physical activity. In order to avoid a constant feeling of fatigue at the time of weight loss is recommended to buy in a pharmacy vitamin complex and drink it according to instructions.

3. Nutritionists believe that to lose weight one must exercise. This is true, but not to a starvation diet. The body is so weak that it cannot withstand the exercise. Sports can be enjoyed at the end of the diet to consolidate the results.

4. If you have selected the starvation diet, where it is allowed for the day 100 grams, for example, cottage cheese, you can’t eat it all at once. You need to force yourself to eat very small portions – 1 spoon in two hours product.

Starvation diet – a diet, which sustain only person with the desire to lose weight. Importantly at the end of the course weight loss to train ourselves not to forget about drinking regime and eat small portions, so that the weight did not return.