Squid – amazing marine life: useful AI harmful? Calorie squid, beneficial properties and bad quality.

They live in waters of all climatic zones.

Their body size range from 25 cm to 16 m.

In the Northern seas these molluscs do not have the expressive color and grow small.

While their main concentration falls on the water world of the subtropics.

Having a torpedo-like body shape and the cartilage in the form of an arrow along it, these creatures develop an enormous speed, and ahead not, perhaps, only dolphins. Representatives of the cephalopods of the seas and oceans breathe gills comb-like, and to differentiate the environment, they help the eyes and tentacles.

On these tentacles are located suction cups, individually each of clam, like a fingerprint. It is their weapon to catch prey and for protection from enemies. Each of the three pairs of tentacles conceals one heart cephalopod mollusk. This feature allows them to regenerate.

This is lightning-fast predators ready to eat the smaller members of its own kind. And the name of his calamari. Whose meat is so loved by the people. This is not surprising, because it is the most useful of all available now in human food.

The caloric value of squid and how to cook them, to preserve all useful properties

Delivered to our supermarkets squid with their useful properties are prey fisheries in the southern seas of China, Japan and Vietnam. For cooking use the tentacles and the carcass of a clam, cleaned from the inside and skins. In the heat treatment process squid doesn’t lose its useful for the human body properties, but have different calories:

• Fresh – 98 kcal;

• Boiled – 122 kcal;

• Fried – 188 kcal;

• Braised – 156 kcal;

• Dried – 286 calories;

• Grill – 115 kcal.

Besides salads, squid also prepare delicious soups. Great appetizer – the kebabs of squid strung on a skewer. Them stewed, marinated, fried, mixed with other seafood or vegetables. Squid give any dish a rich pleasant flavour.

Use squid to health is enormous:

• Iron – good level of hemoglobin respectively, saturate it with oxygen;

• Potassium – healthy heart muscle and muscles;

• Magnesium – a strong nervous system;resistance to stress;

• Calcium – healthy teeth, strong bones, healthy hair and skin;

• Sodium – controls metabolic processes in body cells, maintains acid-alkaline balance;

• Iodine – healthy thyroid, balance hormones;

• Copper – required for the formation of blood with the correct figures, with the implication that the health of all organs;

• Fluoride – bone formation and strong healthy tooth enamel;

• Manganese – found in the human body in very small amounts, but absolutely involved in all processes occurring in it;

• Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and immune stimulant;

• Cobalt has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland;

The content of iodine and cobalt in the meat of the squid leads among all other products.

Use squid for the body

Squid meat has high content of protein. The presence of vitamins b, C, E and PP makes the squid is extremely good for health. Including shellfish in your diet, a person optimizes the thyroid gland. This mainly affects the production of hormones that affect all organs and systems in the body.

Squid include trace elements that are beneficial to the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system. Diluting the diet of this marine product, the person provokes the immune system and the body’s ability to detoxify and cholesterol. This reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, narrows and strengthens blood vessels.

Potassium and sodium that are included with meat, have a slight diuretic effect. This prevents the accumulation in the body of excess fluid, which eliminates the appearance of swelling and high blood pressure.

Squid meat, bringing health benefits, it may be a component of the diet.

Harm squid for the body

Doctors gastroenterologists and allergists there was a small percentage of people with individual intolerance to the squid along with other seafood. Of course, in this case, eating the squid would only bring harm.

Dried squid is another potential source of harm. When you purchase this salty snack, be sure to familiarize yourself with the composition specified on the packaging. Manufacturers of dried squid meat Asia adds to it a lot of additives and preservatives, in addition to the high content of salt. It certainly does not make it a treat useful.

Abusing of dried squid, a person increases the likelihood of receiving harm to their health. After all, in addition to the large caloric content of the product contained salt in it sooner or later will be deposited in the body, altering its metabolic processes.

Use squid for the child’s body

Squid meat does not contain fat and cholesterol, making it one of the most important positions in baby food. Included in the squid phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iodine and other beneficial properties indicate that this product is a must-have in kids ‘ diets. This will allow the proper and harmonious development of child organism, as of all internal processes and external factors.

A child’s brain is working around the clock body that needs the constant power. The emerging, fledgling nervous system, musculoskeletal system, withstanding heavy daily load – squid are a benefit to the whole organism.

Contraindication to the use of meat of squid can only be a personal intolerance to a child. In this case, this product is better to completely eliminate from the diet. Anyway, for some time. As is known, the child’s body is formed and along with those changes. Therefore, the former are allergic to seafood may disappear in the process of growing.

The use of squid during pregnancy and lactation

Cobalt, part of the meat of the squid, promotes the production of cells, RNA and DNA, thus controlling the preservation of genetically valuable data.

The diet of the expectant mother must include up to 350 g of squid with their useful properties in a week. After all, the time of childbearing, doctors recommend to refrain from eating any marine fish. This is due to the ability of its accumulation of mercury from sea water. Mercury poisoned the fish, once in the body of a pregnant woman, it is unlikely as it would affect her. Because the contents of the poison is too little. But having penetrated to the forming fetus, it is likely to leave its mark on the future nervous system of the child.

Squid is good because it absorbs mercury and other harmful substances. Therefore, they can be safely used for cooking various dishes throughout pregnancy.

After the baby is born, the nursing mother will have some time off from all possible seafood. And only after 8 months, you can eat small portion of meals, with meat squid. Tracing the reaction of the child’s body, it will be clear whether the child is allergic to the seafood or not. In the presence of adverse reactions to repeat the experiment is not worth it. But if the child feels fine, his stool is not broken and cheeks clean, so he together with his mother can get from squid benefits for your health.

The rules of choosing a good squid

To get all the benefits of the body from the squid, you need to pay attention to several points during purchase:

• The carcass should be well frozen if purchased frozen shelled squid. Even with the small hint that the product was thawed and then frozen again, keep in mind that it will have a bitter taste;

• Each frozen carcass shall be separate from the other. Sticky squid bad squid.

Remembering these simple rules, easy to choose a good product.

When buying fresh squid, first you need to pay attention to his skin. It should be greyish-purple or pink-brown. Inside the meat should be white. Itself fresh carcass should be dense and elastic. To get squid to use private health can not buy cleaned fresh squid. So it will be impossible to evaluate the tone of the skin and thereby determine the freshness of the product will not work.

How to prepare squid, leaving them beneficial properties and pleasant taste

If you bring squid meat too long heat treatment, it will become rubber and tasteless:

• Fresh squid, boiled 2 min, until they are white meat;

• Frozen squid, pre-thawed, put in boiling water and immediately turn off the fire. Insist 10 minutes, then take it out;

• Fried squid in batter no more than 5 min, pre-broth;

• Squid on the grill or in the oven cook until Golden brown, but first they marinate for several hours.

The squid keep its useful properties and taste of the only when a short heat treatment.

Squid in mythology

Squids have not only an invaluable useful properties for human health. In the distant years 1770 Icelandic sailors claimed that they had to find a huge cephalopod mollusk potplayer ships. They nicknamed him the Kraken. If this is true it is difficult to say. But in our day it was recorded repeatedly attacked by large species of squid per person.