Sagged skin after weight loss — what to do? How to tighten and make more elastic skin after weight loss.

Times when walked through the streets of slender young men with badges on which was written the slogan: «Want to lose weight? Ask me how!» long gone. Today the modern woman is known for a thousand and one way how you should lose weight, what methods to use and how to keep weight after weight loss.

However, there comes a point that may confuse any of us are coveted numbers on the scale, but the skin sagged hopelessly and return to the tone does not want in any way. If You have tried all ways braces, but nothing helps, maybe something You are doing wrong. We show you how to tighten the skin and make it more elastic after weight loss.

Why is this happening: skin after weight loss suddenly limp

If a young girl, barely stepped threshold of twenty years, decides to lose 5 to 10 kg, the skin will remain in the appropriate tone. Besides, the actual pounds will go almost unnoticed and quickly, and health problems will not appear. But the ladies, whose age has passed the mark of 40 years, unfortunately it is very difficult to regain the weight that was relevant to youth. And often they have to resort to drastic measures in order to restore skin after weight loss elasticity: use of wraps and to visit specific treatments in terms of beauty.

When You lose weight, chances are You severely limit your body in the diet, eliminating some foods, reducing the caloric content of many foods. Along with this, a woman’s body loses vitamins and minerals that help to maintain the elasticity of the skin. But if You suddenly decided to dramatically change their way of life and rapidly losing weight more than 5 kg, then saggy skin is inevitable. There is another category of women who lose weight is fundamentally wrong: not Supplement diet exercise, do not use additional factors like saunas, wraps, or special means for weight loss.

The result of the poor weight loss is the flabby and saggy skin, which is often very noticeable on the abdomen, inner thighs and arms. Unfortunately, our skin is perfectly able to stretch but return to original shape after a strong stretch in itself it is not.

To deal with the consequences or to prevent sagging skin?

As they like to say to the doctor: «the Disease is easier to prevent than to treat it later». And they are right: skin after weight loss, especially sudden, is too stretched, so do not be easier initially this stretch to prevent than later to upset over their appearance?

If You’ve lost weight, for example, for 10 kg and Your skin looks very loose, then we will try to tell You how you need to pull. But it later. Now a small educational program for those who are just planning to lose weight. So, to prevent the strongest stretching and sagging skin after weight loss, You should remember this:

1. It is not recommended to lose weight dramatically. Note that the rapid dumping of a large amount of weight will never benefit neither Your health nor your body. The optimal number of pounds that are allowed to lose per week without harm to their health – 1-1,5 kg.

2. In parallel with diet, exercise and other methods should compensate for the loss of liquid and vitamins in the body. Suitable not only vegetables and fruits, but also a special vitamin complex that includes vitamins of all groups (if possible). Don’t forget that in the day you should drink plenty of water, tea or stewed fruit without sugar. Preferably to 1.5-2 liters.

3. Armed with the chosen means for tightening from the store or make yourself homemade body wraps with chocolate, algae or mustard. This will help the skin after weight loss not to SAG and to get used to his condition at the stage of weight loss. Extra nourishing and moisturizing lotions and scrubs, peels and gommage perfectly clear cover and give it more elasticity.

4. Be sure to choose any sport, in order to maintain optimal weight and adjust body in the waist and hips. It can be fitness or water aerobics, yoga, volleyball or even a simple walk. Importantly, physical activity brought joy and satisfaction. Through their skin after weight loss is not going to look flabby.

As You know, it is much easier to prevent skin sagging, after all, to return to her tone, and firmness after weight loss is hard enough. If You have lost weight, but the skin does not want to look as before, try to use our advice.

What methods skin tightening after weight loss used in salons

If losing pounds were not too critical and the skin is not so limp as to form a so-called «apron» in the abdomen, You can offer wraps, for example, with chocolate or kelp. Combined with active massage, the skin is really able to pull up and return it to its former elasticity. Otherwise, the specialists of the beauty salon will offer You a choice of:

• Sessions of mesotherapy,

• LPG-massage,

• A unique procedure called «TriLipo Body»,

• Infrared sauna,

• Course sessions of cavitation

• Cryolipolysis and others.

Under mesotherapy is usually described as the saturation of the skin special firming and smoothing substances with injection. Mini-injections virtually painless, but ladies with sensitive skin can still feel some discomfort during the puncture. After the sessions, which will take at least 5-6, may form small bruises.

LPG-massage is active «rubbing» of the cover by applying a vacuum. You may feel quite painful «sucking» of the skin, when the rollers will act on it. However, the effect is worth it: even after the first treatment You will feel how the skin is supple and taut. Besides, LPG-massage will help get rid of cellulite deposits. To consolidate the effect should attend at least 6 sessions.

Unique at the moment, the procedure is TriLipo Body. It affects the skin through radio frequency heads, which affects the contraction of the muscles and tightens in addition to these and the skin. This procedure breaks down fats, stimulates the muscle fibers and smoothes the skin structure affected by «orange peel». After the sessions are no marks on the skin remains.

And, of course, an infrared sauna, familiar to many women, perfectly affects the skin after weight loss. It is also suitable for those who are just in the process of weight loss and aims to get rid of cellulite. But the classic sauna or steam room suitable for the correction is only to take it is not for salon techniques, braces, and by homemade. It’s time to talk about how You can make the skin elastic after weight loss in the home.

Homemade methods skin tightening after weight loss

Bath, about which we spoke above is a very useful tool, not only for weight loss but for tightening the skin after it. You can visit both a traditional sauna with hot steam, and steam bath with oak brooms and contrast douches. Believe me, such procedures will benefit Your body, and the body. Everything else in the bath you can go with friends and enjoy the exercise, lifting your mood. Remember that you start a session in the steam room you need with a few minutes, gradually increasing the time spent inside. Sauna is not suitable to people who have diseases of the heart or blood vessels, high blood pressure, as well as those who have neurological disorders. Exclude sauna and bath should women and girls during menstruation, pregnancy, or during treatment of gynecological diseases.

Ideal for tightening the skin wraps. Your choice of wraps offer hot or cold types:

• With honey,

• Mustard,

• Algae,

• Chocolate,

• Oils (like Shea butter, almond or jojoba),

• Pepper,

• With clay,

• Mud and other.

During the wrap You can safely lay to rest, at that time, as the ingredients will affect the skin, moisturizing, nourishing and tightening it. Any of the wraps to make it easier: only need to put some part of the thigh, buttocks, abdomen and other problem areas with loose skin, then cover all with cling film and wear warm clothes or just cover the body with blanket.

Try to eat only organic foods, switching to the system of proper nutrition. For example, products that are saturated with vitamins and tighten the skin after weight loss are the following:

• Citrus fruits, currants, apples, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, mint, melon, rosehips, and sea buckthorn. They contain a lot of vitamin C.

• Oatmeal, beef liver and brewer’s yeast, as they fill the body with vitamin B1.

• In chicken meat, eggs, fish, wheat germ, beans, carrots and bananas the vitamin B6 is present in large quantity.

These foods are rich in vitamin e, which helps improve skin tone and more elasticity. In addition to them, this vitamin is in milk, tomatoes, bread from whole grains, sorrel, cheese, and pork.

Useful complex of vitamins A and E present in marine fish, butter, dairy products, lettuce, eggs and liver.

Regularly eating these foods and supplementing them with a variety of lotions for tightening the skin, trips to the sauna and sports, You most likely will never bother the problem of the flabby, saggy and inelastic skin. You need to lose weight so that afterwards You could only be happy dropped pounds and not worry about the unsightly appearance of your own body.

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