Safe diet: how to lose weight without harm to the body. Varieties of safe diets for weight loss is oatmeal, curd and others

On a beautiful slim figure is the dream of every representative of the fairer sex. A big role in achieving this goal is nutrition, where among the variety of diets of girls are more likely to choose safe weight loss diet.

They can and enjoy life to the full, and correct, not to torture your body with hunger strikes, to be protected from development effects in the form of gastritis, anemia and other diseases of extreme diets.

Key features safe diet

Any experienced nutritionist will tell you that there is one safe diet ideal for everyone, impossible. Fail to predict the performance of a particular diet. But there are some General principles which can describe both effective and harmless ways of losing weight.

1. A sharp change in the number of calories consumed in the smaller side – a negative experiment. Especially people with obesity or chronic diseases do not dramatically reduce their calorie intake. To calculate the optimum number of calories you need to calculate the average daily consumption rate, and then the resulting figure divided by 2. For seven days the result will not be exceeded.

2. Flour, sweet and fatty – the main enemies of a slender body. Therefore, you first need to halve their consumption. A week diet daily calorie need again to reduce by half. A week reduce diet costs so that he three times was less than at the beginning of the diet. Fat, sweet and flour have almost completely excluded from the diet.

3. Instant results in significant weight loss will not appear. The optimal level is 1-3 kg per week for safe diet. So for the month of may deliverance only from 5-12 kg. to preserve the health and to remove more excess weight, is patience.

4. If possible, is to limit salt consumption, and the amount of fluid to increase. Every day should eat no more than 5 g of salt, and drink at least 1.5 l of water.

5. The sport will only benefit. Don’t have to make huge runs and whole marathons. Ideal for a weight loss program in combination with diet volleyball, walking, swimming, badminton. Definitely need to lose weight not only through diet, but be sure sport.

6. To the extra pounds did not come back, even after cessation of the diet you must monitor your diet. To consolidate the achieved results will help fasting days in the absence of contraindications and proper nutrition.

Compliance with fairly simple rules relating to safe any diet will help without harm to lose weight and fix the result.

Alternatives for safe diets to lose weight

Varieties safe diet, there are many. They all share the rejection of salty, fatty, fried, smoked and starchy foods. In the list of forbidden foods is fast food, alcohol, processed foods, canned foods, sauces, soda. The white list includes cereals, fruits and vegetables, boiled meat, fish, dairy products. Occasionally allowed to eat pasta, but only their solid varieties, potatoes, dry wine in small quantities. Definitely worth drinking in large quantities of mineral or purified water, natural juices, green tea. Thanks to them, the body will get necessary vitamins and nutrients and will not need to purchase additional complex to strengthen the immune system.

Among the popular safe diets you can identify such:

1. Banana dietin which the calories are burned quickly and easily. You can even eat only bananas, you can drink low-fat yogurt. This diet will be useful for people with diseases of the blood vessels, gallbladder, liver.

2. Cottage cheese diet – if her daily rate is a useful dietary product is 500 g. If necessary, the cheese menu is complemented by low-fat yogurt.

3. The Bulgarian diet is one of the most soft ways to get rid of extra pounds. Serious limitations in food no, but there is one rule of this diet. You must strictly adhere to the same type of menu. For example, a Breakfast of 2 eggs, meat, bread and drink green tea, for lunch eat fish, bread, vegetable salad and orange or Apple and for dinner repeat the diet Breakfast. For dessert you can eat fruit salad without fruit selection bananas and grapes.

4. Oatmeal diet, promotes the normalization of metabolic processes in the body and the removal from it of toxins. Daily diet will be with a diet from a plate of oatmeal, boiled in milk, for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. As snacks you can use fruits, drinking is allowed without restriction of water and green tea.

5. The pineapple diet, as this fruit contains in its composition special substance – bromelain, are able to effectively burn fat. The maximum rate – 2 kg of pineapples per day. To combine them with dietary cottage cheese, lean meat, wholemeal bread.

Such diets are designed for weekly stays. During this time, it is possible to achieve effective results without injury.

5 common myths about safe weight loss diets

Along with the proliferation of news on the safety and effectiveness of certain diets, began to appear common myths and misconceptions about them. Here are the main ones by which to achieve a successful transformation of the body:

1. Limit your daily caloric intake number 1800 and eat any food that only soul desires.

If, for example, all calories would be contained in the burgers or the fries, the extra weight will never go away. A lot depends on lifestyle. If you want to limit yourself in food, and way of life needs to be saturated, and sports active. Then the body of a gram too much is not gain.

2. You can eat any food, but up to 6 o’clock in the evening (for 2, 3 hours before bedtime, etc.).

In fact, the stomach makes no difference how much time it gets food. All because of its caloric content. Light food it will digest and distribute it carbohydrates, fats and proteins. But eaten before going to sleep loaf of bread with butter does not apply to such food and all the others like her. That’s a difference of beliefs, is their right to distinguish.

3. To safely lose weight, eat small but frequent portions.

Scientifically proven fact to be more effective, frequent food portions compared three diets. It does not open «the window for burning fat», not accelerates metabolism. The only plus shrinks the stomach from the small portions. So you can eat as is, without exceeding the rate of daily calories. And losing weight someone who was moving and actively burns.

4. You want to exclude from the diet of most harmful substances – fats and carbohydrates.

Without any of the three major components – proteins, fats and carbohydrates, no body will not be able to function normally. Fats are known, are harmful and useful. Without useful, not all vitamins can be absorbed in the body. A rejection of carbohydrates during exercise is especially fraught with loss of strength, constant fatigue.

5. There are white and black lists of products. If we abandon «bad» to eat everything and not to worry about the body exercise, it is still possible to lose weight.

For each individual diet is your diet and appropriate lists. But even with them you can find exceptions, for example, very often prohibited the bread, but of flour or rye is not only possible but even useful. Any product eaten in excess, will not benefit the body.

Best safe diet – healthy eating

To effectively lose weight, it is not necessary to stick to any diets. Correctly drawn proper nutrition can be for your body not only a source of harmony, but also health. Amazing is the fact that with proper nutrition the body is adjusted to weight loss psychologically, diets are associated with a period of time, after which you can supposedly relax, but proper nutrition is a long-term, perhaps even permanent period. It necessarily always have to have Breakfast, do varied menu to run the body more vitamins and minerals from different foods, as well as to delimit the maximum intake of spices and seasonings.