Protein diet: a step closer to the dream. Sample menu protein diet for a week, permitted and prohibited products

Protein diet for a week is one of the most effective methods of weight loss. A balanced diet allows you to satisfy the hunger, to recover after exercise.

Slimming system is ideal not only for losing pounds but also for those who are constantly engaged in fitness and faster wants to gain a beautiful abs.

To achieve the desired result it is important to know all the subtleties and nuances of the technique, to be permitted to eat food, other important aspects of nutrition. Protein diet for a week really just tolerated, especially if you strictly follow all the rules.

The pros and cons of protein diet for a week

Protein diet involves following a special diet, the weight. As with any system weight loss, there are positive and negative sides. To avoid unpleasant surprises you need to consider everything.

The main advantages of a protein diet a week

1. Along with the weight loss you can do at the gym, menu components perfectly nourish the body, not allowing the person to feel tired.

2. The digestion time of protein is 4 hours, and the interval between meals – 3 hours. This means that during the day, hunger will not bother.

3. Dizziness, lethargy, weakness is not possible as the body is constantly fueled with nutrients.

4. Protein diet for a week does not require severe restrictions in the diet, important to follow the basic rules to lose weight.

5. In the following menu, improves the General condition of the body – the skin is tightened, increases immunity, normalizes sleep, decrease cellulite.

6. Menu protein diet contains fiber, the use of which is beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract.

7. Of course, during the week following menu will take 6-8 kg, but the achieved effect will remain for a long time and the weight doesn’t return.

The shortcomings of the system power

1. If you follow the menu longer than required from the body in addition to toxins will leach out calcium, which is harmful to the skeletal system.

2. To lose more excess weight will help exercise, and to visit the gym there is a possibility not everyone.

3. Protein diet for a week to eat strictly requires a certain number of times per day, under the regime of the person is not always able to adapt.

Ground rules protein diet for a week, permitted and prohibited products

The requirements are not difficult, but to observe them very strictly.

1. Not eat later than 3 hours before bedtime.

2. All meals evenly divided into 5-6 times.

3. Strictly prohibited alcohol, it slows down the metabolism.

4. To observe the balance of water – 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water per day.

Following the basic rules you can achieve the results that people will hope for. However, in addition to the requirements it is also important to draw up a menu. It does not hurt to get acquainted with a list of useful and forbidden foods for protein diet for a week.

Permitted foods

1. Of lean fish. Also allowed poultry meat (Turkey and chicken), but without skins.

2. Seafood, animal offal (liver, heart).

3. Veal and beef.

4. Any dairy products, most importantly, to have a low percentage of fat.

5. Vegetables are permissible to eat tomatoes and cucumbers, celery (accelerates weight loss), any varieties of cabbage.

6. From useful fruit all citrus fruit, apples green varieties.

7. In the morning you can afford a coffee without sugar and milk during the day to drink green tea and plain water without gas.

Prohibited products

1. Canned foods.

2. Any baked goods (sweet and savory)and confectionery products, including chocolate.

3. On the semi-finished products need to forget.

4. Forbidden fruit from the grapes and bananas because they are high in calories.

5. Vegetables you can’t eat those, where a large number of starch. For example, potatoes, corn, peas, beans. Beets and carrots are also not recommended because of the presence in the composition large amounts of sugar.

6. In the period following the weight loss system you need to forget about adding in the tea, sugar and any sugar substitutes.

7. Store-bought fruit juices and sodas are prohibited, even if the packaging is marked «light».

Based on the list of permitted and prohibited products would not be difficult to create for myself a menu to follow all the rules of protein diet for a week. It cannot be repeated more than 1 time per month, so better first try to avoid mistakes and to achieve the desired result.

Protein diet for a week menu for each day

A menu will provide a clue for humans as to how to organize the diet. If you want some main courses may be replaced by other products that are compatible with the method of weight loss.


1. Morning. Oatmeal, boiled in water. It is allowed to add a small amount of honey.

2. Snack number 1. One whole grapefruit.

3. Lunch. Salad from fresh vegetables, be sure to add the celery, a piece of boiled chicken breast.

4. Dinner. Low-fat cottage cheese – 150 grams, one orange.

5. 2-3 hours before bedtime drink a glass of yogurt low fat.


1. Morning. 150 grams of buckwheat, add the vegetables.

2. Snack number 1. Two large green Apple.

3. Lunch. Vegetable salad (with celery), and 100 grams of boiled beef.

4. Dinner. A piece of boiled fish and 1 large grapefruit.

5. 3 hours before bedtime drink a glass of sour milk or yogurt.


1. Morning. A small portion of boiled rice – 100 grams.

2. Snack number 1. A handful of walnuts.

3. Lunch. Vegetable salad and a piece of veal boiled.

4. Dinner. Two large tomatoes and 2 boiled eggs.

5. Before bed – 150 grams natural low-fat yogurt.


1. Morning. 100 grams of pasta, to add not more than 50 grams of lean cottage cheese.

2. Snack number 1. One large green Apple.

3. Lunch. Salad of fresh seasonal vegetables, olive oil – 150 grams.

4. Dinner. Seafood – 150 grams and green tea.

5. Before going to sleep 3 hours to drink 250 ml of milk.


1. Morning. Boiled fish – 100 grams and hummus (the same number).

2. Snack number 1. Tablespoon of honey.

3. Lunch. Portion the salad vegetables, season with olive oil.

4. Dinner. Boiled chicken without skin and 2 large cucumber.

5. A few hours before sleep 2 boiled eggs.


1. Morning. Natural unsweetened yogurt – 100 grams.

2. Snack number 1. The fresh fruit salad.

3. Lunch. Vegetables and a piece of boiled veal meat common serving not more than 200 grams.

4. Dinner. Low-fat cheese – 100 grams.

5. Before going to sleep 2-3 hours a Cup of yogurt with cinnamon.


1. Morning. 150 grams of salad and vegetables, there is added 1 boiled egg. The dish is seasoned with olive oil.

2. Snack number 1. 1 large grapefruit.

3. Lunch. 1 green Apple and a piece of boiled beef.

4. Dinner. Low-fat cottage cheese without added sugar – 150 grams.

5. 2 hours before sleep 300 grams of yogurt.

Menu protein diet for a week approximately, it is possible to adjust under itself, to swap days or to make changes to some dishes. The main thing is not to forget to use the list of acceptable foods. You also need to remember that between meals, it is important to comply with the time period of 2 hours to let the stomach have time to assimilate the food.

Other important moments of the organization of the human diet on the protein diet

In addition to the presented rules and tips, there are a few nuances that cannot be overlooked.

1. Due to the fact that the main emphasis is on protein, in the body there is a shortage of other useful minerals, as a result the person may experience discomfort and irritability. To avoid this, you need to drink pharmacy multivitamin complexes.

2. Protein diet for a week must be accompanied by physical exertion. If the gym no time, you need to teach yourself to do exercises at home – 15 minutes morning and 15 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime.

3. The daily rate of water – 2 liters. You also need to drink green tea to accelerate metabolic processes.

4. If between meals the person will feel hunger, you are allowed to eat 1 green Apple or drink a glass of kefir with cinnamon. Add the cinnamon is very useful, it speeds up the fat loss process and allows you to clean the intestines from toxins.


Despite the effectiveness of the protein diet for a week, and its great amount of benefits to follow this diet allowed not all.

Contraindications to the method of weight reduction are:

• pregnancy and breastfeeding;

• disorders of the heart, the liver;

• improperly functioning kidneys;

• the presence of joint pain of a chronic nature;

• problems with other digestive system;

• the elderly – excess protein can increase the risk of blood clots.

Protein diet for a week in combination with exercise will help get rid of 3-4 kg, if you strictly follow all the rules. You also need and then continue to follow the basic principles of nutrition is not to overeat before bedtime, to eat frequently and small portions. Just a few tips will help you not to get back pounds back, and save the result for a long time. Protein diet for a week will not disappoint – it is available a balanced diet, adherence to which gives a great effect.