Peas and his fellow Turkish chickpeas: helpful or harmful? The healing effect of peas on the body, the benefits and harms of peas Turkish

Green peas are not only delicious.

It contains this vitamins, that it can be safely put on a par with potatoes and meat.

This kind of legume has the right to be present not only on the holiday table, but also be used daily.

In the middle ages the inhabitants of the East, Africa and Europe did just that.

Peas its health benefits was an integral ingredient in soups, puddings, casseroles, and all sorts of stews.

It was roasted with salt and pepper and eat as a snack.

When the technology of canning peas has reached industrial scale, it became available for green and fresh all year round.

Vitamin set of peas and its good for the body

100 g freshly picked peas just 81 kcal, 5.4 g protein, 14.5 g carbohydrates, 0.4 g fats (and in some varieties no fat) and lots of vitamins and minerals:

• A – good vision, strong immunity, active growth and development;

• B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, healthy nervous system, clear skin;

• – Resistant protective functions of the body;

• Potassium – a strong heart and lean muscles;

• Magnesium – resistant nervous system;

• Iron is the optimal oxygen saturation in the blood and in all cells of the body;

• Phosphorus – strong bones, nervous system and good brain function;

• Calcium – beautiful teeth, strong bones, a healthy cardiovascular system;

• Zinc – a good memory, smell, sight, taste. Normal work of reproductive system.

Sugar pea varieties

Immature peas sugar varieties are eaten along with the pods. This is all good beans. Collect it on day 10 after flowering. Then the peas are still very young, and the pod is tender and sweet.

On the 15th day after flowering in the green Bush is going to have rough pods, inside which are ripe, but still very tender, juicy and sweet peas. Although they have lower sugar content than unripe shoots.

The longer maturing pea, the fewer sugars and more starches. Controlling the degree of maturity of the peas, are controlled by its beneficial properties for the body.

Brain grade

The brain varieties of peas are very good for health. They are most often used for preservation and salads. During heat treatment the concentration of vitamin peas of brain grades dropping. So if it is added to soups or other hot dishes, only at the final stage of preparation.

Shelling peas

Such peas are harvested only after full maturity. The pods are not used, but the peas are perfect for soups and nutritious high-calorie cereals. It can be found in the market, both whole and crushed or even ground into flour. This variety of peas is not only nutritious but also very healthy.

How to choose a good pea

When buying fresh peas in the season of its flowering and maturation, it’s best just to try it out. What he’s softer and sweeter, the more it benefits for the body.

When buying canned peas need to pay attention to the composition. It must not contain anything but fresh peas, water, salt and sugar. The presence of preservative suggests that the peas unfit for safe human consumption. Also, inspect the Bank itself. Even if it is a little swollen, so peas it was gone, and he will only bring harm.

Say whole and split dried peas should be soaked for days before cooking. But if Bob doesn’t get too soft, it is unfit for food. But this is not for all varieties. In addition, different degree of maturity may also affect razboritost. Most Housewives do not like to pre-soak the peas and start cooking immediately, thoroughly rinsing. Then he razmarivaet much faster. The whole secret of pre-soaked peas lies in the fact that when it enters the digestive system, it does not cause bloating and flatulence.

How to store peas

The pea is most beneficial to health if eaten immediately after harvest. But there are a few rules that will help you to keep useful properties of peas for a long time.

If freshly picked peas are not eaten immediately, it should go in the fridge. At a temperature of 2-4 degrees it will be stored up to 3 days. Then he will begin to lose vitamins and minerals and deteriorate.

A good way to preserve green peas, with all its benefits for the body – is conservation. In this form it can be stored for about 2 years in a cool dark place.

The best option long-term storage of fresh peas is its fast freeze. So it will retain all of its benefits. The important point is that then you don’t need a preliminary defrosting. When cooking frozen peas immediately added to the preparing dish.

Dried peas should be stored in tightly closed glass jar. If you add on the bottom a pinch of salt, it will not give the grass sasireti and will prevent bugs.

The damage of peas

The only harm that can cause the peas to the body is a strengthening of flatulence in those who already suffer them. In disorders of the digestive process also, do not use peas in food.

Otherwise, provided clean and fresh product, pea is only beneficial for the health.

Turkish chickpeas

In tropical and subtropical Asia grows peas called chickpeas. Here in the plantation grows 90% of the chickpeas. To a lesser extent the yield of peas can boast of Africa and America.

Chickpeas can now be found in any supermarket at an affordable price. Turkish chickpeas differs from our peas are high in calories – 100 g 364 kcal. But the presence in it of vitamins and minerals is almost the same:

• A;

• B6, B12;

• ;

• D;

• Folic acid;

• Potassium;

• Sodium;

• Iron;

• Magnesium;

• Calcium;

• Zinc;

• Sugar.

In stalks, pods and leaves contain acid, identical with malic and oxalic.

The taste and the benefits of chickpeas

The inhabitants of the far East, Turkish Bob loved long ago. In Israel it is made famous pasta hummus. The taste of the peas really incredible and somewhat resembles a nut. And if the person does not suffer from flatulence or disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, and not sick with the ulcer of the bladder, then the chickpeas has every right to take a worthy place in his diet.

Chickpea is of great benefit to the body:

• Charges it with energy;

• Is a rich source of protein;

• Increases hemoglobin levels in anemia;

• Controls blood sugar;

• Eliminates cholesterol;

• Strengthens the heart and nervous system.

The secrets of choosing chickpeas and storage

When choosing peas chickpeas need to look at the integrity of the bean. Most often a light yellow chickpeas. But there are varieties with black color, green, red and brown. Each pea must be dry and smooth.

Store the garbanzo beans so that it retains its useful properties for the body, just. For this he was placed in a glass vacuum jar and put in a dark place.

The use of chickpeas with health benefits

Of chickpea and its application serves all the usual for our population of dishes: soups, porridge, stews.

Especially useful for the sprouted chickpeas. Sprout it is very simple. You need to take half Cup peas, rinse thoroughly with water, drain and leave in a closed jar for 12 hours. After this time it will be boring. If sprouts little or wants to do a longer show, you have to rinse again, drain and leave on the same time in the same form. Made from sprouted chickpeas you can make salads, hummus. But you can just eat these seeds. They have incredible taste. And most importantly, they are very useful.

Peas in cosmetology

Beauty is not spared and peas.

Facial cleansing, getting rid of rashes and bruises, wrinkles, getting rid of the tumours on the joints of the fingers and boils, moisturizing and strengthening the hair all come to the aid of a simple peas.

Moreover, it is able to normalize the power of the brain, thereby enhancing its activity.

Peas and chickpeas and is able to give health and beauty:

• To ensure that the skin was clean and glowing, you need to eat 1 teaspoon of pea flour 3 times a day. It normalizes metabolic processes in the body and bring out toxins from it.

• If during the month to make masks from pea flour and sour cream, you can get rid of wrinkles;

• Favorite masks of girls in ancient Rome were appliques on the face with a paste of pounded green peas. Through the pores of the pea permeates the skin, giving it its beneficial properties;

• Causing the hair henna for strengthening them, you can add a tablespoon of pea flour. This will produce a nutritional firming effect;

• Warm the mixture of flour and milk, superimposed on scar or scar and aged for one hour, will help get rid of these imperfections on the skin. Requires regular use;

• Eating a teaspoon of pea flour 3-4 times a day, guaranteed, you can normalize the power and thus the brain, to improve concentration and mental processes;

• Atherosclerosis will go away if you eat pea flour and pan-fried in a dry form;

• A poultice of pea slurry will remove the external tumors. Boils also will resolve such compresses;

• As antacid before eating a tablespoon of flour from peas;

• Immature green peas is an excellent remedy for ulcers on the skin, acne, eczema, and even bruises. It is only necessary to stretch young green peas in the porridge and apply on the affected area.

Even when applied topically peas and his Turkish counterpart chickpeas give the human body its beneficial properties.