Pineapple tincture for weight loss: is it effective? How to cook pineapple tincture for weight loss at home

Nutritionists have long noted the miraculous properties of pineapple help to reduce weight.

Such action shall fruit contained therein bromelain.

It activates the breakdown of complex lipids, making the process of losing weight is more active.

In addition to his pineapple is rich in a large amount of useful minerals and vitamins.

Regular consumption of the fruit helps to normalize digestion and blood pressure, improvement of metabolic processes in the body, reducing the level of cholesterol.

Incorporating pineapple to the diet can strengthen the immune system and prevent many diseases.

Useful properties of pineapple liqueur slimming

The pineapple gives the opportunity not only to enjoy the sweet and juicy flesh, but also brings great benefits to the body. But do not hope that an exotic fruit by itself can provide weight reduction. It is only an aid on the way to a beautiful figure. Proper nutrition and exercise is the basis in the fight against excess weight.

The diet should include fresh pineapple or pineapple infusion for weight loss. It is an alternative to the fruit pulp, providing a daily intake of intake of bromelain. So if you can not regularly eat fresh pineapple, you should prepare on its basis the tool.

Many women have already tried the pineapple infusion for weight loss, and noted that, despite its useful properties, to achieve a beautiful figure without sport and adjustments to your diet do not succeed. Therefore at the first stages simply to reduce the amount of usual meals, and after a while try to delete the wrong and unhealthy foods too sweet and fatty meals. As a physical activity every day to do hour walks energetic step. Along with taking a pineapple bitters for weight loss in a month will notice first positive changes in the figure.

However, it should be noted that there are a number of contraindications for this method of weight loss. The use of pineapple liqueur slimming is not recommended for lactating mothers, and pregnant. If allergic to this fruit, cardiovascular diseases and gastro-intestinal tract, including gastritis, diabetes mellitus, intolerance to alcohol, cirrhosis of the liver remedy not only will give the desired effect, but will bring harm.

The secrets of making pineapple liqueur slimming

To prepare a tincture, you will need a large ripe fruit, and a pint of quality vodka. The degree of maturity of pineapple is determined by the color, which should be with a slight red tint. Ripe fruit typically is also very flavorful, and to feel the smell, it doesn’t even need to cut.

First of all, the fruit should be well washed to remove the leaves. Prepared for making infusions pineapple slimming fruit should be cut into small pieces or chop in a blender along with the peel. The resulting mass pour of vodka and leave to infuse in a cool place. Store in bottle of dark glass. This volume of pineapple liqueur slimming enough for a long time.

Make the tool should be twice a day half an hour before meals for two months on a teaspoon. After one course, you must take a break. Additionally, pineapple infusion for weight loss you can drink during the day before eating too much fatty or high-calorie food. It will facilitate a better uptake. If the tincture based on vodka, can’t be used, you need to eat pineapple fresh or cook with it main dishes and desserts. On the effectiveness of the enzyme bromelain is not affected: the enzyme will still contribute to weight loss.

The dishes of pineapple for weight loss

Chicken chops with pineapple rings

In addition to the pineapple for weight loss infusion from this fruit can be cooked many delicious dishes. Its combination with other products allows to achieve an unexpectedly bright and interesting taste. Not accidentally, the pineapple is often used as an ingredient in meat dishes such as chicken chops. They are low in calories, but juicy and tender. For cooking chicken fillet (300 g) should discourage, sprinkle with paprika and salt. Then leave to infuse in the fridge for half an hour under cling film.

At this time, you can make the sauce, mix natural yoghurt, crushed garlic, Basil, paprika and salt. He also let stand. Beated to grease sauce, put sliced rings of fresh pineapple and sprinkle with grated low calorie cheese. Bake in the oven for about half an hour. Instead of fresh pineapple can used canned, but for its preparation are used sugar, which it is better to avoid it during active weight loss.

Pineapple salad

The recipe for this salad takes into account all the principles of good nutrition that does not affect the taste. For its preparation you will need chicken fillet (250g), a bunch of lettuce, hard cheese varieties (100 g) fat not more than 35%, pineapple (300 g) and natural yogurt to refuel. Lettuce should be washed and break into small pieces. Chicken chop it well and fry until Golden brown in a nonstick pan without oil, then chop and mix with chopped pineapple and grated on a coarse grater cheese. In the end add salad leaves. Before serving fill the dish with natural yogurt and decorate with walnuts and herbs.

Pineapple banana muffins

Cakes can also be made lower in calories and in small quantities to afford occasionally for Breakfast. To prepare muffins knead the dough with cottage cheese (200 g) fat content of not less than 5 %, eggs (1 piece), rice or oat flour (3 tbsp), mashed with a fork banana (50 g), finely chopped pineapple (150 g), coconut (1 tsp), pinch of vanilla and sweetener to taste. Bake the cupcakes should be half an hour in the oven in silicone forms: they do not need grease. Ready muffins can be eaten with low-calorie jam or honey.

Pizza with pineapple

Pizza will require a batter of crushed in a blender skinless chicken breast (400 grams), eggs (2 PCs.), bran (3-4 tbsp), salt and spices. All the ingredients, mix well and spread on silicone Mat, parchment paper or foil in a thin layer. Bake the dough 10 minutes. After it’s finished and will become solid, you need to smear it on top of tomato paste. It is possible to prepare yourself or purchase in store, while ensuring that it does not contain preservatives and sugar. Pizza put the chopped mushrooms, rings of tomato, cubes of fresh pineapple, olives, herbs and other ingredients to taste. On top of all this, sprinkle with finely grated cheese and bake in the oven for another 20 minutes. The pineapple gives the pizza sweetness, making it taste a bit unusual, but pleasant.

Dietary rolls with pineapple

The basis for the rolls would be damn, for the preparation of which mix the eggs (2 PCs), oat bran (3-4 tbsp), milk (4 tbsp), salt and spices to taste. Pour the batter into a nonstick pan and bake it as an omelet. Once the pancake is slightly browned, cover and cook until tender. Spread it on top of cream cheese, lay the cubes of fresh pineapple, slices of red fish or lean meat, greens. Damn twist into a roll and then cut to make rolls. This dish is good for Breakfast or afternoon tea.

Cottage cheese casserole with pineapple and pears

Cottage cheese (200 g) add the chopped pears and pineapple, oatmeal (2 tbsp), egg (1 piece), honey (2 tbsp) and Splenda. All the ingredients mix well. Pear cut into thin slices and spread on the bottom of the silicone mold, covering it completely. Top gently spread half of the curd mass. She again put thinly sliced pieces of pear. Eventually you should get 4 layers. The top of the casserole is decorated with pears, walnuts or almonds. Instead of a silicone mold you can use a glass dish. Bake the dessert for half an hour in the oven, until the pears on top are soft. Before serving you can sprinkle the casserole with honey.