What is a palm oil: use of the product and production process. Does palm oil harm to the body?

Regarding such a product as palm oil, which increasingly constitutes a major ingredient of not only food, but also cosmetic products and procedures continue to exist serious disputes. Whether it’s to harmful products? What can be beneficial properties of vegetable fat and able to apply palm oil harm to the body can be covered with the composition.

Palm oil benefits: what the product is made

Palm oil is a product of plant origin, which is extracted from the ripe seeds of the oil palm. This plant can be found in Indonesia, Guinea, Malaysia.

Ready palm oil is divided into 2 categories:

• raw view, which is produced from the pulp of the seeds of palms;

• palm kernel, which is made from the inner kernel of the fruit.

Also all palm oil is divided into 3 fractions, which differ among themselves by quality, melting temperature, areas of application:

1. Palm stearin – solid structure consistency, which is smelted at a temperature of from 46 to 53 °C. Used in the manufacture of margarine, cosmetics and detergents, puff pastry.

2. Standard oil with a melting point of from 36 to 39 °C. Used for frying, when heated, does not emit fumes, does not produce smoke, most commonly used for the manufacture of confectionery.

3. Palm olein , a product having a liquid consistency, similar to cream, and a melting point of 19 to 23 °C. the Most common application areas for cosmetology and cooking.

The richness of the chemical composition of palm oil: the use of components

Palm oil has quite a rich composition which includes such substances:

• carotenoids – the compounds that you take an active part in many vital processes necessary for normal functioning of the body;

• vitamin E, which consists of isomers of tocotrienols and Tocopherols;

• vitamin K is able to protect the body from a variety of complications in the body in the form of, for example, ossification of cartilage, deposits of salts on the walls of blood vessels and other;

• polyunsaturated acids, which are attributed to the groups omega 3 and omega 6;

• palmitic acid accounts for about 50% of the bulk of the oil, fatty acid acts as a source of energy for the body and takes a direct part in the synthesis of hormones;

• oleic acid is considered a kind of monounsaturated fats and is a barrier to the formation of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels;

• stearic acid;

• vitamin A and B4;

• macro — and micronutrients phosphorus and iron;

• coenzyme Q10.

Important role in obtaining high-quality oil is the production process itself. Usual method of pressing and the extraction result in the form of a technical product, not having all the useful properties and suitable for use. To get real useful palm oil, the raw material must undergo 5 phases of intensive treatment: cleansing, hydration, neutralization, deodorization, bleaching. After all 5 steps of refining oil will be consumed.

Features exotic palm oil: useful properties of the product

You can extract in the process of applying palm oil and the benefits in the form of:

1. Improve vision, prevention of night blindness.

2. Restore damaged mucous membranes of the body.

3. It has wound-healing effect that helps expedite the elimination of open ulcers and boils.

4. Has a protective action on the sebaceous glands, preventing the formation of inflammation.

5. Leads to normal functioning of neurological functions.

6. When applied topically as an ingredient of the therapeutic masks valuable substances carotenoids have on the hair strengthening effect, making them strong and shiny and the skin condition improves when used in cosmetics.

The most gentle oil and is suitable for use considers red, it is able to exert such a positive effect:

• increase the body’s defenses;

• prevention of cataract;

• return the vessels of such properties as elasticity;

• protect the body from premature aging and harmful effects of external toxic factors;

• improved memory;

• lifting heavy and unpleasant symptoms of menopause;

• relief of symptoms endocrine system diseases;

• elimination of chronic fatigue of the body, the effects of nervous disorders, insomnia;

• to ensure the safety of the female body against the development of fibrotic degeneration of the breast.

The harm of palm oil and contraindications

Despite the huge number of positive sides it has palm oil and contraindications. For some experts in the study of the properties of exotic oils its utility has been controversial and a very big question, and all because scientifically a greater degree of harm than the healing properties of this product.

All the matter in the same composition, which is dominated by the mass of the saturated fat. By nature they are quite resistant to external factors. Oil capable of long time to maintain its taste, appearance and do not deteriorate, this suggests that it is a good preservative. Therefore, manufacturers add it to different foods to extend their shelf life and save your money.

Palm oil is definitely not suitable for daily use, as they are able to cause tremendous harm to the human body in the form of development of such pathologies:

• weakening of the immune system and the deterioration of health in General;

• significant jump in level of harmful cholesterol;

• diseases of blood vessels, providing the damaging effects;

• disruptions in the flow of lipid metabolic process;

• deposits bearing an atherosclerotic nature;

• the appearance of the disease of diabetes;

• increased symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease;

• accumulation of excess weight and as a consequence to obesity;

• diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system;

• the emergence and rapid progression of cancer tumors;

• development of product-dependent.

To abandon the use of even small amounts of palm oil should people in such situations:

• chronic diseases of the heart or blood vessels;

• elevated cholesterol;

• if there are problems with metabolism;

• childbearing women;

• breastfeeding.

About food nutritionists advise to refrain from eating products with cheap substitute for this fat, medical use inside of the palm oil will not be enough. As for external applications in folk medicine, the use of palm oil as ingredient of detergents and cosmetics is acceptable, the harm to minimum.