On the approach of the breakdown of the diet? You can help the cheating!

Diet, which gradually ceases to be a fashion and becomes a way of life, without a doubt, not the most exciting activity. Because there are so many temptations: cakes, candy, and for whom, and sandwiches with sausage or hamburger. It’s hard not to break! But there is a solution. It is a curious word cheating…

Cheating (eng. cheating – cheating, deception) is an alternative to fasting days, which in a minimum amount to eat a serving of the coveted forbidden food.

While cheating you can treat yourself to yummy and so many adherents, including strict diets, do not pass it to their attention. It is not only salvation from the hard limit supply, it is also psychological relief, the ability to get out of the framework of the «tasteless» food, in which the person has got the health or the desire to acquire a beautiful figure.

Unfortunately, it is often dropped pounds practice to go back, just once, to stumble, to give in, eat something unnecessary and behold, the scales treacherously died away, and after a couple of days do show God knows what. What can help the cheating?

First understand what is the weight loss. Whatever the diet, it is based on a single original premise: the less you eat, the faster you go weight. And what would you choose – mono-or drastic reduction of the amount of food, the body experiences a shock. The energy that he had received through food and which went on physical activity, is now taken from fat reserves. Waist is becoming more defined, which show the scales and the mirror. However, every slimming once faced with a terrible phenomenon: Libra freeze.

The man panics, thinking he is doing something wrong or just not enough. Despite severe restrictions in food and exercise, the weight is not reduced, but there is irritability, apathy, fatigue, depression.

What’s the matter? Yes, it’s simple! Accustomed to starve the body, not relying on the fact that its owner soon his feed, starts to store received small quantities of nutrients. Naturally, about any energy or good mood can not be considered. To all this is added the fiznagruzki that just finish off a weakened fasting body.

Unfortunately, most dieters don’t know this. He and vengeance begin to cut back on your diet. Metabolism gradually slows down, the organism gradually ceases to respond to food limitations. And at that point the person realizes that I’m dead tired. Tired: it is a constant pursuit of the cherished number on the scales, tasteless, sugary foods, from grueling workouts. But there is so much delicious, so inviting smells and eating, happy life of the people. And then… a Slice of sausage, soft white bread, small pie… Hey, breakdown diet! Everything fought so hard for crumble into dust, losing weight becomes gradually tolsteeg.

What happens to the body? And he was again in shock. What to do with the long-awaited food stuffed with fats and carbs? Of course, stocking them! Suddenly again the owner will go crazy and begin to deprive the yearning for sweets stomach such a wonderful food.

What we have in the result? Weight not only back, it increased. To this was added the depression. As the saying goes: «Work gave me a lot: before I had nothing, and now nothing and twitching eyes.»

To diet is not over so badly and will help cheating, which is a sort of «programmed breakdown». Deciding that you have today is of cheating, treat yourself to small portions of favorite foods. But remember, even a «chill» has its own rules:

  • You can eat everything, but preferably in the food was less fat and sugars.
  • If you think a diet is in calories, then to the normal diet of, say, 2000 kcal during the cheating you need to add 10-20% of the normal daily diet.
  • If you set yourself mini-cheating that will last 1-2 days, then the amount of calories you can increase by 1-2 thousand in Other words, eat what you want.
  • The frequency of cheating – once in 1-2 weeks. The duration of individual.

Remember that the main goal of cheating is not to saturate the organism with food, for which he yearned, and give your psyche a positive attitude, creating a feeling of satiety, and therefore, the long-awaited gastronomic happiness.