What is nutmeg: useful properties and contraindications. The scope of the nutmeg, contraindications

Nutmeg has gained wide popularity in the field of cooking thanks to a spicy, refined taste and a delicate, subtle aroma.

As additional advantages of seasoning are its unique healing properties.

Walnut is widely used in folk medicine and industrial pharmacology as the natural medicines.

Nutmeg: calorie, useful properties

Regular consumption of nutmeg can reduce the feeling of hunger, accelerate the metabolism and to normalize the activity of the digestion tract. These properties allow the use of seasoning in the period of active weight loss. However, the spectrum of favourable effects of spices on the human body not limited. As the main useful properties of nutmeg are:

• Prevents the development of pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity, thereby eliminating the odor.

• Helps relieve headache and toothache.

• Allows you to effectively relieve fatigue, tension, greatly enhance the ability to concentrate.

• Prevents flatulence, including, and after the use of products that contribute to increased flatulence.

• The beneficial properties of nutmeg applies a beneficial effect on male reproductive sphere. Regular intake of spices increases the libido, and improves erectile function.

• Restores the menstrual cycle, significantly reduces negative symptoms of menopause.

• Effectively and in a short time resolves the diarrhea, the first symptoms of food poisoning, vomiting.

• Has a positive effect on digestion, normalizing the activity of the intestinal tract.

• Eliminates soreness of the joints, bones, ligaments, the presence of characteristic diseases or after injury.

• Effective as a diuretic and choleretic natural remedies.

• Normalizes, stabilizes and accelerates metabolism, promoting the removal from the body decay products and toxins.

• Benefits nutmeg is obliged contained in this essential oil. This substance is widely used in medicines and cosmetics as rejuvenating, healing and regenerating tissue means.

The caloric content of nuts is very high, 557 kcal per 100 g of product. The specified amount of calories is about a quarter of the daily value recommended for use average person. Spice abuse is not recommended, the optimal amount of nuts per day for an adult is not more than five or six pinches.

Nutmeg: useful properties for different diseases

A wide range of useful properties of nutmeg allow the use of this spice not only in the quality Supplement that supports and improves the activity of the organism, but also as a medicine. It should be noted that there are a number of contraindications when nutmeg should not be used.

In General, the same seasoning is used as a main component for the treatment of following diseases:

• Disorder of the nervous system. Walnut has uspokaivayuschee effect, helps relieve stress, prevents insomnia.

• Gastrointestinal diseases, including ulcers, gastritis, colitis, elevated levels of acidity. Spice has affected by inflammation of the tissues of the body healing and regenerating effect, stops the pain, prevents the development of complications.

• Decline in erectile function, sexual disorders, infertility.

• Broth-based walnut, imbibed, helps eliminate hemorrhoids.

• Tincture on the basis of alcohol and spices effectively eliminates the main symptoms of eczema and other skin diseases.

• Detoxification of the body. Walnut removes waste, toxins, and effectively accelerates and normalizes metabolism and prevent the formation in the body of the decay products.

• Increases the level of immune protection, is an effective means to prevent infectious diseases, including catarrhal nature.

Nutmeg: benefits for children, breastfeeding moms

As the main contraindications of nutmeg is called childhood. It should not be used for children up to seven years. To achieve the specified age limit permissible to enter into the diet of the child, a little spice, the total amount of which shall not exceed half of one or two pinches.

Benefits of walnut for kids big: it prevents the development of infectious diseases, effectively boosts immunity during the spread of colds and flu, helps to strengthen mental ability in schoolchildren. However, add a baby food nut should not be daily. It is recommended that preventive therapy courses, for example, in one week, once a month.

However, walnut is very helpful for lactating women. It significantly increases the production of breast milk, thereby contributing more effectively to natural feeding. Walnut can be used both as a Supplement to main dishes, and by cooking him a delicious and nutritious cocktail, which is composed of substances, also contributing to the increase lactation. As the widely used prescription can cause the following:

• 0.5 liter of fresh yogurt;

• a pair of tablespoons carefully chopped fennel seeds;

• a small pinch of spice.

To consume the drink in any quantity.

Nutmeg: contraindications

Contraindications nutmeg are relatively rare. But we should remember that a large number of herbs can cause very substantial body harm, including death.

This is due to the fact that spice has a direct impact on the activity of the heart muscle, and excessive amount of it can affect the functioning of the body in a negative way, leading to a disruption of the normal rhythm.

The essential oil of walnut in a minimum amount contain hallucinogenic substances that negatively affect the brain and nervous system while excessive use of spices. So, eaten in a short period of kernel walnut in excess of three, can lead to the development of deep coma.

Among the main contraindications of nutmeg known as the following:

• Abuse of spice could trigger the development of dyspnea, has a negative impact on the activity of the respiratory.

• Walnut has strong abortifacient properties. You should not take in food by women in the pregnancy.

• Due to the effects of herbs on the nervous system we need to completely eliminate it from the diet for people suffering from severe forms of disorders of a neurological nature.

The main contraindications nutmeg following aspect does not belong, but do not add much to the dish, as the specific aroma of spices can ruin the taste.