Not correctly you eat a sandwich

Specialists shattering clichés about the hazards of the sandwiches. It turns out that any sandwich can be useful if to prepare it from the «right» products. According to doctors, the sandwiches, so in the morning there are Russians who can be very nutritious if you do it correctly, using low-calorie foods. So. What should be the «right» sandwich? First, the bread needs to be granum or bran. The sandwich must be present vegetables and herbs, lean meats (chicken, Turkey, beef) and low fat cheese.

To prepare the «right» sandwich excludes products such as butter, sausage and any other foods that increase cholesterol levels.

If your Breakfast does not normally involve the use of sandwiches, it is best to opt for a different kind of cereal, cooked with water, with the addition of nuts, fresh fruits and berries.

Those who prefer in the morning, milk products, doctors recommend to consume yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese.