No carb diet — a detailed description and useful tips. Reviews on carbohydrate-free diet and sample recipes.

No carb diet — description and General principles

The essence of this diet can be understood from its name, however, it is not based on the absence of carbohydrates, and their minimum content in the diet. In complete elimination of carbohydrates from the diet can cause serious metabolic disorders. Therefore, when carbohydrate-free diet carbohydrates are still used, but so that they did no more than 250 calories.

Why people lose weight, giving up the carbs? First, they have a very high calorific value, therefore, the reduction of consumption leads to a reduction in calories daily diet. This is especially important when a person leads a sedentary lifestyle and consumes little energy, and that means all of it is deposited in the form of fat.

Further, carbohydrates are rapidly broken down, saturating the blood with glucose (especially sugar, light grains, flour products, starchy vegetables and fruits). This leads to the release of insulin and drop in blood sugar levels, which provokes the feeling of hunger and the consumption of greater quantities of food.

In addition, given that carbohydrates are the main suppliers to the body of energy, when the lack of it begins to compensate for energy losses by processing fat. First the body produces energy by recycling of glycogen (animal starch accumulated in the liver and muscles) and fat. Thus the main goal of any diet is burning fat reserves of the body.

The basic rules of no carb diets consist in the following points:

in half an hour after a meal do not drink;

for frying, you can use only olive oil;

— should stick to a fractional power, taking food at least 5 times a day;

— last time is no later than 20.00.

Strictly limiting the number of carbohydrates in the diet and by following these simple rules just two weeks to get rid of 10 pounds. However, given that no carb diet refers to a rigid diets, the approach to it needs to be very careful. Best of all about the possibility of its use to consult with doctor to avoid health complications. To completely refrain from the observance of such a diet should those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or liver, blood vessels or heart. Also no carb diet is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating. With this diet, the basis of the diet is protein, so kidney responsible for the excretion of its degradation products from the body, have an increased load. So no carb diet is absolutely contraindicated for people with kidney disease.

No carb diet — what foods can be consumed

Virtually controlled under carbohydrate-free diet such foods as fish, poultry, meat, cottage cheese and cheese. However, a preference at drafting of ration should be given to vegetables, root crops, citrus and berries.

No carb diet what foods not to eat

During no carb diet you can eat very diverse, however, should categorically refuse

bread and pasta; potatoes; cereals; sugar, honey, jam; sweet cottage cheese mass and the yoghurt; beer and spirits; all sweet fruits; nuts and seeds in large quantity.

No carb diet menu examples

One of the advantages of a low-carb diet is a relatively wide variety of dishes and products, from which you can make tasty, although not a balanced menu. Here are examples of the menu for several days.

1. Should be divided into 5 receptions 250 gr. lean meat without salt (chicken, rabbit, veal) and 400 ml of fresh juice of vegetables. The day you can drink 2 cups of green tea (of course without sugar).

2. Should be divided into 5 receptions 400 gr. lean meat without salt and 300 gr. vegetables can also be drinking throughout the day 200 ml of broth hips 200 ml unsweetened green tea.

3. Should be divided into 5 receptions 200 gr. lean meat or fish, half a grapefruit, 2 boiled eggs, 200 gr. salad of greens, 50 gr. lean ham and 100 ml of grapefruit juice. The day you can drink a Cup of black coffee and 2 cups of green tea.

4. Should be divided into 5 receptions 1 grapefruit (or orange), 2 boiled eggs, 200 ml low-fat yogurt, 200 gr. lean meat, 200 gr. vegetable salad. You can also drink a Cup of coffee and 2 cups of green tea.

5. Should be divided into 5 receptions, 100 gr. cheese, 200 gr. sour cream or cottage cheese any fat, 200 gr. the broth (fish or meat), 200 gr. vegetables 200 gr. boiled fish or meat. You can also drink per day 2 cups of green tea and a Cup of coffee.

No carb diet — tips and reviews

So, to get rid of extra pounds by using carbohydrate-free diet, you need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates to 40 grams. a day. In order to obtain from the diet the maximum effect and to prevent its negative effects on the body, I suggest you to follow some rules.

So, in the first week of a diet you should try to diet this way. to the intake of carbohydrates was no more than 20 grams. a day. This will help the body to tune properly and quickly begin to process fats.

If, during the observance of no carb diet begin constipation, you should not panic, you need to start taking medications and vitamins, mitigating this unpleasant phenomenon.

While keeping no carb diet should provide the body with the necessary amount of fluid, drinking at least 1.5 liters of water (by the way, this is useful to prevent constipation).

When the end of the first week of the diet, you need to give your body a rest and triple him a two-day carbohydrate loading (preferably vegetables and fruits with a low glycemic index), however, the fat intake these days need to be reduced. This is necessary to prevent decrease in the production in the body hormones. After a carbohydrate load can go back to no carb diet.

If to judge the effectiveness of this diet in the opinion of those who tried it on myself, most noted by its good performance and fast weight loss. However, some noted deterioration (dizziness, headache, weakness, drowsiness). On the other hand, it is difficult to find a diet that would not have accompanied these phenomena. So, if you have no contraindications for compliance with the no carb diet, you too can experience it to form an opinion.

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