Named diet the most hazardous to health

If a person urgently need to lose weight, it is ready to go at all, even to stick with the most dangerous diets that can harm health. Yes, of course, to lose weight very quickly – no easy task, but very real. Modern diets allow it, but they can not be abused, because it is associated risks.

At the moment the most dangerous diets are considered macrobiotically diet, the Shangri-La and fructarians. Nutritionists do not recommend to follow them because in most cases they lead to irreversible consequences.

The basis macrobiotically diet is supposed to eating only whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. It would seem that it may be a bad thing? However awtry diet has made a small but absolutely idiotic addition to this diet. Mandatory Smoking – that in their opinion an essential component of this method. Microbiological proponents of the diet claim that it has positive effects on the body, and the main cause of cancer and other diseases is the use of harmful food products.

The Shangri-La occupies the second place in the ranking of the most dangerous diets. Supporters of the Shangri-La can be used without exception products . Their number is also not limited. It would seem, a super-diet! But there it was. The catch is that during the diet you need every two hours to eat a light olive oil and sugar water. You can be assured that such a diet is definitely of no use for the body not give.

Third place among the questionable diets surely received fruit diet or fructarians. It involves eating only fresh fruit and water. The abnormal diet leads to nutritional deficiencies, which in turn negatively affects the work of all internal organs.