Mustard wrap for weight loss at home — best recipes. How to make homemade wraps with mustard.

Statistics says that one of the most popular seasonings for various dishes in the world is Dijon mustard. It is obtained from the seeds of special varieties of plants grown in Dijon, the largest city of the Duchy of Burgundy, which is located in France.

Grinded, and pressed seeds are a fine powder, having a pungent taste and peculiar fragrance, often mustard is used for dressing various dishes, and also for preservation or pickling. But in the cosmetology mustard is also popular, because it has undeniable advantages, has a positive effect on the skin of the face, head and body. Also mustard powder and paste may be used as the basis for creating masks and wrappings which effectively eliminate cellulite and promote weight loss.

What is the essence of the useful properties of mustard for weight loss

Well, who in the world is not familiar with the unique property of mustard to warm up and distract, shooting pain or a cough? Popular mustard used by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers for the treatment of respiratory ailments, bronchitis and even pneumonia. Mustard was applied to bruises and sprains, in order to warm up the muscles and to relieve pain.

Due to the sharpness of the mustard, the blood circulation in place of an application is considerably accelerated, whereby the regeneration at the cellular level is several times faster. In addition, mustard is widely used in treatment of the following ailments:

• Rheumatism,

• Gout,

In pleurisy,

• Radiculitis,

• Headache

• Neoplastic processes (in the complex therapy),

• Inflammatory processes on the skin surface,

• Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other.

Effective mustard in the oil, or powder, as a means of digesting fats and are struggling with excess weight. To apply it is allowed to prepare a special body wraps and masks that are applied to problem skin areas: inner and outer thighs, stomach, arms and sides.

The thermal effect of mustard thrives, if additional problem areas, wrap with cellophane and cover with a warm blanket. Tingling and slight burning sensation is quite possible to survive, the more that unpleasant feeling from mustard wraps will be compensated the result.

The advantages and disadvantages of wraps with mustard

Wrap with mustard for weight loss may be suitable not for all ladies. Someone suffering an allergic reaction to mustard powder, but others can not stand the sensation that invariably accompanies the procedure. Anyway, to try and assess the effectiveness of this event under the power of any woman. Is only initially aware of the advantages of this method:

1. First, a mustard wrap stimulates blood flow. In combination with anti-cellulite creams and scrubs are allowed to be used before or after a session wraps, it contributes to the disappearance of at least two inches off the waist and hips.

2. Second, the mustard is delightfully smoothes and softens the skin without drying. Thereby disappears the effect of «orange peel», the cover looks smooth and silky.

3. Thirdly, if You are the owner of oily skin type, know that mustard wrap will help to eliminate excess sebum and remove Shine.

4. Fourth, wrap with mustard is quite possible to combine with various ingredients, which favorably affect the skin and, therefore, will help to lose a couple of pounds much faster.

Naturally, wraps with mustard and the other components just can’t be a panacea against cellulite. You need to develop a complex exercise, use diet or at least eat right. Miraculous effect directly wraps will appear soon, if we combine it:

• Milk,

• Honey,

• Vegetable and essential oils,

• Lemon,

• Avocado,

• Decoction of chamomile, nettle, sage and mother-and-stepmother,

• Oatmeal and other elements of the masks.

That mustard wrap was done exclusively for the future, you need to know, what are the contraindications:

1. First and foremost is, of course, allergic to mustard powder or oil. Remember that samples for intolerance to powder need to carry out before you apply it.

2. Also use mustard powder is not for people with cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.

3. In any case it is impossible to wrap with mustard, if a person is sick with TB disease of the lungs or kidneys.

4. Pregnant women and mums who are breastfeeding, the session wraps with mustard contraindicated.

5. At the slightest manifestations of varicose veins, the use of mustard powder for weight loss is not recommended.

Mustard wrap at home: a recipe with milk and cinnamon

Cinnamon is famous for its properties to cleanse the skin, smoothing it and withdraw the excess fluid. It has been used successfully as a base for homemade masks for acne and blackheads, against flaking of the skin, and facial swelling. But in the process of losing weight cinnamon can play an important role, because in part, wraps with mustard and milk, it will help more to get rid of cellulite and several inches at the waist.

To do with their hands mustard wrap, You need to prepare:

• 1 tbsp of mustard powder,

• Three quarter Cup of warmed milk

• 2 tbsp potato starch,

• 1 tsp. cinnamon

• Gauze bandage,

• Polyethylene.

First, heat the milk, add the starch and remove from heat. Stir well, add mustard powder and cinnamon. The consistency of the mixture should resemble thin sour cream, so if You see that the mass is too liquid, add a little more starch.

Now You need to soak the gauze in our mix. Next, wrap the problem areas with gauze, and the top cover with polythene and put on insulated pants. If you can, leave the mask on skin for about 20-30 minutes, but when the burning sensation is too great, it will be enough 15-20. After these manipulations, you should take a shower and wash away the remnants of the anti-cellulite mass.

Recipe wraps with mustard and honey

One of the most popular events, which is actively used to lose weight both in the home and in beauty salons is the honey mustard wrap. The interaction of honey and mustard powder is truly unique: because of viscous honey, burning mustard not so much, but, nevertheless, the influence on the skin is not reduced.

If You are going to make honey mustard wraps at home, then take:

• Mustard powder – 1 tbsp

• Honey – 1 tbsp

• A little water to dissolve the powder,

• Grapefruit juice.

First, you must squeeze the grapefruit juice, mix mustard powder with water and combine this mixture with honey. Now You need to spread a lot while you’re doing light massage. As mustard perfectly opens pores and heats the cover, active massage movements not required.

After all this is to gently wrap the body region with a honey mask in plastic and cover them with a warm blanket or thick towel. This wrap will need to survive on the skin for about 30-35 minutes, then rinse under the shower, in order to eliminate the stickiness.

Recipe body wraps for weight loss mustard, lemon and blue clay

Cleansing properties of blue clay for the face, have long been known. Combining it with lemon, You get a great mask that will perfectly whiten the face, eliminate inflammation and redness, as well as get rid of age spots. Body skin with «orange peel» is also in need of whitening and smoothing, than will surely help blue clay.

Here’s what You need to take in order to perform their own homemade mustard wrap for weight loss:

• 1 tbsp powder mustard seeds,

• A little water

• 1 tablespoon of blue clay,

• Lemon juice squeezed from fruit just before wrapping.

Be sure to mix the powder with water only never use with hot liquid. Hot mustard powder can release toxic substances that trigger an allergic reaction even in those who never before it was observed.

All the ingredients should be mixed, spread on the surface of the skin in the abdomen and thighs and rewinding cling film. You can cover the body from the abdomen, dropping down first to the left leg, and then wrap the same right. On top of the wraps, spread a blanket and wait for about 30-40 minutes. At the end, go in the shower to wash off the mixture and then apply on the skin your favorite moisturizing lotion or cream for cellulite.

How to prepare for the session wraps with mustard at home

The procedure requires mandatory training as well mustard warms the skin and opens the pores narrow, but she cleans her before. It was therefore initially is make your own scrub or body scrub to remove dead skin particles and efficiently clean the cover.

Of course, the wraps don’t need to use store-bought mustard, which contains a huge number of additives, such as preservatives, flavor enhancers and dyes. You need only mustard powder, which is sometimes allowed to replace the mustard oil. Just remember that to add it you need quite a bit, as the oil gives an even greater effect of burning and even has some toxicity.

During the preparatory cleaning of the skin, it is recommended that self-massage: it will perfectly prepare the skin for application of cosmetic products and will be a great help in the battle against the annoying cellulite.

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