Mussel: calories, composition, useful properties and potential harm to health. How to use mussels for maximum benefit

The use of mussels for the body known since ancient times.

Low calorie mussels as a fine alternative to the meat products used for the preparation of the menu of patients with poor health, pregnant women and the elderly.

Mussels from the family of bivalve molluscs are nutritious and low-calorie product that is eaten by humans.

Useful properties of mussels used in cooking to prepare various dishes. Deli meat seafood can bring the body both benefit and harm, depending on the compliance of preparation.

The calorie content of mussels, their composition

Mussel is a bivalve shell, within which is enshrined the living mollusk. In the food are only edible part of the mussel ‘s muscle, and mantle of the mollusk, is hidden behind oyster. Clam meat contains almost no fat and carbohydrates, but protein and amino acids it contains many.

Diet mussels contain a higher amount of minerals in a concentrated form. It is not only sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron and iodine, but also rare minerals boron and cobalt that are essential for the processes of hematopoiesis. Delicacy contains full set of vitamins, including b, A, C, Riboflavin. Mussels are rich supply the animal starch of glycogen, regulate the balance of glucose in the blood.

Low calorie allows you to use mussels in the diets for weight loss. A portion of 100 g of product contain only 76-77 kcal. The excellent palatability of the meat of the mollusk they are used to replace chicken or beef for the preparation of a low calorie diet.

Diet for weight loss with mussels

Low calorie allows mussels to eat it, even with a very strict diet. They have fewer calories than chicken meat, but the percentage of protein content in them is much higher. These seafood contain no cholesterol and fat, so the use of mussels to the body bring significant.

The inclusion of mussels in the diet of people wanting to lose weight, helps to speed up metabolism. For best digestibility the seafood is recommended pour the olive oil, giving to the table with boiled vegetables. The use of mussels for health be felt within a few days when the body begins to get rid of excess fat deposits.

Damage of mussels with low-calorie diet is not observed. Subject to the recommendations of the doctor for effective weight loss to stick to such a diet can be an unlimited period of time.

Facts: the Use of mussels for human health has found wide application in cosmetology. Vitamin-rich hydrolyzate of mussels added to a moisturizing serum and mask for the skin.

The use of mussels for the body

In addition to the high nutritional qualities of mussels provide the human body polyunsaturated acids omega-3 and omega-6, essential for maintaining the immune system. The use of mussels lies in their rich mineral composition. With regular use the mussel meat in your food never have problems with brittle nails and hair loss. In addition, the use of mussels for the body is expressed as follows:

• preventing the development of arthritis of the joints

• improvement of the qualitative composition of the blood

• removal of harmful substances

• prevention of cancer

• strengthening bones and teeth

• normalization of work of heart and vessels

• General health of the body

• suppression of radioactive elements

• improved digestion

Identified the use of mussels in the processes of stimulation of sexual desire of women and men. The composition of mussel meat includes zinc, a positive effect on male potency. The vitamins and minerals that charge the body with energy and vigor, prolonging the duration of sexual intercourse. In addition to the above, amino acids in the composition of the mollusks stimulate the production of sex hormones in women, which generally heals the female body, increasing sexual desire.

The use of mussels to various categories of people

Since mussels are a powerful allergen, it is not recommended to people prone to allergies. Also it is not advisable to eat mussels lactating women. But the inclusion in the diet of pregnant women mussel benefits are invaluable. With a relatively small fat mussels contain a record amount of vitamins, proteins and mineral salts, necessary for the health of the pregnant woman and the full development of the fetus. Mussels on nutritional value and digestibility is much superior to lamb and pork.

Saturated concentration of protein in the composition of meat brings the most benefit to mussels in the body of an athlete. During intense exercise the body is rapidly losing energy, which should be promptly filled. The calorie content of mussels is high, but their meat has a high nutritional value.

Because eating meat shellfish reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, they are useful to include in the diet of the elderly and people with poor health. Included in the mussel proteins and amino acids regulate the level of triglycerides in the blood system of the body.

Damage of mussels for human health

Facts: mussels are contraindicated to those who have noted poor blood clotting. This is due to the ability of this product to thin the blood.

Like any product with a nutritional value, mussels are some contraindications and limitations to use in food. This is due to the functioning of living organisms shellfish. In nature, marine mussels filter the water, passing it through itself, ridding it of harmful impurities.

Thus, shellfish performs harmful impurities and chemical compounds that may be contained in sea water. In addition, some species of mollusks are able to secrete dangerous for the human body poisons, for example, saxitoxin has nerve effect.

Currently, mussels, intended for sale, washed in running water to their meat could be eaten. Freshly caught shellfish is strictly forbidden to eat, their meat can be toxic. To minimize the risk of poisoning, you need to know how to choose mussels. Should not buy mussels, the benefits of which are questionable. You need to pay attention to the integrity of the clam shells and the smell that they exude. Folds of shells of edible mussels should be tightly closed. It is not recommended to purchase mussels with broken shells and the surface is covered with a whitish bloom.

The facts: a Source of digestible protein, mussels are not recommended for supply to people with kidney disease. Excessive amount of protein can cause exacerbation of renal disease.

How to cook mussels?

To nutritious and low-calorie product did not bring harm, mussels you need to know how to cook. Just cleaned mussels cannot be kept in the fridge more than a day. Store-bought frozen mussels, it is recommended to defrost only once. If thawed mussels clumped together, their meat looks pale, this means that the shellfish were subjected to a secondary freezing. To eat these mussels are dangerous to health.

Untreated mussels are released from the shell by heat treatment. Not suitable for eating shellfish from damaged or open shells. To fold the shells have opened, you need to hold the clams in boiling water for at least 2 minutes, then rinse them with cold water and again bring to boil. This will help to release the product of the toxins and thus maximally preserve the nutrients and vitamins.

Frozen mussels you can just boil in salted water. Once the water covered with foam, remove them from the heat, otherwise the meat will be tough.

The benefits and harms of mussels children

Seafood are strong allergens, therefore it is not recommended to give mussels children up to three years. From the age of three, this product can be included in the diet of the child only with the permission of the pediatrician.

Mussels health benefits of a child can bring significant only if the child is not allergic to this product. Seafood contain high-quality and easily digestible protein necessary for a growing organism of the child. In addition, mussels are rich in vitamins and minerals, the most necessary of which are phosphorus and calcium. These trace elements in the composition of mussels is enough to make up for their lack in the child’s body.

Useful properties of mussels for children caused by the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the most important of which are omega 3 and omega 6. The lack of these acids leads to disturbance of physical and mental development of children.

Mussels in the diet of the child

Useful properties of mussels in the diet of children will help to diversify the daily diet, enriching it with nutrients. It is important to observe the rules of dieting with seafood for the child’s body. To introduce mussels into your baby’s diet gradually. For a child not older than five years, the daily rate of seafood is not more than 50 grams. For a variety of baby food is sufficient to enable the mussels to lunch or afternoon tea once a week.

Thus it is necessary to observe the following rules:

• mussels must be fresh

• do not give your child raw mussels

• children canned mussels is forbidden to give

The diet of the child is preferable to be made from boiled or steamed shellfish, you can add a little boiled milk or cream. In such a thermal processing mussels the benefit of the body will bring huge.