Are fungi helpful or harm them disproportionately? Important information about mushrooms, their harm, the benefits and calorie

Mushrooms have become part of the nutritious diet people a very long time.

Is this product as good as it is delicious?

This issue is particularly relevant nowadays, when the interest to use wild gifts of nature growing everywhere.

The composition of the mushrooms, calories and their role in people’s lives

Mushrooms are widespread and are used not only as food. Due to the beneficial properties they are often used in medical and economic industries. What are they so valuable?

In fresh mushrooms is up to 92% of water and about 5% of nitrogenous compounds, 70% of which is represented in the form of proteins.


Proteins in much larger percentage in the dried mushrooms, so they are often called «forest meat». The most nutritious part of the hat is due to the large content of protein substances.

However, it should be remembered that fungi are difficult to digest by the body due to the presence in their composition of fiber, which is indigestible for the human body. To facilitate the work of the digestive system, «forest meat» cut into small pieces and chew well during a meal. In powdered form they are absorbed by the body by 70%, and if you grind dry mushrooms into powder, this figure will reach a record high of 88%.

In addition to fiber, sostojashie of cellulose and lignin, the composition of fungi include chitin, which is found in the cells of crustaceans, various insects, spiders, etc., and gives greater stability of their protective layer.


In gribuk contains very little fat, and body, they are digested with difficulty. When cooking you can use animal fats such as cream or butter.


Young mushrooms can be found the carbohydrate is a polysaccharide, which is decomposed into mannitol and glucose, and therefore not found in older mushrooms. Mannitol and glucose contribute to the formation of mucus in mushroom caps in wet weather.


Mushrooms have low calories than they are very valuable. In many ways, this factor depends on the method of preparation, which deserves special attention. The following are the most familiar types of mushrooms and their calorie content per 100 grams. of the product under different methods of cooking.

Calorie pickled mushrooms:

• White – 24 Kcal

• Oyster Mushrooms – 23 Kcal

• Mushrooms – 26 Kcal

• Boletus – 18 Kcal

• Mushrooms – 18 Kcal

Caloric content of fresh mushrooms:

• White – 30 Kcal

• Oyster Mushrooms – 38 Kcal

• Mushrooms – 16 Calories

• Chanterelles – 20 Kcal

• Boletus – 9 Kcal

• Honey – 17 Kcal

• Birch – 31 Kcal

• Aspen – 22 Kcal

• Mushrooms -17 Kcal

• Morels – 27 Kcal

• Russula – 15 Kcal

• Truffles – 51 Kcal

• Nigella – 9 Kcal

• Mushrooms – 27 Kcal

• Shiitake – 34 Kcal

The caloric content of dried mushrooms:

• White – 282 Kcal

• Chanterelles – 261 Kcal

• Birch – 231 Kcal

• Aspen – 315 Kcal

• Shiitake – 331 Kcal

What are the beneficial properties of mushrooms

Besides the mentioned proteins, fats and carbohydrates, composed of mushrooms have b vitamins, in smaller amounts vitamin C, PP and provitamin a (carotene). In addition, mushrooms have minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, necessary for maintaining the health of the body, as well as iodine, magnesium, zinc and copper, involved in metabolism.

Potassium and sodium must be in equilibrium in the human body. If sodium modern man is lacking in abundance in the form of a sodium salt, a potassium deficiency can negatively affect health. Magnesium has a fruitful effect on the absorption of calcium, and its deficiency may cause complications such as vasospasm.

In medicine, mushrooms are used to create a variety of antibiotics, including penicillin, as well as for the treatment of infectious diseases. In Oriental medicine as an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medications used Kombucha. In folk medicine, found the use of the fly agaric (from diseases of the nervous system), beetle (from alcoholism) and chaga mushroom (from tumors). Another medicinal mushroom is boletus (boletus edulis), possessing tonic and anti-cancer properties. Mushrooms can be used all year round if they know how to properly harvest and store.

Not to mention that the mushroom cap has a miraculous predisposition to the immune system. Regular consumption of mushroom is good prevention from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Abundant content zinc and vitamin b will help to avoid mental fatigue and emotional distress.

The presence in the composition of fungi of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D makes them a rewarding product for teeth, bones, nails, skin and hair.

Harmful than fungi to the human body

Since mushrooms are able to accumulate harmful substances, collecting them should be away from industrial enterprises and highways, Railways, etc. the caution should be to collect large mushroom, because the mushroom bigger, more poisonous and harmful substances in it.

Because of the content in the mushrooms of cellulose and chitin, instead of the 25-30% of the proteins contained in the dried mushrooms, the human stomach to digest only 17-21%. That is why people with a weak digestive system should be extremely cautious in their use. In addition to poor digestibility, mushrooms tend to slow down the secretion of gastric juice, which is bad for the digestion of all the food that was used along with the mushrooms. For these reasons, the mushrooms are considered heavy food.

The highest concentration of chitin is detected in the legs of mushrooms, therefore, should be excluded from the diet, and if it is not possible to remove the top layer before cooking.

Another dangerous substance that you can’t pass – choline. Choline is an extremely toxic product, the use of which can cause such symptoms as diarrhea, reduced heart activity, shortness of breath. This component is included in all fungi, but the number is always different. At mushroom choline is from 0,007 to 0,009% of the dry weight, of chanterelles to 0,007%, the young boletus of 0.1-0.2%, and the mushroom – 0,4%. Choline is a product of decomposition of proteins and fats, so the mushrooms have time to deteriorate or rot, are extremely dangerous foods.

And the last paragraph are poisonous mushrooms which are not only able to cause serious poisoning, but also cause death. If you are not sure safe mushrooms, it is better to refrain from their use.

The harm and benefit of mushrooms for a child

In no case should not give mushrooms to children. The digestive tract of the child is too weak and is not capable of processing contained in the mushrooms substances. If you eat mushrooms in childhood, it is possible to upset to the digestive system. To use them you can neither boiled nor dried nor in any other form.

Mushrooms can cause severe poisoning, which will not pass without consequences. Even after careful handling of the mushrooms can be hazardous substances. The adult human body is able to cope with them with little or no consequences, and the digestive tract of the child, these enzymes can cause severe poisoning.

A full the digestive system is formed closer to 14 years, so give mushrooms to children of early age is strictly contraindicated.

Harm and benefits of mushrooms for pregnant and lactating women

Just note that pregnant women are not forbidden to eat mushrooms, if they follow some rules, which can reduce the harm from these fastidious products.

• First, you should not eat mushrooms, edibility of which is questioned. This rule must comply with all people, but for pregnant women it is especially important, because on them lies the responsibility for the health of the unborn child.

• Carefully prevaricate mushrooms before use. This will allow to get rid of most harmful substances, while retaining many useful properties.

• Mushrooms should be cut as small as you can to the body was easier to digest them.

• Do not eat salty, fresh and marinated mushrooms. The best option would be boiled or stewed, but roasted is valid and, if not tormented by heartburn.

• A good addition to the mushrooms are tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, parsley, beets, cabbage, citrus, due to the high content of vitamin C.

A few words about cooking. To prepare the mushrooms for at least an hour, but before that you need to be sure to boil for half an hour on low heat.

Separate item you can touch Kombucha. This product is contraindicated for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and diabetes, but at the same time is capable of:

– normalize blood pressure;

– to improve sleep;

– positively affect nervous system.

This is the ingestion. When applied topically Kombucha improves skin and hair and prevents age spots.

Lactating also mothers many doctors absolutely forbid the use of fungi as milk to the child are not only useful but also harmful substances.

Mushrooms for use in their nursing mother, can cause problems with the stomach and even trigger allergies.