Mirimanova diet: the advantages of weight reduction. Principles of diet diet Mirimanova

Diet «minus 60» was designed by Catherine Mirimanova. The effectiveness of techniques, the woman checked on their own experience. System weight loss well so that there are no specific dietary restrictions. Just need to learn how to properly build your diet, drink plenty of fluids and don’t forget moderate exercise. Catherine Mirimanova focuses on what is important for weight loss positive attitude.

Mirimanova diet: the benefits of weight loss methods

System weight loss liking for the fair sex. Simple and affordable method allows you to bring your body in shape, with the lost weight does not come back.

The benefits of diet Mirimanova

1. Diet can afford women at any age, it is absolutely safe. Methods of weight loss are not prohibited during pregnancy and lactation, it will help a woman in a difficult period to maintain your body in good shape.

2. Mirimanova diet strengthens the immune system, it is not prohibited even in the presence of diseases associated with the digestive system.

3. Nice thing – no need to count calories. Besides, until 12:00 no limit in the products. This is particularly nice fact for «sweet».

4. The body is not depleted as it receives all the vitamins and nutrients for normal functioning.

5. There are no time constraints since the system of weight loss safe, the menu is allowed to follow one month and two months.

6. Not having such side effects as weakness, dizziness, severe nervous tension and apathy towards others.

7. No need to constantly invent some new dish diet menu Mirimanova absolutely simple.

Despite all the advantages, disadvantages of slimming system too.

1. If a person works from morning to evening, it will be hard to adapt to three meals a day. Not very convenient to constantly carry trays of food.

2. To abandon the «rapid evening meal» people have a hard. Sometimes in the evening man wants to «seize» all the events of the day.

3. The pounds go away gradually. Diet will not appeal to those who expect quick results.

Permitted and forbidden foods diet Mirimanova

The list of foods allowed to eat

1. Fruit is recommended to eat prunes, apples, plums, kiwi, and any citrus fruits.

2. Vegetables you can eat everything, but fresh, not canned. Beans and potatoes are used only as separate dishes (without meat and fish).

3. Mushrooms.

4. Allowed to eat any meat, as well as kebabs, burgers steamed sausages and boiled sausages.

5. Permitted seafood, fish, and crab sticks.

6. Eggs.

7. From cereals the preference is given to the oatmeal, rice and buckwheat.

8. Pasta is allowed, only the highest quality, eat them as a meal. You can add a little cheese.

9. The drinks dry red wine, tea and coffee, fresh juices, plain water, milk.

Forbidden foods in the diet Mirimanova no. Before noon is allowed to eat everything, and after 12:00 need to follow the principles of diet methodology. It’s not as difficult slimming system does not allow the person to experience hunger, nutrition balanced.

A proper Breakfast

You need to eat Breakfast immediately after waking up is the main recommendation of Catherine Mirimanova. You can afford everything, including chocolate, biscuits, cakes. If people are not accustomed to close to lunch, need to eat at least a little below the stomach began to work.

1. Tea (with honey or sugar), sweet porridge with milk and a sandwich with butter.

2. Organic coffee (with milk and sugar), a piece of fried chicken and a sandwich with butter.

3. Pasta with tangy cheese, a Cup of tea and 100-150 grams of any cookies.

4. Scrambled eggs, two sandwiches with doctoral sausage, a Cup of sweet tea.

You can choose any Breakfast option, which will like. If after a few hours again will overcome the feeling of hunger is allowed to eat yogurt or a banana, drink a glass of fresh citrus juice. Importantly, this was all before 12:00.

Right lunch diet Mirimanovoj

Lunch can be steamed, cooking, baking – anything but fry. If it’s soup, it must be either potatoes without meat or with meat and no potatoes. Allowed for lunch to drink juice, yogurt, fruit drinks.

1. Vegetarian soup with potatoes, 100 grams of green peas, steam cutlet, sweet black tea with lemon.

2. Vegetable stew and a piece of boiled chicken, a glass of juice and fruit salad for dessert.

3. Vegetable soup and steamed vegetables with mushrooms.

4. Soup-puree of broccoli, a piece of boiled fish, a glass of juice or tea.

The optimal time for a lunch break is 13:00. People are going to be hungry after Breakfast, and can get enough that night not to eat excess. Lunch options can be alternated daily, or you can choose a menu that is more to your taste. Sweets at this time is strictly forbidden, this applies even to small slices of dark chocolate.

Easy hearty dinner

Dinner in the diet Mirimanovoj light but hearty. Strictly forbidden fried foods. Meals can be prepared either steamed or boiled. Salt and other spices are not prohibited, the main thing – do not overdo it with them added reasonable. In the evening are not allowed to add sugar in our tea.

• fresh vegetables;

• dairy products;

• boiled fish;

• fruit salads.

For dinner, prohibited any cakes, bread, sweets, fried dishes.

1. 150 grams of vegetable salad and green tea without sugar or honey.

2. 2-3 slices cheese casserole, a glass of fresh skim milk.

3. Cottage cheese with chopped Apple and kiwi, fresh fruit juice.

4. Boiled chicken without skin, green tea without sugar.

Every dinner menu in the measure of hearty, wholesome, do not overload the stomach. Products are selected in such a way that the digestive system has time to recycle them. You can’t go to bed with a full stomach, otherwise all leftover food is converted into excess weight. Optimal time for dinner, to eat, preferably 3-3,5 hours before bedtime.

Physical activity

When the extra pounds go away and the body shrinks, the skin can become loose and to SAG, which is not very nice. Regular exercise will allow you to prevent it. It is important to choose such exercise to the body felt the load, but man is not overtired.

It will be useful:

• ride a bike or roller skates;

• jump rope;

• in the morning and before bed to run around the stadium;

• doing exercises in the morning after waking up.

People may choose any exercises that he likes. Physical activity and diet Mirimanovoj is a tandem, which gives a great result. The weight will go, the skin will remain elastic.

Diet Mirimanovoj: 9 important rules methods of weight loss

1. You need to drink as much as is required by the body. It is not necessary to «inject» a 2 liters of fluid per day. Besides water you can drink tea, juices, are allowed in the same soda.

2. Be sure to eat 3 times a day, it is strictly forbidden to abandon Breakfast. To 12:00, you can afford sweets, cakes and other pastries.

3. It is no secret that during cooking food most Housewives have the habit to try it again until ready. The woman worries that didn’t add enough salt or other spices. The habit of using food in the process of making forget – it awakens the appetite.

4. No need categorically to give up sugar. If a man loves sweet tea, you can drink. Most importantly, in moderation. You can just try to add less sugar than usual over time, the body will get used to it.

5. Salting food can and should be. The main thing is to act on the same principle that sugar is to add a little less spice than usual.

6. Physical activity is required. To devote time to the sport you need every day at least 20-30 minutes. Otherwise, the skin becomes flabby, sagging, on the face of wrinkles, which is very difficult to fight.

7. Daily consumption of fruit and vegetables gives the body the right amount of vitamins. It is recommended to drink polyvitaminic complexes are good for your health and overall well-being. The main thing – to observe the dosage prescribed in the regulations.

8. If it happens that a person does not have time to dine in the allotted time – the best of dinner do refuse, otherwise, do not exclude the risk of overeating. Over time people will get used to three meals a day nutrition and will remind you in time «snack».

9. Fasting days and mono is bad, they need to forget. Restrictive diet slows down metabolic processes, causing lost weight very fast go back.

Mirimanova diet will eventually become a way of life. The methods of reduction of weight is designed for a long period of time. If you follow all the rules and guidelines, people will remember that once he had the extra weight. System weight loss very simple and nice, it really gives the result to those who wait. Weight gradually, exercise don’t allow the skin to «SAG». As a result, the Mirimanova diet will allow every woman to gain such a figure, of which she always dreamed.