Effective weight loss with Dukan diet, the menu for the week. Characteristics of each phase of the Dukan diet: menu for the week

The Dukan diet is a universal method of nutrition for weight loss, which can stick all my life, but with breaks. Its essence lies in the diet allowed products on the main stages. With the alternation of protein and vegetable days, the weight will go evenly and safe for the body.

The Dukan diet: menu for the week in the phase of «Attack»

The first phase is protein, it is the shortest, but most intense. The number of extra pounds will depend on its duration from 2 to 10 days, no more. Sample menu for phase «attack» for a week.

Day 1: morning omelette with 2 proteins and 1 egg yolk with low-fat milk 1.5%, the day steam beef cutlets (2 pieces) as a snack to eat bran with yogurt, and for dinner a serving of nonfat cottage cheese with two eggs boiled.

Day 2: morning porridge with bran, flavored with cardamom, a day chicken soup to eat yogurt with bran for dinner pork chops (get lean tenderloin).

Day 3: Breakfast boiled egg with a slice of ham Turkey or chicken for lunch of salmon soup with onions and add boiled eggs, chamomile tea, afternoon pancakes lukanovska recipe of eggs, milk and bran, a glass of kefir in the evening waiting for the fish pie and mint-ginger tea.

Day 4: morning milk porridge, a day, two burgers from chicken meat, to eat yogurt with bran, in the evening a dish of chicken in garlic sauce

Day 5: cheese pancakes with cottage cheese for lunch a soup of peas in the broth of smoked chicken breast, day as a dessert coffee and a quick muffin for dinner baked in foil fish with herbs.

Day 6: morning low-fat cheesecakes with sour cream and any hot drink for lunch beef steak, ginger tea. Afternoon snack yogurt with biscuits made from bran for dinner an exquisite dish of scrambled eggs with shrimp, greens and onions, drink green tea.

Day 7: the morning starts with an impressive sandwich – Trubnaya tortilla, ham and cheese, coffee. A day to eat noodle soup in chicken broth, a piece of tofu, in the afternoon homemade pasties and any hot drink in the evening Turkey fillet braised in a yoghurt sauce.

The diet for phase Alternation Dukan diet: menu for the week

The essence of the next phase of «Alternation» is to support trends in the body to reduce weight. This phase can last from 15 to 160 days, depending on the desired end result. Need alternate protein days with protein and vegetable in a ratio of 1:1, 3:3 or 5:5. Protein days can be taken similar to the previous stage. But the protein and vegetable days should be full of plant foods. It should be avoided olives, potatoes, avocado, corn and peas. Example 5 protein and vegetable days:

1. The first day in the morning to eat boiled eggs 2 PCs., salad from vegetables, you can fill a small amount of olive oil, drink coffee. Lunch cream soup of zucchini, broccoli with dill and egg. As a cheesecake snack with natural yoghurt. In the evening to eat vegetable stew with chicken fillet, steamed tea.

2. Next day start with the eggs of 2 eggs, ham and greens, eat a vegetable salad of cabbage, cucumber, carrot, coffee. For lunch, cook vegetable soup and chicken breast with greens, at lunch yogurt with oat bran for dinner any warm drink and macaroni salad with vegetables and seafood.

3. Make an omelet with tomatoes, greens and cheese, drinkable yogurt. Lunch vegetable soup with beef, afternoon snack – toast with salmon weak salting, tea, and for dinner baked fish on a bed of stewed vegetables.

4. A serving of nonfat cottage cheese with herbs, black pepper, your favorite hot beverage. At lunch, the seafood soup, the second a salad of vegetables fresh with the addition of canned fish, but without oil. In the afternoon, steamed mussels and a yogurt, for dinner, steam cutlets fillet of Turkey or chicken, salad of cucumber tomatoes tea.

5. In the morning, cottage cheese casserole, boiled eggs, coffee, afternoon soup with meatballs and a salad, yogurt or yogurt after lunch again dairy product and bread with bran, on the evening of braised squid, grilled vegetables, green tea.

Phase of «Consolidation» in the Dukan diet: menu for the week

Phase of «Consolidation» is necessary in the diet to normalize the results. The body has to get used to be in gained weight. To do this, the previous menu needs a little diluted by the presence of fruits and berries, not too carried away that is permitted.

The day you can eat only one fruit or a handful of berries, except cherries, grapes, bananas, dried fruit. You also need to include in the diet cheese fat content to 40%, starchy foods, durum pasta. Meals from these and other products allowed to eat only 2 times a week. Each meal is called «feast», every gourmet will be able to enjoy any favorite dish in particular, there can be sweets, cakes, alcohol.

The final stage of «Stabilization» in the Dukan diet menu for a week

The last stage of the diet «Stabilization» may last indefinitely. The diet itself is designed and the body gets used to eat right healthy food, and the extra weight does not accumulate. In the last phase are allowed to eat almost any foods but in moderation. Otherwise benefit from the diet is. But a prerequisite at this stage is to allocate one all protein day on the week. Usually the day Thursday. From the use of sugar should still be avoided, drink plenty of water – at least 2 liters a day bran.

Sample diet for 1 day:

• Breakfast – a serving of cottage cheese, Apple-carrot puree and yogurt;

• lunch – noodle soup in chicken broth (the noodles take from durum wheat) with herbs and vegetables, steam cutlets from chicken meat, tea;

• afternoon tea – homemade cake or ice cream;

• dinner with a side dish of rice porridge to her meatballs from minced pork salad with celery and vegetables, ginger tea.

Diversity in the last phase enough, the most important thing in diet is to reach it without disruption.