Protasov’s diet: menu for every day for weight loss and health improvement. Make a menu for each day of the diet Protasov: recipes

Low-calorie diet with restriction of fats and fast carbs give instant results. This is Protasov’s diet, the menu for each day for which it is easy to make yourself. Food it turns out is quite varied, and delicious and healthy.

Products for diet Protasova and menus for every day

The basis of the diet in the first phase are dairy products, fresh vegetables (except potatoes), eggs and some fruit. The first phase lasts for two weeks. Here’s what you need is:

• any vegetables without restriction, except potatoes: cucumber, pepper, eggplant, tomatoes, lettuce, radish, radishes, beets, carrots, cabbage of all kinds, lemons, greens. Important caveat: the vegetables must be fresh;

• any dairy products with fat content not more than 5%, including curd, homemade cheeses yogurt;

• one egg per day;

• three sour-sweet Apple a day.

In addition, a day you need to drink at least two liters of fluid. You can drink coffee and tea, but unsweetened and without milk. It is important to observe the ratio in the diet of vegetables and dairy foods: 100 grams of vegetables should have 40 grams of kefir, yogurt, low-fat cheese.

From the third week until the end of the fifth week in the menu for each day of the diet Protasov is added to meat and fish. Will only fit lean meats: beef, veal, rabbit, poultry (without the skin). Pork is undesirable, but in a pinch you can take vegetable pulp. Fish can have any of them, but to cook it without butter and fatty sauces.

Protasov’s diet: the menu for each day

At the start of the diet you can vary the milk diet of homemade cheeses, adding spices according to your taste. Once you have mastered making cheese, you very quickly begin to love them more than store bought cheese products.

The first and second week

The basis of nutrition in the first two weeks of the diet Protasov and menu for each day is raw vegetables, dishes based on cottage cheese, yogurt and eggs. Duration – 4 days.


• Breakfast: cheese cakes without flour and sugar, a Cup of biokefir or Bifidok.

• Lunch: big salad with finely chopped tomatoes, cucumbers with a handful of olives and a couple slices of cheese. Enjoy a Cup of homemade tomato juice with no added sugar.

• Dinner: a Cup of soft, seasoned with yogurt or yogurt cheese with Apple slices. At night you can drink milk or drinking yoghurt with no additives.

Cheesecakes in protasovsky


Not 200 grams of cottage cheese;

salt to taste;

raw egg.

Wipe the curd through a sieve, mix with egg and salt. With wet hands shape the cheese cakes, place on a baking sheet, covered with baking paper. Bake in the oven until Browning the top of the cheesecakes. Eat with yogurt.


• Breakfast: Cup of cottage cheese, seasoned with yogurt. If desired, you can either add salt and chopped herbs, or sweeten it with stevia and put a flavoring, e.g., vanilla.

• Lunch: a large raw salad of fresh cabbage, carrot straws and grated Apple. You can add chopped boiled egg directly into the salad or eat the egg separately.

• Dinner: besoknya baked cheesecakes and a Cup of any dairy drink.

Homemade yogurt


• three litres of milk;

• a pint of biokefir.

Milk to boil, allow to cool to a temperature of 65°C. Pour yogurts, stir. Wrap the container in a warm towel and leave for fermentation for 8 hours.


• Breakfast: salad of tomatoes, peppers, light cheese and Collard greens with boiled egg and yogurt.

• Lunch: cottage cheese stuffed with spicy ground pepper.

• Dinner: garlic cucumber salad, green onions, tomatoes, dressed with sour cream or yogurt.

Jalapeño poppers


• one pepper;

• one tomato;

• one hundred grams of cottage cheese;

• a clove of garlic;

• salt.

Chop the tomatoes very finely, chop garlic with a knife. Mix the cheese, tomatoes and garlic, season with salt. Bulgarian pepper clear from the seeds and partitions, nafarshiruyte cottage cheese, half an hour refrigerate. Slice the pepper into rings and eat.


• Breakfast: a Cup of curds, yoghurt, boiled egg.

• Dinner: salad of fresh carrots and beets seasoned with sour cream and grated garlic. A glass of homemade tomato juice.

• Dinner: carrot salad with Apple, cheese cakes and a Cup of biokefir.

Carrot salad


• large carrot;

• green Apple;

• teaspoon of lemon juice;

• salt;

• two tablespoons of yogurt.

Apple cut into small cubes and sprinkle with lemon juice. Grate the carrots. Combine all in the bowl, the sunflower, season with yogurt.


• Breakfast: scrambled eggs with greens, and for dessert cheese with Apple and yogurt dressing.

• Dinner: stuffed chili peppers, tomatoes, optional – a glass of juice from the tomatoes or diluted tomato paste. Tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese,

• Dinner: cheese cakes, Apple yogurt.

Cinnamon yogurt drink and Apple


• green Apple;

• a Cup of yogurt;

• pinch of cinnamon;

• half a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Apple RUB on a small grater, mix with yogurt. Add the lemon juice and cinnamon, stir.


• Breakfast: salad from cabbage with radish and Apple, dressed with natural yogurt, one boiled egg.

• Lunch: a big salad made of tomatoes with slices of homemade cheese.

• Dinner: baked cheesecake with yogurt.

Homemade cheese


• three litres of milk;

• a liter of kefir;

• teaspoon of salt;

• optional herbes de Provence or other aromatic additive.

The process takes a few days. First of all you need to separate the kefir whey it will act as a leaven. To do this, bring the yogurt on low heat until boiling, wait for separation of the curd. Strain the broth through a colander and double gauze. Greenish liquid is the whey. She needs to leave for a day or two in the heat to zachys. Separated eat cheese, it’s delicious. After two days boil the milk, pour the whey and cook at a slow boil for 6-7 minutes. Separated a lot of strain, salt to taste, add the herbs, spun in gauze and suspended over a Cup, all of the liquid glass. Then shape the cheese piece in the form of a head or tortillas, put on top of the load and for several hours put into the refrigerator.


• Breakfast: vegetable cuts with greens, boiled egg, cottage cheese 5-6 olives.

• Lunch: cool cucumber soup, cheese with herbs, fermented baked milk.

• Dinner: cheese or stuffed with cheese and garlic tomatoes.

Spicy cold cucumber soup


• two cucumber;

• a Cup of yogurt or drinking kefir;

• a bit of dill and parsley;

• garlic clove;

• salt.

Grate the cucumber on a coarse grater, add minced garlic and herbs, pour kefir.

Third, fourth and fifth weeks

Repeat menu first and second week, adding to any of the meals a piece of meat or fish dishes. The total number of meat or fish per day – 300 grams. Better daily portion in two steps.


• Breakfast: pancakes with yogurt.

• Dinner: chicken baked in salt, with a vegetable juices.

• Dinner: stuffed pepper, a piece of chicken from lunch.

Baked salt chicken

Remove from the carcass the skin, have to pieces. Marinate in yogurt. Preheat the oven. On the pan pour a layer of salt, lay the bird and bake at 250°for 30-40 minutes.


• Breakfast: scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cheese.

• Lunch: vegetable cutting and cutlets of chicken, cooked in steam.

• Dinner: salad with chicken breast and egg under a creamy mustard dressing.

Chicken salad

Slice boiled breast, chop with a knife the egg. Finely grate the carrots. Connect the components, add salt. Mix sour cream and mustard, season the salad.


• Breakfast: Cup of cottage cheese with yogurt and Apple.

• Dinner: baked trout in its own juice, with lettuce and cucumber.

• Dinner: salad of salted trout and vegetables

Salad with trout and vegetables

Trout cut into thin slices. Cut into strips bell pepper, Apple, cucumber, 2-3 radishes. Mix all, season with lemon juice and yogurt.


• Breakfast: boiled egg, a slice of salted trout.

• Lunch: tomato cold soup with garlic and yogurt.

• Dinner: a hearty salad with shrimp.

Shrimp salad with vegetables

Connect the diced bell pepper, chopped boiled egg, diced fresh tomatoes, ten shrimp. Add salt, pour over the yogurt.


• Breakfast: cottage cheese, Apple.

• Lunch: baked chicken wings with tomato and garlic-sour cream sauce.

• Dinner: chicken cutlets with garnish of fresh vegetables.

Chicken cutlet, oven baked with cheese

Skip the chicken breast and garlic through a meat grinder, add raw egg, salt and pepper. Form meatballs, put inside a piece of cheese. Bake in the oven at 250°C until done.


• Breakfast: pancakes with yogurt.

• Lunch: baked in yogurt salmon with salad.

• Dinner: salad with tomatoes, salted salmon, olives and cheese with lemon-garlic dressing.

Baked in yogurt salmon

A piece of steak and season with salt and pepper, put it in a foil packet, brush with kefir or yogurt. Bake until cooked without closing the foil.


• Breakfast: salad of fresh cabbage with bell peppers and boiled egg.

• Lunch: grilled beef steak with vegetables.

• Dinner: cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream.

When you exit the diet for months every week to add to the diet a little carbohydrate foods:

1. a mess of gray grits in water;

2. pears instead of apples;

3. dried fruit in cereal;

4. boiled, baked, and grilled vegetables;

5. soups.

Gradually, the comfort of diet Protasov, menu for each day you do a variety, but avoid overeating.