Melon for weight loss: why sweet fruit helps to reduce weight. Weight loss melon: three of the diet for the sweet tooth

Since the end of July starts watermelon-melon madness. As a nation, we eat ripe juicy melons, and someone manages to make them delicious healthy chips for the future. About the fact that melon is useful, many people know, but about weight loss melon is known not to all.

Useful than a melon

Melon – it’s almost a cucumber, only big and sweet. They are the closest biological relatives. The most famous varieties of melon – collective Farm, the Torpedo, nutmeg, Cantaloupe, Gulabi, Azgin, Ozhen. The flesh is juicy, aromatic, with a distinct honey note. The taste is sweet, and from variety to variety, the sugar content is changing.

In melon contains a lot of valuable biologically active substances: antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, acids, essential oils. Each of them exerts its beneficial effects on the body, so the complex of papaya pulp strengthens the immune system, nervous system, heals the liver, kidneys, intestines. That’s why melon for weight loss is preferable in many strict diets.

The amount of nutrients in 100 grams of melon is large (in brackets the percentage of the recommended daily intake):

· ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 20 mg (22%);

· retinol (vitamin a, re) – 67 mcg (7,4%);

· beta carotene – 0.4 mg (8%);

· thiamine (vitamin B1) – 0,04 (2,7%);

· Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) – 0,23 (4,6%);

· cobalt – 2 mg (20%);

· iron – 1 mg (5.6 percent);

· copper – 50 mcg (5%);

· potassium – 118 mg (4.7 per cent);

magnesium – 13 mg (3.3 percent).

Melon consists of a sweet juice and fiber, so it is relieves the gastrointestinal tract. But under one condition: if you eat it separately from other products.

Useful melon grown in their own garden plot. But this possibility is not at all. In season to buy melon cheap and safe, so August — September should be used for a short melon diet.

Why melon helps to lose weight?

The effectiveness of melon for weight loss for three reasons. First, low calorie. Depending on the sweetness and variety in 100 grams of papaya pulp contains from 38 to 60 kcal. It is very small. Full 300-gram serving of papaya salad is only 180 calories, and if the fruit is not very sweet – 120 calories. Losing weight for girls is just fantastic. Melon hearty, well and permanently saturates, knocks the sugar cravings.

Second, the melon nutritionists have made a special class of products, the energy density which is extremely low. This means that in 1 gram of the pulp of the melon has very few calories. That is, you can eat a serving in volume more, and get calories in the result is less in comparison with a small portion of the product with high energy density.

Finally, to cellulose in abundance within the gut during melon slimming, perfectly cleans it. It has the same effect as the famous cabbage-beet salad-brush, removing intestinal toxins. Eating a melon, you can restore the intestinal flora, withdraw from the body excess liquid, will get rid of swelling.

In addition, the melon is slightly weak and has a diuretic effect, which also helps to reduce weight safely and comfortably. After a short melon diet women not only stroiney, but look much better due to the swelling and the saturation of the organism with minerals and vitamins.

Melon for weight loss: three options diet

Eat melon to lose weight need right. Despite the low caloric value it is considered to be heavy on the stomach. The fact that the melon passes through the stomach transit and digested in the gut. If you mix it with other stuff or eat as a dessert, it will be late and under the influence of the gastric juice will begin to ferment. This can cause flatulence, bloating, nausea, and diarrhea.

Mono is good because they really work. 1-2 days, you can lose at least 1.5 pounds. Those whose weight is very large, it is possible to get rid of 3-4 kilos by cleansing and withdrawal of excess fluid from the intercellular space.

Monogatari 2 days

When carrying out a melon mono-diet for weight loss perfect. It is not accompanied by hunger and thirst, so easily tolerated. Recommended safe mode – one or two days. But the most resistant can arrange for a melon a week. longer than seven days to sit on the mono-diet is impossible due to the lack of essential macronutrients: protein and fat.

What you can eat and drink during the day:

· half a kilogram of melon flesh;

· 1.5-2 liters of clean drinking water;

· half a liter of green or black tea without sugar and milk.

To stand two days on the mono-diet is easy. Buy average melon weight of 6-7 kg in advance, divide the daily amount into 5-6 parts. Eat, with water. In between drink allowed drinks. If you do not suffer from low blood pressure, brew yourself herbal tea.

The diet for 5 days

Due to a more varied menu this option melon diet can be spread out over 5 days. To lose it to 4 pounds.

During the day you have four meals.

· Breakfast: about four hundred grams of melon flesh. You can eat just like that or make a salad, watering is cut into cubes of melon a teaspoon of lemon juice.

· Second Breakfast (after two hours): a Cup of low-fat drinking yoghurt or kefir. If you love yogurt or cheese, they are also suitable.

· Lunch: a portion of boiled rice, broken rice or buckwheat. Oil cannot be added, the salt is also better to refuse or to use it minimally. Drink tea without sugar and a Cup of hot water.

· Afternoon snack: a serving of melon (200-300 grams).

· Dinner: boiled crumbly buckwheat or rice (without salt), gold piece of boiled chicken or beef, plate no seasoned cut vegetables.

Between the consumption of melons and the next meal must be at least two hours. In this case, intestinal discomfort will not be.

Diet for a week

Melon diet for this unusual variant. The diet includes not only melon but also brown rice, light sour cream 15% fat, boiled fish, chicken. Fruits are acceptable apples and avocado, vegetable, cucumber, celery.

Immediately after waking up, drink slowly SIPS a glass of warm water. After 20 minutes you can have Breakfast. Power design next.

· Breakfast. A serving of porridge made from rice, but not white, and brown. Salt cannot but pour a teaspoon of soy sauce is acceptable. Instead of tea drink berry infusion: two tablespoons of any fresh berries, mash them up and pour a glass of boiling water. Berries if not, prepare yourself lemon water. With a Cup of warm water, pour two tablespoons of lemon juice, stir and drink.

· Lunch for Monday and Thursday. Prepare a salad of fresh vegetables, season with vegetable oil. Portion weight – not more than 200 grams. Eat a Cup of cottage cheese with a fat content of from 1 to 3 percent. Drink the juice and fresh or dried apples.

· Lunch for Tuesday and Friday. A portion of salad plus a piece of boiled fish (a piece of from 100 to 150 grams). Drink green tea without sugar.

· Lunch for Wednesday and Saturday. Boiled vegetables (carrots and beets) – 200 grams. You can fill the salad with a spoon of light sour cream or yogurt. Scrambled eggs, cooked without oil on a couple. A Cup of herbal or green tea.

· Lunch for Sunday. Prepare avocado, celery, boiled chicken, cucumber and Apple in a large warm salad. Total servings – 300 grams, chicken accounts for 150 grams.

· Dinner is the same throughout the week. From four to six o’clock in the evening eat a melon. The total amount of pulp that you can eat half a kilogram. After 18: 00 do not eat anything else. You can drink one Cup of herbal tea and some water.

To lose weight on a melon, which was nice. Don’t miss the opportunity to drop a few pounds and improve the body, when it comes to autumn watermelon-melon period.