The actual question in the theory of power: the useful meat, what dangers it hides? What meat healthier?

Man is what he eats, and it’s hard to argue.

After all, food is the only source of building material for our body.

In this article on the bowl checkweighers meat – which will prevail: the useful properties of the meat or harmful?

Benefits meat: whom and in what portions

People who tend to be «meat-eating» a lot. And this is confirmed by the significant positive aspects of consumption of meat products.

Who is helpful the meat, and in what doses should be used?

Association of oncologists recommends to prevent cancer of any kind to reduce meat consumption to a safe dose, which is no more than 70-80 grams of meat a day.

It should be noted that meat consumption depends on human activities.

Who should increase the dose of meat consumption to 100-150 g per day?

• People with heavy physical exertion

• Children and elderly

• Young people in puberty

• Athletes

• Pregnant

People with heavy physical labor meat, due to the content of protein, will help restore lost power. Athletes also believe that to gain muscle mass without meat products is virtually impossible.

Pregnant girls, the doctors are instructed to include in the diet of meat. Deficiency of B vitamins, which are so rich in meat, can lead to impaired sight and hearing of the unborn baby.

A growing body of meat is necessary for the full development of the brain, maintain muscle mass and stabilization of hemoglobin levels.

Elderly the recommended meat due to the fact that with age, the memory weakens because of vitamin B12 deficiency. This just vitamin present in foods of animal origin. Meat contains collagen, which is designed to slow the aging process. Dietitians recommend to eat chicken breast, because in old age body is weakened and it is not necessary to overload it with heavy food.

Useful properties of poultry: is it possible to live without it

To make meat in your daily diet or not? — this question is everyone has their own answer. In General, to live without meat, by replacing the intake of animal protein other products, that alone is worth?

Meat is a powerful protein charge. And protein is the basis of all functioning systems in the body. Especially useful meat of young animals, as in its content to a small extent discovered hard to digest collagen fibers.

Meat contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, including selenium and zinc. Zinc deficiency threatens sexual dysfunction, deterioration of General health and slow healing of wounds. And selenium is responsible for the normal passage of processes in the antioxidant systems of the body.

The following useful property of meat – prevention of anemia! As a source of iron, meat increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Meat leads to an active brain activity, prevents brittleness of joints and provides the right amount of vitamin D.

The main and perhaps the most significant downside of meat is its heat treatment, which produce carcinogens – substances that cause cancer. And it is proved that people who eat a lot of red meat, with more frequency get cancer of the gastrointestinal tract: large intestine, stomach.

It is therefore necessary to carefully approach the choice of meat. Buy fresh, high quality and ecologically pure meat. Try to take meat from private vendors that have their own farm with their cattle.

What kind of meat is healthier: beef, chicken, pork, fish

Each kind of meat has its advantages and disadvantages. We have to understand what kind of meat is healthier and why?

Unlike other meats, chicken is the most harmless and gentle on the stomach. Limit yourself to eating chicken meat is optional.

Chicken meat is one of the main sources of protein. Chicken contains 22 % protein, beef — 18.4 %, and even less protein in pork is 13.8 %. In it to a greater extent than other types of meat has more unsaturated fatty acids, making it easily absorbed and helps to prevent many heart diseases.

Chicken – great meat diet, normalizing lipid metabolism, blood pressure and sugar levels.

Fat chicken is a few percent higher than the fat content of lean pork. In chemical composition they are virtually identical.

Chicken purchased in the store, often contain antibiotics that are added to food to increase their weight. Therefore, meat should be processed carefully and boil the meat, changing the water.

The use of pork is the contained vitamins (B12, D) and minerals (phosphorus, sulphur, calcium, iodine).

Pork – the leader in content of vitamin B1, is essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system. The use of pork is also in its absorption. Pork is readily absorbed and digested by the stomach, which has a positive effect on the digestive system.

The presence of selenium in pork regenerates damaged cells, promotes renewal and growth of normal cells, protects against heart disease and maintains good vision.

Pork reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the body and favorably affects the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.

The beef is notable for high content of vitamins and minerals:

• A

• B6, B12

• Iron

• Copper

• Cobalt

• Magnesium

• Sodium

• Potassium

• Zinc

• Phosphorus

In beef the highest iron content. What is iron? Iron – an element necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin, which delivers oxygen to the body cells. The advantage of beef – iron is in it in an accessible form and is absorbed.

Beef – champion on the content of zinc which is essential for the normal functioning of the prostate gland in men.

Beef cooked helps the body to recover from colds and infectious diseases.

Beef contains a small amount of fat and is considered a lean meat. This quality makes it ideal for dieters and diabetics.

Minimum cholesterol content in white meat chicken is second only to the fish, which is often referred to as product that can replace meat. Fish protein is an excellent building material for fabrics. Not inferior to the fish and the amount of useful minerals and vitamins.

The question «what meat is better?» has no clear answer. The best solution is to combine different types of meat with fish. But do not overload the body and several times a week to do fasting days, eating very light food, fruits and vegetables.

Each kind of meat has its pros, so choose the meat that is useful for you.

Meat for children: helpful or harmful

The presence of meat in the diet of children, according to most doctors, is necessary. The functioning and development of the organism is impossible without protein, amino acids and collagen – substances that are so rich meat. A number of amino acids contained in meat, are necessary for proper development and growth of children. If you decide not to eat meat, it is necessary to find alternative ways of intake of animal protein. Otherwise, provided the disorder of the nervous system, anemia and fragility of the muscle tissue.

Pediatricians recommend to start introducing foods meat in the form of the least allergenic of veal or beef, but be sure to achieve a baby of 1 year. This is because the period of active formation of the body falls on the interval from 1 to 2 years.

Please note that meat needs to choose the most diet and low-fat. Best served boiled. Note that the daily demand for meat in children up to three years is 65 g.

Why vegetarians don’t eat meat

There are different opinions about vegetarianism. But for more than 10 % of the world population consciously switched to vegetable life. And this figure tends to increase. Why do people forgo meat? This is for various reasons.

1) Reasons of a moral nature. Vegans protect animals and appeal to not to cause them suffering. Taking care of the animal world, the idea that eating a poor animal that succumbed to torture and death, can not leave indifferent.

2) Economic – vegetarians believe that a plant based diet will significantly save money. The price of meat, in their opinion, overstated, and eat them benefits is not. But often, maintaining a vegetarian diet (buying special vegetarian products) entails a large amount of costs.

3) Religious beliefs (Hinduism, Buddhism).

4) Environmental – vegetarians say that the farming of animals has a negative impact on the environment.

5) Medical reasons – plant food allows you to protect yourself from several diseases. Researchers have shown that among vegetarians 5-10 times less common coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction.

American scientists have proved that the transition to a healthy lifestyle, namely a low-calorie vegetarian diet, completely regress atherosclerotic plaque in the blood vessels without the use of additional drugs. Vegetarians have the hemoglobin is 20% higher than those who are not a supporter of plant food. Vegetarians, leading sports lifestyle, is able to fight cancer cells: a simple change of diet makes the blood so hostile to cancer.

Plant food contains all the essential for the human body substances: proteins, minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

Man sitting on a vegan diet quickly restored. And they appeal to physicians, as a rule, prophylactic, and not with diseases. Vegetarianism is easy, enjoyable, and healthy life, to be happy.

Man — a holistic system. And yet: to be or not to be meat at the dinner table? The answer is this: eat high-quality and properly cooked meat in dosed form.

Listen to your body, choose the type of meat that will help your health the greatest benefit, and be healthy!