Lose weight British?! As does Kate moss?

How to lose weight in Britain, don’t know 75% of the population residing in the United Kingdom. This is the percentage of people in the UK suffer from obesity. «Give the state sugar tax!», – tirelessly shout doctors the British Isles and teasing the government that they forbade producers to add to foods a lot of sugar.

But whether logic, Ali common sense dictates that it is not only in the Sahara. Look at the traditional food of the British. It includes: bacon, pates, sandwiches with mayonnaise, ham, sweet rolls with butter cream, steak, casserole of potatoes and stuffing, pork pies, chips. Can’t the British give up the Sunday lunch, which serves generous portions of roast Turkey, pork with potatoes and puddings. If you consider the above information, it becomes doubly interesting, as it feeds on Kate moss, which is always included in the remaining 25% of thin people in the UK.

Calculated body mass index model

Although moss with 13 years was raised in a single-parent family, as the parents of the future model divorced, Kate’s still lucky, because it involved the mother and not the grandmother. The British firmly believe that many children are fat because their raise grandmothers. Then really good, that the education of the moss rests on the shoulders of mothers, because of the famous British supermodel, actress was never a hint of obesity. But especially incredulous readers can verify this by calculating the body mass index Katherine Ann moss. This requires the weight of the model divided by the squared height.

Calculation: 48:(1,72 × 1,72)=16,22

Such indicators do not say that that about obesity, and underweight. Conclusion – Kate would do well to podnabrat. However, the model is no stranger to condemning the views of people who see her as anorexic, but the moss is very offended when someone categorically and completely baseless (according to her) makes such a diagnose.

Was there a diet?

Many believe that Kate adheres to the following diet:

the first Breakfast: a drink of water and apples, whipped in a blender;

— second Breakfast: an Apple and a tomato sauce (mix with nothing need – ing separately);

— lunch: vegetable soup and vegetable salad, a glass of orange juice;

— snack: an orange, green tea;

dinner: kiwi, squash puree.

Note: this is only one of the most popular diets, which, according to rumors, sits Kate.

Sports and genes

Want to see moss the athlete is constantly repeated as the model is actively involved in sports, denying another truth – that the majority of Britons are too lazy even to walk, preferring physical activity a TV or a computer. But they should think about outdoor activities, since, according to the research, Brits who regularly walk, it is possible to find on the streets annually one pound sterling.

Even the locals laugh, saying that the street they paved with gold. You might think that Kate is also a lot of walking with the aim to enrich or she has the FTO gene in the DNA structure is found once (and it is, according to British scientists, too, as it protects the body from excess fat). But the model says she’s very lazy. How are things going with the genome is not known.

Cigarettes and drugs – curve the path to harmony

Kate has repeatedly said that the secret of its thinness is more to drink (alcohol, coffee), Smoking and eat less. The model believes that eating is very boring, but the moss sure if it will even start to overeat, it is unlikely to recover. Kate is really a fragile girl in its Constitution, with thin arms and small Breasts, which she was always ashamed of it. Thanks to its slightly peculiar appearance of moss rose on the wave of androgyny was a trend of «heroin shock.»

Besides breast-moss admired Calvin Klein and billionaire Richard Caring. The last one even started the production of glasses in the form of left breast model. But Clinton regarded the appearance of moss as promoting anorexia and drug addiction. In justification of the President is possible to say that the model really do drugs, but this is normal for the British, because, as they say in the UK, there are two problems – the bandits and the drugs.

It turns out that the natural data, the lack of interest in food, cigarettes, which moss smokes like a chimney, and are the secrets of harmony. The only diet that Kate tried to follow, was aimed at preparing the body for conception.

In General, moss is behaving like a true Briton, because a large percentage of the population of this state, wanting to lose weight, also start to eat poorly, becoming bad habits, and those that do not want to go to such drastic measures, justified by statistics, genes, and grandmothers.

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