Lipoic acid for weight loss: efficacy and properties. How should used lipoic acid for weight loss

Lipoic acid is a unique natural antioxidant.

It is produced by the body, is also contained in the yeast, beef liver, and green vegetables.

It has been proven that maintaining the body’s balance of a substance promotes weight loss.

Lipoic acid for weight loss is sold in pharmacies as a biological Supplement to the daily diet of the woman.

Lipoic acid for weight loss: advantages

It is interesting that the female body itself produces this substance only before the age of 30 years. Upon reaching this threshold, everything changes, there is a lack of lipoic acid. Often it is for this reason excess weight mainly affects women after 30.

Pharmacies are now, it is easy to purchase the drug, which contains ALA. It can be pills or capsules, sometimes even injection. It should be noted that most of these drugs are medicines intended for the treatment of atherosclerosis and liver diseases.

If a woman decided to buy ALA, you need to specify that it requires a complex to normalize body function and weight loss.

Other benefits of lipoic acid:

1. Removes accumulated waste and toxins.

2. Stimulates the organs of sight and the pancreas.

3. Positive effect on heart health.

4. Maintains normal blood sugar.

5. Rejuvenates the body both inside and out. Improves skin condition.

How does lipoic acid for weight loss

1. Neutralizes free radicals. The substance helps the body remove toxins and waste, improving the human condition. To weight loss it does not. But, cleansing the body of toxins eliminates the problems of functioning of the body, which results in losing pounds.

2. Maintain balance glucose levels. Lipoic acid for weight loss mobilizes the body’s fat deposits women. Excess glucose doesn’t open calories thus weight loss process will be more efficient.

3. Activates metabolic processes. This property is very important when we are talking about the desire to reduce excess weight. Lipoic acid helps to increase energy expenditure, thus reducing hunger. Cellular metabolism is accelerated, resulting in loss of pounds.

Foods that contain lipoic acid for weight loss

Lipoic acid for weight loss not produced by the body in sufficient quantity in order to start the process of breakdown of fats. The deficit needs to be filled with a focus of food and diet on the following products:

• chicken giblets (liver, heart, kidneys);

• fresh spinach and broccoli;

• lean red meats (veal, beef);

• rice boiled;

• white cabbage.

It is important to note that you can not eat chicken giblets in large quantity. In addition to the ALA they contain cholesterol, the excess of which negatively affects the overall condition of the body.

Lipoic acid for weight loss: pharmacy supplements

It has been proven that the food substance contained in a sufficient amount to help the girl to forget about overweight problems. Nutritionists recommend to lipoic acid for weight loss was used as a Supplement.

Despite the fact that ALA can be found in pharmacies in various forms, it is necessary to acquire it capsules. They are better and faster absorbed by the body. To drink it is necessary on an empty stomach. To prevent weight loss is considered to be a sufficient amount of 50 mg per day.

ALK is sold at very low cost – a woman this should not surprise or frighten. Natural antioxidant the composition does not contain additional costly components.

A woman must understand that only with capsules to lose weight effectively will not work. It is recommended to take a balanced diet, preferably exercise. If you can not visit the gym, exercises can be done at home for 10-15 minutes every day.

Side effects capsules

Adaptive response of the female body for the consumption of capsules can be very diverse. Every women it manifests itself differently. Sometimes there are side effects. They are spelled out in the instructions to the drug.

Most often manifest the following side effects:

• headache in the temporal lobe;

• nausea and the gag reflex (especially at night);

• allergies;

• minor violations of the optic nerve.

When observing one of the listed side effects is recommended to temporarily stop slimming capsules ALA.

The main contraindications

Despite the fact that lipoic acid is considered a natural drug for weight normalization prior to its use need to see the main contraindications. From-for imprudence uses of the substance a woman can incur the disease and worsen the overall condition of the body.

Lipoic acid is prohibited in the following situations:

• it is strictly not allowed to drink capsules for weight loss in the lactation period and during pregnancy;

• if you have previously observed an allergic reaction to the components of the composition;

• when gastritis and peptic ulcer disease capsules allowed to drink only after consultation with your doctor;

• diabetes weight loss with lipoic acid is not recommended.

If the fairer sex is one of the situations listed above and wants to get rid of extra pounds, it is best to consult a doctor and find another remedy for weight loss.

Compatibility with other drugs

The contents of the capsules immediately after entering the female body comes out. In that case, if a woman is taking other medicines, you need to ensure that they are compatible with the ALA.

1. Not allowed to drink slimming capsules in conjunction with drugs that contain in its composition of iron and magnesium. Lipoic acid binds metals, so the woman may feel discomfort.

2. When losing weight with capsules on the basis of lipoic acid is recommended to reduce to a minimum the consumption of dairy products as they contain a lot of calcium.

3. The effectiveness of cisplatin reduced if to treat them at the same time with the ALA.

4. With simultaneous use of insulin and lipoic acid greatly enhanced hypoglycemic effect. If a woman wants to get rid of excess weight, it constantly will need to control blood sugar. A particularly important control in the first few days of the diet.

Lipoic acid for weight loss: the opinion of doctors, nutritionists

Lipoic diet is in great demand among the fair sex. This is not surprising because the effect of the capsules noticeable a week later. In addition to weight loss, a woman notices a significant improvement in health.

Specialists the field of medicine and better nutritionists believe that lipoic acid is the right method of correction. Natural antioxidant safe if you strictly follow the instructions.

In addition, nutritionists noted a wide range of positive effects of ALA on the female body.

1. Is effectively getting rid of excess pounds. Fatty tissue disappear forever and the weight does not return.

2. Blocked the possibility of the spread of blood excessive amount of glucose.

3. A woman will not feel strong hunger. Appetite will be blocked for a longer period of time without harm to health.

4. Increases immunity, stimulates the nervous system.

5. From the body toxins and toxins that negatively affect the condition of the intestine.

An interesting fact is that the doctors called lipoic acid «elixir of eternal youth». After numerous clinical tests have proven that the substance delays the DNA damage. Therefore, prevents the aging process at the cellular level.

Lipoic acid for weight loss is one of the best modern tools that can help a woman safely attain a desirable shape, while improving health. ALA affordable and effective – a great result will not keep itself waiting.