Prunes for constipation is one of the most effective tools in the fight against disease. How to use prunes for constipation?

Prunes in its composition contains all the nutrients, which has a favorite of many fruit — plum. Prune is famous not only for its unique aroma and taste. It is a real drug that is used in the treatment of many diseases.

The benefits of prunes

Prunes have almost all the nutrients that are needed by the human body for normal functioning. There are a lot of vitamins and minerals, and also organic acids, pectin, fiber etc.

It fiber plays a huge role in the fight against constipation. Its beneficial properties have been extensively studied after the Chernobyl accident in the hope to obtain a tool that would help to avoid the negative effects of radiation to people living near nuclear power plants.

It was found that fiber binds and removes from the body toxins and harmful substances that accumulate with age lead to serious diseases.

In addition, fiber improves the digestion process, contributes to the good work of the intestine. It is a «lifesaver» for people suffering from constipation, hemorrhoids and other bowel problems.

But back to prunes. Product because it contained substances that are so useful that it can replace costly, has side effects drugs from constipation.

Benefits of prunes for constipation

1. Prunes are extremely delicious. It retains all the nutrients contained in the sink.

2. Cellulose — the main advantage of the product. This will eliminate the violation of the bowel movement.

3. Another plus prunes — normalization of the entire gastrointestinal tract. Dried fruit has a beneficial effect on the metabolism, helps to get rid of excess weight.

4. Unlike drugs prunes easy to carry. When used correctly does not cause rumbling, abdominal pain. Acts gently and carefully. After all, it is 100% natural product!

5. In addition to combating constipation, it acts a tonic on the entire body.

6. Has almost no contraindications. Recommended for pregnant women, and children. However, you should not use the prunes in large quantities, so as not to trigger a spasm of the stomach, flatulence, diarrhea.

Prunes contains in its composition of oxalic acid, which in some cases may lead to the formation of stones in kidneys and gall bladder. Therefore, it is not recommended to use prunes in diseases of these organs.

Prunes for constipation — simple recipes

1. In the evening pour a glass of warm water, 5 fruits (pre-wash). Steep for healing tool the whole night. And in the morning, immediately after awakening, drink the infusion and eat the prunes. Treatment spend before Breakfast. Clean the intestines thus at least 2 weeks.

2. Prepare fresh yogurt or kefir, which you can do this: boil 3 liters of milk, cool it. Pour the milk product in a clean container and add the 12 tablespoons of the finished yogurt (sour cream).

Put infusion in a warm place for 10 hours. The result is a high quality thick yogurt that you have prepared with your own hands. It is and should be used together with prunes for constipation.

So, combine milk product own cooking with prunes, which must be pre-rinsed and slightly crushed (leaves with a knife). To the mixture add oats. Give the dish a little brew and consume it as Breakfast.

3. Connect the prunes with raisins and figs (100 g). Pre-washed dried grind using the grinder. The end result is a healing mixture to which you add olive oil and a good liquid honey (100 g), the herb Senna (50 g).

Store the pills in the refrigerator and consume it within a week on a teaspoon before morning meal.

Figs — the champion of fiber content. Its use leads to prolonged satiety and getting rid of constipation.

It is not necessary to use the figs for people suffering from pancreatitis, diabetes as well as in acute inflammation of the intestine.

Raisins, which is the dried grape, are less useful. Due to its fibrous structure, it is perfectly cleanses the intestines from various savings.

Olive oil helps dissolve fecal stones and a soft evacuation.

Honeyis known to have antibacterial, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory action. It contains substances that are beneficial to the human body as a whole.

Senna or Senna leaf has long been used in the treatment of constipation. The plant has a strong laxative effect. Thanks to him, the intestine is released from fecal backlogs, and the kidneys from sand and stones.

Senna should be used with caution by pregnant or nursing, people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute form.

4. Another recipe: connect (50 g) components are: prunes, dried apricots, raisins, honey, Senna, vegetable oil.

All fruits pre-wash and chop. Mix thoroughly with a healing blend and take it in as a remedy for constipation evening dessert spoon. In the morning you are guaranteed to be emptied.

5. A mild laxative effect has tea where the main ingredient is prunes. Wash and chop the fruit (leaves them with a knife). In a Cup of dry welding of black tea, throw in some fruit and brew with boiling water as usual. Cover the container with a lid and let it brew.

Then drink the healing tea warm. A mild laxative effect, lower blood pressure, here is the result of regular use of this tool.

6. Soak in warm water prunes (10 pieces). Eat fruits before you go into the arms of Morpheus. The next morning is guaranteed upholstered chair.

7. Oats and prunes perfectly cope with illness. Connect oats (200 g) and dried fruits (5 pieces). All pour boiling water (2 cups). Place a receptacle with a medicinal composition on the stove and boil for half an hour on very low heat.

Then allow the drug to infuse for about 2 hours, then strain. Take medicinal decoction of dried prunes for constipation twice a day a glass.

Oats are widely used as anti-inflammatory agents. It not only improves the digestive tract, but also promotes normalization of metabolism, increase immunity.

Oats are not recommended in heart and renal failure after cholecystectomy.

8. Infusion from constipation. Chop a convenient way for you prunes (100 g). Add to it natural laxative — Senna herb (50 g). All mix well and pour half a liter of boiling water (in a thermos). Insist tool a couple of hours, then use as directed.

9. In addition, prunes for constipation can be used as part of delicious and healthy meals:

• Thoroughly wash with hot water prunes, apricots and feijoa. Chop the ingredients and add to the salad a little olive oil. Eat the dish whenever you sit down at a table.

• Chop the beets (200 g), pine nuts (100g), prunes (pre-washed in hot water). Dress the salad with olive oil and eat during the day.

10. Mix in equal proportions washed and chopped prunes and figs. Add to the mix the coriander (1 teaspoon). Mix everything carefully and take the remedy for constipation, a teaspoon three times a day.

Prunes constipation during pregnancy

As you know, the pregnant woman often suffers from constipation, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. At this time the body is undergoing major restructuring and therefore expectant mothers the majority feel discomfort, nervousness and other «delights» of an interesting situation.

Constipation provoke the delay of harmful substances that, when absorbed by the blood through the intestinal wall, are carried throughout the body and can harm the baby. Also, constipation leads to the formation of cracks, and serious inflammation. Therefore, the retention of the chair — one of the main tasks of the pregnant woman.

Usually, mothers-in such cases, prescribed drugs. But not the fact that these funds are safe for the baby. Prunes for constipation for pregnant women — best solution to the problem.

Recipes for natural medicinal mixtures of plum:

1. Broth. Connect 100 g of washed dried fruit of Hercules flakes, beet (peel and grate). Pour a mixture of water (2 liters) and put on stove, boil for an hour.

Let the drug a little brew to cool, strain it and take before bed 1 glass.

2. Certified part from constipation for pregnant women. Rinse and chop through meat grinder (blender) prunes, dried apricots, raisins (100 g). Add to the mix quality honey (2 teaspoons). Take the remedy every night (some healers advise to use the composition at 18.00) a pair of teaspoons.

Tip: start with 1 teaspoon. Someone and this amount would be enough, and some will need 1 tablespoon.

Although Senna is not recommended for pregnant women, it greatly increases the efficiency of this tool. There are many cases when Senna (within reasonable limits) used in the composition for pregnant and there has been no recurrence.

The tool is based on prunes so effective that you can, by using it, for the whole period of pregnancy to forget about the constipation. It eliminates the bloating, discomfort in the intestinal tract, promotes gentle evacuation. Besides, the woman is not suffering from nervousness, anxiety, irritation — constant companion stool problems in pregnant women.

3. After the process of bowel movement will improve, as a preventive measure, you can eat several pieces of prunes, and drink brewed from it compote, which is prepared quite simple:

Pour hot water a Cup of prunes. Leave it for a while. Then, in enamel container pour the sugar (about ¼ Cup) and pour water (1 liter). Add the washed prunes and put the saucepan on the stove. Cook like a regular juice, which, after cooking, it is necessary to cool, strain and drink throughout the day.

This drink can be given to young children suffering from constipation. 1 tablespoon of tincture several times a day — the recommended dose of this means for kids.

How to choose a plum — useful tips

In order to tasty and healthy cure for constipation has helped to get rid of the problem, you need to know about how to choose the right prune.

1. Beware to buy the fruit unnaturally black. This prunes treated with glycerol, and before use it must be washed thoroughly.

2. Buy sweet fruits and slightly sour. In this prunes a lot of vitamin C.

3. It is not recommended to choose a product brown. Most likely, it was processed by boiling water and does not have those nutrients, for which so appreciated.

4. Best prunes — the one which made with your own hands. It is dried in a natural way, using the ripest fruit. And always with bone.

Usually experiencing difficulties with bowel movements, many people are trying to solve the problem quickly with the help of drugs. However, you first need to understand the causes of constipation by reviewing your lifestyle and diet.

Excessive consumption of refined foods, inadequate amount of fluid in the body, a sedentary lifestyle is the most common cause of the problem. To resolve it, in the absence of serious pathologies.

Prunes in addition to correct nutrition and lifestyle is really the most effective remedy for constipation.