Kombucha: helpful or harmful? Can I have a drink of Kombucha without harm for health?

Drink or brew Kombucha is one of the most delicious childhood memories.

But a refreshing drink with a pleasant acidity, like regular green tea is not only delicious replacement for soda.

Kombucha can do more: health strengthening, and many ailments to relieve.

Kombucha: composition, caloric value, as used

What is Kombucha? And mushroom is it? Indeed, similar to jellyfish disc – creature-symbiont. It is a community of yeast and acetic acid wands, that is a combination of the signs of fungus and algae.

Tasty beverage produced from the infusion of strong tea, the composition includes the following components:

• natural organic acids (acetic, malic, citric, oxalic, grapes, dairy);

• lipids (fatty acids, stearine, fosfatidy);

• tannins (tannins);

• the body needs enzymes (lipase, amylase, carbohydrase, catalase);

• many vitamins (b, PP, D, C);

• chlorophyll;

• monosaccharides;

• caffeine;

• ethyl alcohol;

• natural antibiotic – medusin.

The result is a true refreshing cocktail, which explains the benefits of Kombucha to human health. Its composition scientists call a balanced and argue that if simultaneously with the medication to drink of this brew, it can be cured much faster.

Kombucha placed in nutrient broth of sweetened black tea, yeast initiates fermentation. Different carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol, and then acetic acid stops the fermentation. The resulting drink is valuable because, compared to the usual bread kvass contains Koivu and gluconic acid.

Brewed Kombucha in a special solution of sugar water (per liter, exactly one hundred grams of sugar) and brewed black tea (per gallon of water three teaspoons). Both the liquid to drain into trehlitrovoy, lower back washed with cool water mushroom, close to the neck gauze or woven cloth (in any case not the lid) and clean in a quiet dark place. The average drink is infused for five days, plus or minus a day for summer and winter.

Sometimes the fungus insist on green tea, but it changes the properties of the drink. There are differences regarding the use of the tea brew. According to the General scheme of the reception, the drink should be taken twice per day before meals. However, some nutritionists insist on another diagram prima: two hours after a vegetable or cereal meal and four hours after meat.

But to exceed is not recommended. The body enough two glasses of the drink per day. Otherwise benefit from Kombucha, can not be seen, but health problems are guaranteed.

Calorie beverage of Kombucha – a total of 7 kcal per one hundred grams. Therefore, despite the presence of sugar, drink this brew not only for quenching thirst or rehabilitation, but also for weight loss.

Kombucha: what is good for the body?

What is the use of Kombucha for the body? The most important is the presence of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components. This means that the drink can help in the treatment of a number of complex inflammatory diseases. Especially good Kombucha to get rid of the problems of the ventricle and intestines. It destroys E. coli, pathogenic bacteria, regulates the bowels, improves digestion, eliminates bad breath caused by stomach problems.

The beneficial properties of Kombucha allow it to be used for the treatment of diseases of the gall bladder, liver, infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. So, the drink can be used as additional funds in case of cholecystitis, enterocolitis, enteritis, dysentery.

Use Kombucha for health is so big that drink from it are shown in the following diseases:

• the common cold;

• chronic rhinitis (nasal irritation);

• acute and chronic tonsillitis;

• angina (any kind, rinse);

• hypertension;

• sores (gargle);

• conjunctivitis;

• atherosclerosis;

• scarlet fever.

Regular intake of the drink and a half or two months helps to reduce the cholesterol levels and blood pressure, headaches, normalize sleep. Infusion helps to cure many skin diseases, including purulent wounds, frostbite, burns. Proven effectiveness and use Kombucha in the treatment of tuberculosis.

Indispensable use Kombucha for the health of older people. The drink improves overall health, relieves constipation, boosts energy, strengthens the nervous system. It can be used for the prevention and treatment of SARS, influenza, ear, nose and throat diseases.

Kombucha: what’s the harm?

Use Kombucha allows many people to use it recovery. Many, but not all. In some cases, unfortunately, have to refuse the drink. Damage Kombucha will be much greater than the benefits. So, the mushroom brew is contraindicated in the presence of the following diagnoses:

• gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;

• increased acidity of the stomach;

• fungal diseases;

• diabetes;

• diseases of the pancreas;

• gout;

• hypotension.

Be very careful to treat the body’s response to drink associated with diarrhea and increased flatulence. The harm of Kombucha can vary. It is not necessary to rejoice, if the reception of a tea brew called relief that lasts for two-three days. On the contrary, it is reason to be suspicious.

Is not cleansing the body, and some pathogenic process, most likely associated with the intolerance to the components of infusion or with infringement of technology of cooking. You need to start reducing the dose. If symptoms have not stopped, you should refuse to accept Kombucha – harm can be substantial, up to hospitalization. Possible dysbiosis, intestinal infection.

To grow candy mushroom benefits the body is possible only in a glass container. Violation of this requirement is fraught with poisoning. No metal utensils of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, no enamelware, especially chipped. You can get severe poisoning with salts of metals.

You need to carefully refers to the content of the fungus. It should be regularly flushedto ensure the access of oxygen into the bottle, where the symbiont lives, be sure to cover the hole from dirt, flies.

If you have an Allergy to the infusion of Kombucha, the benefits of it can be immediately forgotten. The appearance of hives, you should immediately stop taking the brew.

For pregnant and nursing mothers: the harm and the benefit of Kombucha

Many questions arise to the drink pregnant women. On the one hand, it is certainly good. But kvass hurt fetal development? Yet, despite the beneficial properties of Kombucha, the beverage contains alcohol.

On this account there is no consensus. Recommended by someone at the time of pregnancy to refuse a drink, because the harm Kombucha might be real. However, if a pregnant woman drank the beverage for a long time and the pregnancy on a background of reception; if the brew does not cause intoxication and unpleasant physiological reactions; if he has no allergies, then stop to drink the infusion of no reason.

Moreover, rich in vitamins (especially b vitamins), healthy substances strengthen power, enhance immunity, protects against colds. In addition, a sour refreshing taste of Kombucha can help with morning sickness, relieve nausea. In this case, the benefits of Kombucha for pregnant woman’s body is real.

But the lactation makes sense to limit yourself to drinking it. Of course, the beneficial properties of Kombucha are not going anywhere, and for women nursing mothers drink can be very useful. But whether it is as useful for baby.

The fact that during the first months of life the formation of the immune system, is the colonization of the intestine with beneficial microorganisms. During this period any gastronomic excess mother can affect the baby’s health. Makes sense, keeping in mind about the benefits of Kombucha for health, for two or three months to stop taking the tea infusion.

You can then gradually re-start the intake of tea, closely tracking the reaction to the sound. If anything negative did not happen, you may safely drink a glass or two Kombucha benefit the body.

Kombucha for children: helpful or harmful

Kombucha is beneficial for child’s organism is a fact. Moreover, such a drink made from clean water, the right technology, is much tastier and a thousand times more useful for kids and teenagers than store-bought juices or sodas. Moreover, the calorie content of the drink Kombucha allows you not to worry about weight gain. But many kids whose parents are stuffed with overly sweet beverages industrial exposed to unhealthy corpulence.

Start gradually to enter into the diet of mushroom kvass can already to old. At the age of three a child can have a desire one or two glass of homemade drink.

Kids often suffer from stomatitis, and here the beneficial properties of Kombucha to use with great success. If the baby will be using every hour to rinse with infusion of the oral cavity, sores will quickly. Burns, which are also very rare in childhood, it is possible to overlay the body of the fungus on the affected area. This treatment will leave the skin even a trace of the burn.

Kombucha: harm or benefit for losing weight?

A useful property of Kombucha is its ability to affect weight reduction. Some truth in this. The fact that very often the reason for completeness is a violation of the digestive process, preventing the normal absorption of nutrients. Therefore, normalization of digestion, getting rid of putrefactive processes in the gut can really be a real help for weight loss.

Of course, despite negligible caloric content of the drink Kombucha, hope to lose weight only with it is absurd. It is necessary to apply a complex of measures, one of which can be a regular intake of health-promoting brew to calm and stimulate digestion. If you review your diet, keep a little life activities, reduce the intake of sugar, lose weight really can.

Do not be afraid and to reduce the rate of weight loss due to the sugar content in the drink. For the most part, all the sugar is consumed for nutrition of the fungus-symbiont, and the drink itself contains many substances that stimulate the metabolic processes in the body. And, as we know, a direct path to weight loss.

Use Kombucha for the body is very large. In the absence of contraindications to diversify your diet with wholesome, delicious drink is not only enjoyable, but also very wise.