Kim Protasov diet — a detailed description. Reviews about the Japanese diet and sample recipes.

Kim Protasov diet — description and General principles

The word «diet» can be depressive, but not the Japanese diet! His sensible advice he gives in a light humorous style, and very different from diet tips to eat for Breakfast a piece of lettuce, and for dinner half the eggs. Indeed, the «thin cow yet not Gazelle». The author offers a lively and fun «not to make a cult out of food,» and to use his experience in the ways of eating, and warns against the new-fangled blitz-diets and miracle drugs. This diet long enough, for five weeks, during which the fight against excess weight will be subject to certain rules of diet and routine. The first two weeks can be called a pure lacto-vegetarianism, that’s it in a warm time of year when the garden can be found any vegetables that ripen fresh fruits and enough sun.

Be prepared for the fact that in this time you expect an unprecedented surge of sexual and mental energy. In the subsequent three weeks, the diet becomes more balanced. The body has time to clean up and re-fill the reserves, but at a new, «sophisticated» level. So, the essence of the diet is that we purposefully reduce pounds and inches, while improving sexuality and intelligence, and our money staying in my wallet thanks to the cost effective and affordable menu. In General, you should eat vegetables and more vegetables, plus 5% dairy products. Moreover, the vegetables are allowed in any form, at any time of day and in any amount. You can add only one egg, and even a couple of green apples.

The basic principles of the diet Protasov:

• the diet simple a simple diet, consisting mostly of dairy products and vegetables;

• a fundamental difference from other diet ways to lose weight – the lack of rigid framework that limits the diet, and the availability of opportunities to indulge in the allowed diet foods. This principle in all its glory is realized the statement of the nutritionist «something else to eat to lose weight», giving a great opportunity to eat at any time of day and in any quantity;

• do not deviate in the diet of the diet from the list of permitted products;

• in 5 weeks diet, there are 4 main periods, each of which differs from the previous list of chosen products, some of them may be repeated;

• the Japanese diet needs proper respect. Every day should eat no more than 1200-1500 kcal;

• use the diet of the diet Protasov may not only those people who are struggling with excess weight, but ardent lovers of healthy food, as well as wishing to purify the body.

Significant advantages and minor disadvantages diet Kim Protasov

Positive features of the Japanese diet has a lot. The main ones:

1. The lack of temporal and quantitative framework regarding the adoption of the allowed foods.

2. Green diet is affordable to the wider population, as it does not ration expensive or rare foods.

3. The lack of reference to time. To lose weight or cleanse the body using the diet in any season.

4. Normalization of metabolism. The Japanese diet has a positive effect on the functioning of the pancreas, and improves the activity of most body systems.

5. Though when diet is possible without restrictions, completely eliminates overeating due to the fact that meals full of protein and fiber. They are the most easy.

6. The presence of significant amounts of protein in the menu helps break down fat, but in combination with exercise to build lean muscles.

7. When the diet Protasov does not need to completely eliminate fats, you need only to reduce their number (reduced to zero during the first weeks of the diet). Milk fat present in the food nourishes the body with linoleic acid, which is involved in the process of burning fat layers and the conversion of fats into energy.

8. With a healthy diet normalizes the bowel, even in people suffering from chronic constipation.

9. The diet diet contains necessary and sufficient for the normal functioning of the body vitamins, fiber and minerals.

10. The performance of diet has a long-term preservation.

Now you should be familiar with the possible disadvantages of diet. Rather, they could properly be called a small disadvantages, because their materiality is insignificant:

1. The main disadvantage of the diet Protasov is menu the initial weeks. The body is at first difficult to adapt to the way of eating raw vegetables and dairy products without processing. It should take into account the fact that in the winter time to start such a diet will be much harder than in the summer.

2. Not always easy to find a fermented milk product with a fat content of 5%. If necessary, they can easily be replaced with products of home production.

3. Kim Protasov diet prohibits the consumption of prepared yogurt and cottage cheese with different flavors, fruits and ingredients – the product must be in its pure natural form without sugar.

4. Should not be included in the diet of monotonous food and products. Should be possible to change the menu using a big selection of recipes.

The performance of Kim Protasov diet

Strict compliance with the rules and principles of a health diet produces results in the form of deprivation from 10 to 12 kg weight loss in 5 weeks. If overweight a little, the result will be negligible. The maximum phase of intense weight loss occurs 4-5 weeks of the diet. Such a process suggests that the established metabolism and digestion working properly.

Diet Protasov can be called «smart,» as her diet, the body is not able to lose weight more than allowed by its natural nature. It is optimal to drop the kilograms and the height is 170 cm and weight to 70-75 kg. If, for example, with the growth you weigh 60 kg, you can lose up to 50 kg and less than you will not succeed.

Therefore, the performance of the diet will depend primarily on the availability of excess weight and its quantity.

The basic rules of the diet

The Japanese diet over the years has gained a lot of rules, which are in the form of supplements brought experienced nutritionists to increase the efficiency of the diet:

1. To comply with the diet it is necessary for 30-32 days.

2. To include in the menu all the vegetables, except potatoes, as well as the need to reduce the consumption of beets.

3. As already mentioned, you can eat at any time of the day or night, but consumption of apples is always better to postpone for a morning or afternoon.

4. To the diet was not too sweet, you can include spices. But they don’t necessarily have to contain GMOs, salt and flavour enhancers.

5. Allowed use of salt, strictly in moderation – a maximum of 2-3 g per day.

6. Not to stretch the stomach, you need to eat small or moderate portions 5-6 times a day.

7. Men on this diet need to eat every day was 2100 g of vegetables.

8. You cannot use such methods of cooking vegetables and apples, like boiling, stewing, baking. The latter method can be used to create cheese casserole, and allowed to cook cheese.

A useful recommendation

Sometimes to gain the daily rate of vegetables in the range of 1200 g can be difficult. A good solution in this situation would be to smoothie making. In the form of a drink, and 400 g of vegetables is pretty easy to eat at a time. But don’t get too carried away in this way, feeding on liquid food, because the essence of the diet lies in the acceleration of metabolism due to dietary fiber.

How it works

This menu limits the intake of carbohydrates, and organic milk and eggs provide proteins and calcium, therefore the alteration of an organism does not threaten the nails brittle, and hair dry, as for example, when the protein diet. Calm eat in the morning afternoon and evening, but not high-calorie meat, pastries and bread. The author of the diet claims that by the end of the first, most difficult stage, the appetite is normalized and the desire to eat high-calorie foods disappear completely. Some do not even want to eat a single egg, without which in the beginning was tight. The end of the second week will be marked by an extraordinary lightness throughout the body and mind. Lightweight fat and lean body will be able to live energetic actions. But you are required to add to vegetable menu 300 grams of grilled meat or fish. Cheese and yogurt can be reduced. After three weeks from starting the diet, foreshadowed the slow melting of the body on the eyes, the most intense weight loss occurs in the last two weeks.

It is imperative to note that after the diet is weaned, the body will not be able immediately to move, for example, dumplings or fried potatoes, as well as any fatty foods, so you need to give enough attention to diet. It’s quite easy diet will be useful all just to clean your body. Tolerated it much easier than many other diets.

Kim Protasov diet — what foods can be consumed

On the first and second week of dieting is a preference for cheese vegetables, all kinds of cheese 5% fat, yoghurts, cheese, fruit, you can eat three green apples. Coffee tea without sugar of course, plus plenty of water — drink it at least 1, 5 liters, you can bring the volume to 2 liters. At any time of the day, until complete saturation of the organism, but that is all. Anything more cannot be added.

On the third, fourth and fifth week, add a piece of meat, cooked steamed or fried, while the consumption of cheese and yogurt have to shorten.

Kim Protasov diet — what foods should not be consumed

Will have to give up any foods that contain even a drop of fat. Surely the reason was to avoid meat, although the fish oil opinions are divided. Some nutritionists say that fish oil does not increase weight, but according to the rules of this diet, we need to give up fish. Forget for a few weeks on the rolls, cookies and cakes — that is, of any confectionery and also sugar, bread, cereals, pasta and potatoes. And, of course, for 5 weeks solid «No!» to alcohol.

Kim Protasov diet — sample menus

In the first weeks of life without meat, vegetable oil and any other fat can strain with monotony. She did not seem quite so sad, try to create yourself a little variety of salads. Since especially the first time the oil is unavailable, use for filling a lot of greens, lemon juice or vinegar. Another option is low fat yogurt.

Salad «Fresh»

Ingredients: tomatoes (3 PCs), cucumber, radish, onion, pepper. For the filling: finely chopped greens with vinegar and salt. Chop finely tomatoes, onion and cucumber, radish RUB on a coarse grater. Dressed with finely chopped herbs, pounded with salt and sprinkle with vinegar. If the salad seems very «poor», you can add here and necessary «daily» egg.

Salad with Brussels sprouts

Ingredients: Brussels sprouts(300 grams), carrots (1 PC), green peas (50 g), yogurt, salt, herbs, spices.

Cut shredded Brussels sprouts, carrots grate on a coarse grater, mix with green peas and add salt and spices. Pour yogurt – get one of the variants of the European lunch.

Salad of canned corn

Ingredients: carrots (2-3 medium size pieces), garlic (2-3 slice), sweet corn (1 can), lettuce, lemon juice, ground pepper and a little fresh ginger root.

Garlic passed through the frog placed in a jar with lid along with lemon juice, salt and pepper and mix well. You can even shake the jar. Carrots grate, mix with the resulting mixture and add corn. At the bottom of the salad bowl put lettuce, top received carrot-corn mixture, sprinkle with chopped ginger and serve. This salad should not be abused sweet corn during the diet you can eat very rarely, but just once or two to pamper yourself.

Radish salad with cucumbers

Ingredients: large radish, cucumbers (2 PCs), yogurt, lemon juice, green onions, dill.

Radish rubbed on a grater, mixed with chopped cucumbers and seasoned with lemon juice with yogurt or yogurt. Add green onions and dill. Real Russian food, our ancestors respected this simple salad.

Appetizer cheese on the tomato

Ingredients: cheese (5 %, 250 grams), garlic, lemon juice, parsley, yogurt(1 tablespoon).

Mix the cheese, herbs, lemon juice, garlic. You can add a little yogurt. Spread a little of the mix into mugs of tomatoes – looks delicious.

Appetizer of egg pancake with vegetables

Ingredients: yogurt («Asset»), tomatoes ( 2 PCs), pepper (2 pieces), melted cheese.

Whisk the egg and milk, fry in a pan with non-stick coating or with a drop of vegetable oil. Cool and cut into squares. Cut the tomatoes, peppers and garlic, dressed with «Assets», mixed with omnetica and cheese. This dish is much better fed salads, but eat it only once a day, salads are available in unlimited quantities.

Salad «Sea»

Ingredients: tomatoes, peppers, yoghurt, onions, canned fish in oil (drain the fat), egg, parsley.

This layered salad is absolutely not be called a diet, it’s filling and delicious. Cook it will layers, lubricating the ingredients with yogurt and decorating with greens. So, tomato, pepper, onion, mashed green peas, egg yolk, parsley. Eat and lose weight.

Baked chicken

It is possible to use the recipe «chicken salt» and bake it whole in a roasting pan vysypat kg of salt. Inside put a few slices of lemon for an hour in the oven.

Kim Protasov diet — tips and reviews

As is known, the starch contained in potatoes and cereals has a shielding effect. Thus, in the average diet the food can damage the stomach wall and the digestive tract. The lack of starchy foods and plenty of vegetables in the menu is useful not to all. The contraindications to many diets, and in particular to the diet Protasov, are such diseases:

— peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum;

— chronic gastritis;

esophagitis, duodenitis.

Besides, great attention should be paid to diet. This is a complex process of adaptation during which it is gradually replaced by some foods in the diet is introduced with vegetable oil, nuts, olives. At first you will have to do simple arithmetic and counting fats — no more than 30-35 grams a day. Including dairy products, meat, cooking oil and so on. Even in the egg yolk contains 4-5 g. fat.

Now you can diversify the diet of fruit – instead of three apples choose other fruits, of course, not dried and not too sweet as some mango. For Breakfast instead of vegetables now it is possible to cook porridge, add low-fat cottage cheese and vegetable salad. Dairy products model optional chicken or other meat not fat. These changes should be introduced gradually. After this diet the body is completely ready to normal operation without overeating and abuse, so if you can keep the weight depends on you.

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