Japanese diet for 13 days: how to lose weight and not whether it is dangerous. Rules of the Japanese diet 13 days menu and exit

The Eastern wonder of the Japanese diet for 13 days was no accident.

That’s how much time will it take to to get at least between five and eight kilograms of excess weight and get into jeans or a dress size smaller.

13-day meal plan popular among the most stubborn girls, which are aimed at getting results quickly and at any cost.

The General principles of the Japanese diet 13 days

Another name for this variant of the diet is salt-free Japanese. Indeed, the restriction of salt in this meal plan is one of the most important principles. This achieves rapid weight loss, because excess fluid from the body is derived within the first day.

That is why the danger of the Japanese diet 13 days that the body is seriously dehydrated. This means that drinking litres of water have not metaphorically, but literally. At least two liters of water is a necessity, thanks to which by the end of the scheme, the hair will remain shiny and the skin supple and pink. Water should be drinking exclusively, no flavors, colors, sugars and sweeteners. You can drink mineral water, but not the entire volume and only without gas.

The meaning of abundant water intake not only to prevent dehydration, but also so as not to destroy the kidneys. The emphasis in the diet is the protein food and waste products of protein we need to excrete through the urinary system including.

Diet restrictions significant. Before you decide on a Japanese diet for 13 days, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Of course, to stop the diet at any time, just whether it’s good for the body? Any diet stress, and incorrectly completed – stress in doubly.

Among the main principles of the Japanese diet for 13 days the following:

1. rejection of salt;

2. complete elimination of alcohol;

3. the refusal of sugar;

4. the exclusion of food containing white flour.

Almost two weeks have to abandon the usual diet and do to switch the body to burning fat stores. It is believed that due to the «Japanese» the fat starts to leave the sides, waist, thighs, calves, face and neck. Metabolism reconstructed, reduced carbohydrate addiction, that is, restored carbohydrate metabolism, without which it is impossible to lose weight.

What is possible and what is impossible in the Japanese diet 13 days

The proposed power circuit consists of a rigid low-carb diet with a strong caloric restriction. It is believed that it is quite safe as a short-term change in diet, since the body will come from protein, a little fat and (limited) carbs. In addition, the high efficiency provides a separate power supply. It relieves gastro-intestinal tract, helps the body to eliminate toxins and cleanse the bowel, good for the metabolism.

What you can eat in the Japanese diet:

• protein foods of animal origin, primarily fish and seafood;

• lean meat, cooked without frying in oil;

• milk and dairy products;

• eggs;

• vegetables on special days, and allowed frying oil of plant origin;

• vegetable oil for consumption in their raw form are interchangeable. It is important that Flaxseed oil and fry anything;

• on certain days you can treat yourself to a rye toast;

• valid from drinks and tea (any) and coffee.

Important: in the Japanese diet can not be replaced are specified in the prescription products for any other (with the exception of vegetable oils, which are used in limited quantities). However, if no salt at all unbearable, can be a bit add some salt food.

There are more than three times a day is impossible. No snacking and liberties, otherwise the promised effect will not be obtained. It is especially important not to eat anything that contains hidden sugar. That’s why you cannot add it to food purchased sauces or take alcohol. In addition, alcohol contributes to the fact that ingested calories are deposited in fat. That is, the effectiveness of the severe restrictions in food is reduced.

You cannot change the order of menu: there is a need to precisely and in such sequence as recommended by the authors of the Japanese diet for 13 days. It is important for at least three days to prepare for launch: there’s less to remove from the diet of bread and sugar, to make smaller portions (to focus on 200 g).

The daily menu of the Japanese diet for 13 days

On the last day before the start of the diet you need to eat less for dinner and make a Cup of boiled rice and as many vegetables raw. Salt can’t be removed, just salt everything less.

For 13 days, it is important not to overeat, focusing on the following amounts of food: solid food – 200 grams one serving drinks – 230 ml (you can take a regular Cup or standard Cup). You can eat almost all fruits except sweet sugar bananas and grapes. Meat, fish, eggs it is best to cook, but if specified in the menu of the day, you can fry.

1 day

• For Breakfast only a Cup of coffee. If there are no beans, you can drink quality coffee. Milk, cream, sugar cannot be added.

• To cook for dinner serving boiled without salt cabbage, which is allowed to add a little oil (a little is a dessert or teaspoon). To the cabbage – two boiled eggs and a Cup of tomato juice or diluted tomato paste (without sugar).

• For dinner, cook a piece of sea or river fish. If boiled fish seems to taste good, you can fry it in a spoon of oil.

Day 2

• For Breakfast to boil a Cup of coffee, add to it a biscuit without sugar, raisins and other additives weighing up to 17

• For lunch, cook a piece of fish and as a garnish to eat boiled cabbage, seasoned with butter.

• For dinner, cook the beef, cool and slice into thin slices and eat. Weight of beef – not more than 100 g. to wash it all down with a glass of kefir.

Day 3

• Dry piece of black bread (the weight of the finished crackers – not more than 20 grams), eat it with coffee for Breakfast.

• For lunch, take a fresh zucchini or eggplant, cut them into thin slices and fry in butter in a frying pan or on the grill. The amount of fried vegetables is not limited – you can eat as much as you want.

• For dinner to cook cuts of 200 g boiled lean meat (beef), boil two eggs and make a light salad from fresh cabbage. Top the salad you can spoon linseed or fragrant sunflower oil.

Day 4

• To grate fresh carrots, fill a dessert spoon fresh lemon juice and eat it for Breakfast. You can drink coffee or tea of their choice.

• For lunch, cook the fish or fry it in butter. Drink a glass of tomato juice (without sugar) or diluted dense natural tomato paste and make the juice yourself.

• For dinner, eat 200 grams of any allowed fruits: apples, pears, peaches, quinces, oranges, sweetie, pomelo, pineapple. Mix different fruits impossible.

Day 5

• Repeat the sequence and menu Thursday, without changing anything (with the exception of fruit – you can eat another fruit).

Day 6

• Start the day with a Cup of black coffee without sugar, cream, milk and crackers.

• For lunch eat ½ kg of boiled chicken without skin. As a side dish to take half grated carrots and 150 g of fresh cabbage. Salad can fill with oil.

• For dinner, grate the carrots and cook two eggs.

Day 7

• Instead of coffee to drink at Breakfast a green tea. If you want flavored, it is possible, but sugar in any case, banned.

• Lunch is allowed to eat a portion of boiled beef.

• Dinner will be allowed a choice: boiled beef with spices, but without salt; two eggs and a fresh salad of shredded carrots, boiled fish (also with spices), fruit in the permitted quantity. To wash down dinner with a yogurt.

Day 8

• Black grain and coffee for Breakfast – a Cup.

• For lunch, boiled chicken (half a kilo), carrot-cabbage salad with oil dressing.

• For dinner, finely grated carrot and two boiled eggs. In the carrot you can add oil.

Day 9

• Breakfast salad of finely shredded carrots, sprinkle with lemon juice. Tea or coffee on request.

• For lunch a serving of boiled or roasted fish, plus a glass of fresh tomato juice without salt.

• Dinner will be fruit in the permitted quantity.

Day 10

• Traditional empty Cup of coffee for Breakfast.

• For lunch a big salad of three finely grated carrots, seasoned with butter to taste, a 50-gram piece of lightweight semi-hard cheese varieties and one chicken egg.

• Dinner will be fruits to your taste (not to exceed the amount of permitted dose).

Day 11

• A piece of black bread with a Cup of unsweetened espresso for Breakfast.

• Lunch zucchini or eggplant, fried in oil, in unlimited quantities.

• Dinner salad with two chopped eggs, finely shredded raw cabbage and oil refills, a slice of boiled beef.

Day 12

• A Cup of traditional espresso with a slice of bread (25 grams) or crouton of rye bread.

• For lunch, boil or roast batch of any fish to cook fresh Kale salad, sprinkle it with oil.

• For dinner eat boiled beef (100 g) and to drink 250 ml of kefir.

Day 13

• A Cup of unsweetened black coffee for Breakfast.

• For lunch two boiled eggs, cabbage salad with oil dressing, a glass of juice from tomato paste.

• For dinner, to fry or cook the fish under 200 grams. Tea black or green.

In the morning 14 day diet is completed. But that doesn’t mean you can gang up on white bread with sausage and fried bacon and eggs. It is important to get out of the diet. Correctly is with max, and most importantly, long-term consolidation of results and no harm to stomach.

Important details

On the way out of any diet it is important to remember the cardinal rule: how long was the diet, the same shall last for a period out of it. This means that for at least 13 days you will have to follow some rules in eating behavior:

• right to include in the diet all banned products can not. The scheme is this: one day – one product;

• eat fractional, i.e. 5-6 times a day in small portions not more than 300 g;

• continue to drink water;

• do not eat sugar. Instead, it can be a bit of dried fruit or a slice of dark bitter chocolate.

Repeat diet can be no earlier than six months, to forget about stress. Otherwise, you may develop metabolic disorders, and weight loss becomes problematic. You can save the results for at least a year and a half, especially if you do sports or at least give yourself regular fiznagruzki.