Japanese diet for 7 days: principles and benefits. The menu for the Japanese diet for 7 days: how to choose the right products

Problems with excessive weight bother many people, but not Japanese. To quickly and effectively lose weight, you can use the Japanese diet for 7 days, which will allow you to get rid of a few unwanted pounds and help you develop the right eating habits.

The General principles of the Japanese diet for 7 days, its nature and requirements

The essence of the Japanese diet for 7 days or 2 weeks is the rejection of carbohydrates and diet fiber and protein food.

The lack of sources of energy – fats and carbohydrates causes the body to extract power from the internal fat reserves. The main constraints in the Japanese diet – a rejection of fat, flour, sugary foods and salt.

The last product can be ingested only through the products, that is, in kind – eggs, vegetables, fish, meat. With proper diet you can not only preserve the results achieved, but also to improve them.

According to the principle Japanese food is allowed to use such products:

• coffee natural varieties;

• green tea;

• vegetables and fruit (do not eat bananas, grapes);

• the lean and fish species;

• eggs;

• natural tomato juice;

• lemons;

• yogurt with a minimum percentage of fat and cheese;

• vegetable oil.

Not to expose your body to stress and sudden changes in the usual diet, it is advisable to start a diet too right. Pre-five days you have to follow these recommendations:

• drink more water – not tea, coffee or juices, namely, clean water 1.5 to 2 liters;

• try not to salt food at all, or to gradually reduce the amount of salt;

• eliminate meat from the diet;

• not to use the purchase prepared foods, smoked and pickled food, as all will be present salt;

• to refuse from sweets and alcoholic beverages;

• try to spend the day on yogurt or unloading on apples;

• eat more vegetables, the priority of dish to make unpolished boiled rice.

For a clearer understanding of the essence of the work of the Japanese diet:

1. Weight goes through the worked-out routine and strict schedule of meals, snacks when dieting invalid.

2. A day are allowed to eat a certain number of calories no more than 1100 in some cases and 600.

3. Start the catabolic processes in the body due to lack of incoming energy.

4. A significant amount of protein in the diet will not allow the body to lose muscle mass.

5. To digest protein the body does not require a lot of energy that have a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body.

6. The decrease in body mass occurs mainly through reduced amounts of carbohydrates in the diet, which often is converted into fat accumulation.

General nutrition guidelines:

1. Strict adherence to the sequence – the purpose of the Japanese diet is not only about ridding your body from a few extra pounds, but also in maintaining the achieved results for a long period. Therefore, we must stick to the diet and not to change the sequence in the menu.

2. The diet is not allowed to seek alternative options to the proposed list of products. The exception is spinach – it can substitute for cabbage. Tomato juice and tomatoes also can come to replace each other.

3. Sugar should be excluded from food. Therefore taboo applies to honey, baking, desserts, sweets and pastry dishes.

4. With the exception of salt you can get rid of excess fluid in the body – can take up to 30% of their excess weight.

5. Do not forget to drink water – daily amount of 1.5-2 liters.

6. You can not sit on this diet longer than 14 days. The second option is a strict diet requires the development of a slightly different menu.

Selection of diet to the Japanese diet for 7 days

Japanese food does not tolerate deviations from the established regime and disregard for the rules. The same applies to the diet, which you want to blindly follow in each of the 7 days, without changing it all in their own way. Example menu:

1. – the morning of the first day begins modestly with a Cup of black coffee without sweeteners, milk or cream. The day allowed to eat two boiled eggs, salad of boiled cabbage as a drink should choose tomato juice 1 Cup. For the evening to cook lean fish up to 250 g.

2. – on the second day the same Breakfast, but with a bit of sugar crackers. Lunch – steamed Kale as a side dish to boiled fish. The third meal includes 1 glass of kefir 1% and 200 g of boiled beef.

3. – Breakfast on the third day repeat, as in the first, for lunch vegetables – fried zucchini, for dinner is macaroni salad from eggs, beef and cabbage with vinegar dressing.

4. – repeated Breakfast Tuesday, for lunch a large bowl of finely grated carrots and a small piece of cheese and an egg raw. Dinner will be easy – 2 medium-sized apples or 1 large.

5. – on the fifth day change the scheme Breakfast – cook grated carrots with a small amount of oil and lemon juice. For lunch produced a glass of tomato drink and cook fish. For dinner again the apples.

6. – basic Breakfast with coffee, lunch: chicken breast boiled, you can eat from 300 grams to a pound, to make coleslaw. Eat it for dinner with two hard boiled eggs.

7. the final day starts with green tea without any additives and sugars in lunch, you need to eat 1 Apple and a piece of boiled beef, and the dinner need to duplicate any of the 5 previous, except the meal on Wednesday.

Thanks to regular and active use of water between meals the body will easily adjust to a new type of food, and generally feel better especially at first.

Important features of the Japanese diet for 7 days: food process

Why you should choose a diet of the rising sun:

• loss of excess weight;

• normalization of metabolic processes in the body;

• the formation of correct eating habits;

• it is relatively easy to set;

• no feelings of hunger;

• durability of the effect.

Important things diet will not be as effective:

1. To drink water, too, need the rules in 30 minutes before meals and 2 hours after it.

2. Cook can be cooking method, roasting without oil, for a couple. The latter option is a priority.

3. You need to define one and the same time in each day for meals.

4. If coffee is not nice or there are contraindications to its use, the beverage you can substitute green tea.

5. If without diet in your life present exercise, it is not necessary to give them up, but the load increase is not worth it. How to get intensive classes simultaneously with the diet also should not be. It is very difficult for the unprepared body, fraught with deterioration of health – the emergence of dizziness, darkening in the eyes. The best option is morning exercise, Hiking, outdoor activities.

6. A limited diet will deprive the body all necessary for normal functioning of the elements, so it is important to stock up on vitamins and taking it during the diet.

Principle power is based on the use of the key foods during the diet:

1. helps to establish the metabolism. The use of the drink in small doses has a good effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It performs the function of an antioxidant in the human body, giving no chance for the existence of free radicals in the cells of the body.

2. low calorie vegetable, 100 grams of which contains up to 30 kcal. On the digestion of fiber so the body spends a tremendous amount of energy. The abundant amount of fiber in the body makes digestion, neutralizes a portion of fat that enter the body, nourishes it with vitamins A, C, B group and trace elements.

3. the source of carotene or vitamin A, is rich in vegetable manganese, cobalt, molybdenum, b vitamins. Carrots help reduce the level of stress, to organize the work of the CNS. Eating vegetables is beneficial to the condition of hair, nails, eyes, skin.

4. Meat – beef and poultry (chicken) – the leaders in protein content with minimal fat. Animal protein nourishes the human body essential amino acids for its operation.

5. the source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are responsible for beauty of hair, skin, improving brain activity.

The downside to any diet is no guarantee that excess weight will not come back again.

It is worth to pay tribute to the strength of will losing weight people, which either manifests itself or not after the diet.

Some do not know the rules of out of it, some are just lazy. But in any case, their previous efforts for a certain period of time could be wasted. To avoid this, to leave it to this:

1. The following 2-3 days do not eat in the evenings and not to enter into the diet of sweet.

2. All foods with high calories need to eat in the morning.

3. You can gradually start eating healthy food or write a similar, but less strict menu.

4. For 1.5-2 weeks after the diet try not to exceed caloric intake to 1800 units.

5. The first month should not eat spicy, starchy and sweet foods. Add some salt dishes, but it is better to choose iodized or sea salt.

By following simple and affordable recommendations each dieters will lose weight quickly and with pleasure.