In Germany, the gaining popularity of healthy fast food

In Germany appeared and become increasingly popular a new direction in nutrition ‒ «healthy fast food».

Cafes and fast food restaurants offer dishes which are cooked with organic products. One of these establishments ‒ birectory Guten Abend in Cologne. There are also two eateries where the menu consists of organic food. Of course, McDonald’s still may not to fear competition from these institutions, but the number of fans of bogambara and Bionicle is growing, and there is no shortage of visitors.

First in Cologne there was a cafe Pick-a-pea, where for the preparation of dishes using only certified organic products purchased from local farmers. Cafe is preparing for buffets and bistro seven bioseparation, said Catherine Kentenich, the owner of the cafe.

Compared to McDonald’s prices are higher, but also acceptable. Burgers are no more than 4,40 EUR, salad and soup to 5.50 euros, and the main dish bionical, as a side dish which is served French fries, will cost you 5,90 euros.

Bogambara can be enjoyed in the café Freddy Schilling. Order ready within 15 minutes in front of visitors. Everything is fresh, without preservatives and flavorings. The burgers are not only unusual taste but also bright names ‒ Auntie Titian, Asparagus Tarzan. But the main thing ‒ not in the names, and in products where there are no antibiotics and pesticides. Buns are baked by a special recipe.