Hollywood diet: how to lose weight overseas beauty? The magic rules effective Hollywood diet

Hollywood diet – one of the variants of low-calorie, low-carb food system. Strict limitation of carbohydrates and fats makes it a very effective would have to starve, but is guaranteed to lose weight. Two weeks can be quite easy to get rid of six, and even nine pounds.

However, how quickly the weight dropped so quickly may come back. To complete the process need to be competent, and then track daily caloric, do not abuse oily and sweet foods.

General nutrition guidelines on the Hollywood diet

The basis of the daily diet on the Hollywood diet are protein products: speckled, poultry, eggs, meat. Allowed green vegetables, fruits with low carb diet: tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, grapefruits, oranges, apples. Diet for active people that once a full Breakfast. Breakfast «Hollywood» as such: either water or a Cup of unsweetened coffee.

Nutritional guidelines are the following:

• the rejection of all fried, fatty, sweet, pickled, salted, canned, and flour and refined;

• with the exception of starchy vegetables and sweet fruits: potatoes, beans, grapes, bananas, mangoes, figs, melons, dates, etc.;

• during the diet you need to completely exclude from the menu of pasta, rice, cereals, chocolate, pastry, store-bought sauces: mayonnaise, ketchup, prepared mustard, bouillon cubes;

• instead of Breakfast – a glass of water (some variants allow unsweetened coffee or half a grapefruit);

• allowed foods are cooked without oil and fat: boil, bake, cook in a double boiler;

• salting the food can not be! This is one of the secrets of the effectiveness of Hollywood with the power circuit;

• portions should be small: no more than 250-300 grams;

• confused days and dinners with dinners;

• water regime – at least 1.5-2 liters of water daily, green tea;

• no alcohol!

The rate of weight loss depends on many factors. Have the value of the starting numbers, the rate of metabolism, age. However, in an average week of food restriction on the Hollywood diet you can lose about seven pounds. And at the same time a little improve the body, reducing the consumption of sugar, alcohol, fat, salt.

Limiting salt is a tricky issue. The fact that unsalted food contributes to the rapid removal of water from the body, whereby the weight drops very quickly. Therefore, a significant portion of the lost on the Hollywood diet pounds is not fat, and excess water. It is also good … swelling, tightened face.

Guaranteed to lose weight will help classes at the gym, home exercises, long walks. If you combine diet with at least minimal physical activity, the results will be much higher. Swimming, yoga, dancing – anything, just move! Metabolism will be accelerated, and will start to burn body fat. Otherwise there is the risk of burning muscle instead of fat.

Hollywood diet menu for a week

Breakfast is offered daily eat two oranges with a Cup of organic coffee. If a strong hunger pursues you hate need. Diet allows in this case to arrange a low-calorie snack: eat an Apple, an orange, two handfuls of berries, one bread or drink half a glass of nonfat yogurt.


• Lunch: a chicken egg (or a couple of quail), large tomato, 40 grams of unsalted and raw almonds, a Cup of espresso.

• Dinner: steam chicken cutlet from meat, salad from one of cucumber and tomato (no oil to fill!), a whole grapefruit.


• Dinner: soft-boiled egg or cool, big grapefruit, coffee.

• Dinner: boiled or steam beef (150 grams), unmade salad of green vegetables, green or black tea.


• Lunch: one egg (you can fry in a nonstick pan without oil or boiled), tomato, light salad of finely shredded Kale (instead of cabbage you can pick color or mix them), coffee.

• Dinner: boiled or baked fish (150 grams), it has a dessert spoonful of ketchup, the average cucumber, tea.


• Lunch: big grapefruit, light salad from cabbage and celery, seasoned with a drop of vinegar and a spoon of natural yoghurt (vinegar optional), tea or water.

• Dinner: hard-boiled egg, 140 grams of cheese is not higher than 2% fat, mixed with a pinch of cumin and chopped bell pepper, easy grated carrot salad, seasoned with a drop of fresh lemon juice. Cottage cheese instead of salad you can cook a delicious hot dish: stuff the pepper with cheese and bake in the foil.


• Dinner: boiled whites of two eggs, chopped one hundred grams of parsley or the same amount of boiled spinach, tea or coffee to choose from.

• Dinner: two hundred grams of boiled chicken, with garnish of lettuce.


• Lunch: a delicious fruit salad of orange, Apple, half a grapefruit and handful of raw nuts.

• Dinner: a piece of boiled fish low-fat varieties (not more than 200 grams), 60 grams of stewed mushrooms in water, unsweetened tea or coffee.


• Lunch: one hundred grams of low fat cottage cheese, one egg, a Cup of vegetable broth with a clove of garlic.

• Dinner: fruit salad, a glass of kefir.

If after a week of strict diet have a desire to continue weight loss, you can try Hollywood diet from the first to the seventh day. It is important to remember that some vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce) you can eat without any restrictions to full saturation. A trifle, but nice!

In addition to coffee, tea and yogurt you can drink herbal teas, rosehips, mineral water, fresh juices, broths berry without sugar.

Hollywood diet: the Express option

Gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor is credited with creating the Express version of the Hollywood diet. Say that the diva managed to lose three to six pounds overweight.

This variant of the Hollywood diet more succinct: every day during the week have to have one and the same. Unlike the classical variant is that each day begins with Breakfast. This diet is more suitable for those who are accustomed to lunch and barely tolerate the forced starvation.

Breakfast: 150 grams of fruit (except grapes and bananas), orange.

Lunch: boiled chicken (150 grams), a light salad of greens and tomatoes, no Mayo.

Dinner: boiled meat (beef or veal) with a slice of whole grain (at least bran or brown bread).

How to get out of the Hollywood diet

The main problem of a strict diet – the wrong way out of them. Many girls who have proudly coped with a two-week marathon in the coming months gaining the lost kilos. And all because he jumped on fatty and sugary foods, rewarding themselves at the time of the forced starvation of carbohydrate. Is it any wonder that to fix the weight can not please everyone.

To maintain a result, and maybe to continue losing weight, you need for seven or 14 days (as long as lasted diet) to continue to restrict your diet, introducing forbidden foods gradually and adhering to the system of proper nutrition.

You should start with your morning cereal. A Cup of steamed water to the oatmeal with a half of an Apple is a great start to the day. Gradually, the Hercules can be replaced with buckwheat, rice, wheat kurpa. Tea can fry the bread in the toaster, but only rye or whole wheat flour. Lunch gradually start with the soup – meat, mushroom or vegetable. Don’t limit yourself to non-starchy vegetables: bake, simmer with a spoonful of oil or even water.

On the third day of the Hollywood diet, you can cook your own Breakfast or dinner a toast from rye or bran bread with a slice of cheese. To spend the whole day in any fermented milk product or a Cup of cottage cheese with fruit. Protein dinner with salad greens don’t need to do more satisfying. Fish or baked meat, lettuce and radishes, cucumbers and zucchini stew – perfect for the last meal. At night you can drink a glass of yogurt.

Next, you can introduce boiled or baked potatoes, and Sunday to treat yourself to a muffin for Breakfast. Completing a full cycle of the diet, you can return to the usual diet. And it is better to revise it: what was the cause of excess weight? The diet need to make balanced, go to a proper diet and love yourself. Contrast shower, steam bath, massages, wraps – all welcome, as it allows you to create and maintain a positive attitude.

Further, the weight retention depends on two reasons: observance of daily calories and exercise. Sports (if he is not compatible with the principles of life) you can do breathing exercises. Some treadmill prefer occisis or Flex that you can do at home.

Hollywood diet: important notes

Any change in food habits may cause discomfort. The Hollywood diet is no exception. She’s very strict, hard and unbalanced. Therefore, more than two weeks to sit on it is strictly prohibited. Low-carb diet can cause weakness, depression, weaken the nervous system and cause irritability.

A large number of eggs that have to eat in a week or two, it is dangerous for people with high cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore it is better to be safe and get tested.

Eating oranges and drinking coffee on an empty stomach is strictly prohibited for those who suffer from high blood pressure, gastritis, stomach ulcers or has problems with the pancreas. Might want to consider another, more secure option for weight loss.

Unbalanced diets are dangerous in that they limit the intake of vital minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. Therefore, taking multivitamin complexes during Hollywood diet is required.

Some people don’t like coffee, but the diet requires to drink it every day! Not necessarily, and only if you are a true coffee lover. Tea lovers can easily replace a Cup of espresso for a glass of green tea – natural or flavoured. If you have the same attitude to coffee and tea, you can simply alternate them.

If the results of diet is very good, and strict limits do not cause much discomfort, do not succumb to the desire to continue a low-carb marathon. Between entirely passed seven or fourteen day cycle must complete at least three months! This time the body needs to fully recover.

Violation threatens the failure of metabolism and a serious health hazard.

Better to do the maintenance of the results achieved.

In the end, it is these and do life Hollywood beauty: Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger.