Tea diet is a great way to lose weight, says Dr. Oz. What’s the secret to the effectiveness of the tea diet and the use Morococha?

Why tea?

The medicinal qualities of tea has long been known.

Leaf tea contains enough antioxidants to prevent such a serious disease like cancer. It helps remove cholesterol from the blood and contribute to slowing of all processes that cause aging.

Contained in tea leaves, caffeine, the amino acid L-theanine and epigallocatechin gallate just promotes weight loss.

Caffeine is a natural antidepressant, has a General tonic effect on the body, it stimulates the activity of the brain. In addition, caffeine increases the amount of free fatty acids in the blood, which speeds up the metabolism in the body. This acceleration causes the body to replenish energy by burning fat accumulation.

The amino acid L-theanine also helps to reduce depression and activates areas of the brain responsible for memory. But the main value of this amino acid that it reduces the level of blood sugar.

EGCG refers to polyphenolic compounds and is a powerful natural antioxidant. It helps protect the body from serious diseases as prostate, lung cancer or breast cancer. Once in the body, epigallocatechin gallate protects cells from the action of oxidants before they inflict even the slightest harm.

These components and make tea an ideal choice not only to strengthen the body and protect from serious diseases, but also for weight loss and getting rid of extra pounds.

The basic rules of the tea diet

Unlike other, tea diet no strict rules or any serious restrictions on the consumption of the products. This is one of the most mild and gentle diet. Even keeping the tea diet, you can eat meat or fish, various dairy products, and fruits and vegetables — without any restrictions. But all sorts of sweets, pastry or fatty meals from your diet will have to exclude. Reducing salt intake will only strengthen the beneficial effects of tea diet the body.

The main condition of the tea diet is to drink a certain amount of freshly brewed tea a day. Fluid intake decreases the appetite, but it accelerates all metabolic processes in the body, thereby causing the burning of excess fat.

Proper brewing of tea leaves plays an important role in the tea diet. For brewing is only necessary to use well boiled water. The tea is first rinsed with boiling water twice and covered with a lid to the entire inner surface of the kettle soaked with steam and was dried. In a heated teapot, pour the tea leaves at the rate of 1 teaspoon to 300 ml of water.

Please note! You can’t pour tea leaves are just boiling water. Give 2 – 3 minutes the water to cool down and then pour the plates.

Pour one-third into the teapot water and allow the leaves to steep for 2-3 minutes. Only then can you add water to the kettle to brew. Only after the tea infuse for 5 minutes to 7, it can be used.

What tea is best for diet

Green tea contains more amount of polyphenols and saponins that suppress hunger. Taken half an hour before eating a Cup of fresh green tea twice reduce appetite. Even eating only half of your usual diet, you will experience a feeling of satiety. Reducing the amount of food consumed will contribute to reduced amounts of fat and carbohydrates that enter the body with food.

Oolong tea has a sweet taste, so is a natural substitute for sweets. The use of this tea for dieting is the perfect way for foodies. And if a Cup of Oolong tea add a little cinnamon, the influence of this tea to burning extra pounds will only increase. Cinnamon has properties to enhance the processes in the body that slow down fat absorption and breakdown of carbohydrates.

But black tea is less effective in the struggle for slim figure. Due to the fact that the tea is subjected to further processing, the total amount of nutrients in it decreases.

Herbal teas and fees can be attributed more to a vitamin Supplement than a full tea. The effect and benefits of herbal tea depend entirely on its composition. Berry teas are great suppress hunger and saturate the body with vitamins. Hibiscus tea helps to normalize work of intestines. Generally speaking, the herbal tea of any composition works to strengthen the immune system and is an additional vitamin supply for the body. But, he has some not very significant, influence on the burning fat accumulation.

Drinking tea with milk as weight loss products in recent years gained considerable popularity. But to actually drink tea with milk only occasionally. Due to the fact that milk protein and the main components of tea when mixed with body is almost not absorbed, and the desired effect of this mixing can not be obtained.

Tea diet on Dr. Oz

One of the most famous doctors and entertainers, Dr Oz, has developed a unique tea diet. The basic gist of this diet is to drink a Cup of Puer tea during Breakfast, a Cup of white tea at lunch, and for dinner – berry tea, the best — blueberry. You can replace these types of tea green or black, but the effect will be weaker. The main thing that the tea to suit your taste and mood.

Tea strengthens the processes promoting subcutaneous tissue. The basic rule of consumption of Puerh tea is not abused. The effect of consecutive drinking three to four cups is comparable to smoked a hookah. Especially not recommended to drink Puer tea to people with high blood pressure or heart problems, for kidney disease in severe form, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases of the joints, and gout.

White tea, drunk in the afternoon, establishes the effect after morning reception of Puerh tea and prevents re-deposition of released morning fat reserves. During the week you can alternate white tea tea from woodlice.

Chickweed helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body, improves digestion and is an excellent remedy for cough. Buy best pill bug in a pharmacy or specialised tea shops. To properly brew tea from woodlice, per liter of hot water is enough to two teaspoons of dried leaves woodlice. Before drinking the tea you will need to drain and cool slightly.

Eating during dinner berry tea, you compensate for the lost day minerals and vitamins. The body produces a greater amount of glucose, which reduces sugar cravings and hunger will not disturb you all night until the morning.

But do not forget that 250 ml of freshly brewed tea contains up to 150 mg of caffeine, while the daily intake of caffeine is only 500 mg. Apart from tea, caffeine is also found in coffee, chocolate, power drinks and some supplements. Therefore, too fond of drinking tea, especially strong, is not necessary, as excess caffeine in the body will not bring benefits.

To a greater extent this limitation applies to people with problems in the cardiovascular system. For them, the daily intake of caffeine is limited to 300 mg. In pregnancy you should also replace the green and black herbal tea or non-carbonated mineral water.

Tea with milk diet for molokochae

To prepare milk-tea beverage, you need a liter of milk, fat content not exceeding 2,5%, bring to boil. In the teapot pour two tablespoons of any tea and not pour boiling milk. To drink the real thing, will be sufficient to leave it to brew for 10 minutes. To consume milk-tea drink needs throughout the day, pre-strain it. It can also be poured into a thermos and consume it at work at lunchtime.

This drink can be used as a reducing diet. Green tea, infused with milk is a strong diuretic and cholagogue, and also has enhanced cleaning properties. Therefore, the daily consumption of milk-tea drink will cause dehydration and possible more serious consequences.

Two weeks tea diet menu

This diet originated in the distant of Japan and is currently one of the popular methods of weight loss. Keeping tea diet Japanese method, you can consume all the fruits and vegetables, except tomatoes, bananas and grapes.

Any snacking between meals should be completely avoided, replacing them with mineral water without gas. To consume her.

The main conditions for this type tea diet is to drink a Cup of tea should be no earlier than half an hour before a meal and after so much time after it.

First day. For Breakfast, the best option is low-fat cottage cheese. During lunch you need to eat not more than 250 g stewed or steamed vegetables and two boiled eggs. Dinner limit fish and steamed vegetables, about 200 g.

The second day. For Breakfast you can eat some fresh cheese with savoury biscuits. At lunch, prepare the fish and the cabbage to steam – 250 g Cabbage can be used fresh, sprinkle it with lemon juice. For dinner – a bit of boiled beef, steamed vegetables and a couple of eggs.

The third day. Breakfast fit two of toasted white bread. Lunch will need to eat a serving of vegetable stew and a green Apple, better without skin. Dinner will be boiled beef with vegetable salad as a side dish and a boiled egg.

Fourth day. Breakfast — 200 grams of unsweetened curd. For dinner, you need to make a salad of fresh grated carrots with sour cream and boiled egg. For dinner you can eat some fruit.

The fifth day. Couple of bread with jam would be enough for Breakfast. For lunch you will need to cook the steamed fish and home-made tomato juice, without salt. For dinner you can eat a few pieces of cheese with raw vegetables.

Sixth day. Breakfast tea is ideal rye crackers. In the afternoon you can treat yourself to a steamed chicken breast and boiled egg. But for dinner it will be enough of a carrot salad that you can add an egg.

Seventh day. A couple of pieces of cheese to do the morning and enhance the taste of the tea. Boiled veal will eat for lunch. But for dinner only fruit.

The next seven days are a repetition of the first weeks of the tea diet. If you follow all recommendations then two weeks later you will easily part with the extra 3-4 kg. in Addition to the correction, such a diet will help clean from unnecessary and harmful substances the liver, kidney and intestine.