The advantages and principles of the diet without the fat. A strict diet with no fats can get rid of excess weight in the shortest possible time

Fats are an important part in metabolic processes of man.

They saturate a person give him a feeling of warmth, allow you to Shine the skin, strengthen nails, in a word, are themselves very useful. But lately, the diet of the people is replete with harmful fats, among which lard, mayonnaise, dishes with TRANS-fats, like margarine, cakes, purchased cakes and pastries, sausages, fast-food service and industrial sauces. They cause damage to the organism, are deposited in unnecessary places and significantly reduce the quality of life.

A diet without fats is one of the most popular in recent years. This is one of the radical means in the fastest time possible to get rid of extra pounds. Many popular diets, like Kim Protasov diet, Diet of Friendship, putting in the forefront that reduction of fats in human nutrition. The principle is this: the external limiting fats intake food, the body begins to waste body fat, and people losing weight rapidly.

General nutrition guidelines for a diet without fats

We’ll have to put a temporary taboo on pork, duck and chicken dishes, fatty lamb, beef or by-products containing fat. For example, foie Gras is very fatty, which is considered a delicacy. The ban falls hot dogs, sausages, loin, and bacon. Smoked layer bacon, ham, pork, sausages and different kinds of sausages too, not use. Will have time to forget about fatty fish – Atlantic herring, mackerel, halibut, salmon, tuna, sardines, salmon and trout.

Not on a diet no fat is dairy products like cheese or cream, condensed milk, sour cream, cottage cheese with a fat content above 2% and, of course, have to exclude from the diet of cheese. Mayonnaise, sauces, curry, all kinds of toppings, made at the factory, also do not eat on a diet without fat.

Taboos imposed on oils of different origin. In particular, you can’t eat peanut butter, even sunflower and refined olive oil. To eat under tea desserts not purchased, the veto imposed on cakes, muffins and cap-cakes, any chocolate and sweets.

Some time will have to do without pies and pasties, donuts, meat patties and pancakes. Messing with the seeds too, does not, on a diet without fats is one of the popular Russian snacks is strictly prohibited.

A list of approved products, despite the many bans, is also quite wide. In particular, a diet without fat is possible to eat lean meats – Turkey breast, chicken, rabbit, tenderloin of beef or veal.

Nutritionists love to remind all dieters often eat fish, especially perch, flounder, whitefish, cod, haddock or walleye. Even banal Pollock, baked with lemon in foil, bring taste buds slimming a lot of fun, but even more benefit it will bring for the figure.

Very favorably nutritionists look at seafood, like crabs, clams, scallops or mussels. Of course, the seafood, especially fresh, are rare guests on the table at the Russians, but nobody is stopping once a week to do a light salad with shrimp or squid seasoned with soy sauce. Curious, but the sushi (specifically, the version that circulated in Russia) you can eat on a diet without fats and eat much. However, without many beloved Philadelphia cheese.

Dairy products , too, must stay on the table, but in a slightly different capacity. Choose products with reduced fat content, which is listed on each package. Pay attention to the fat content and composition of the product and prefer low levels and natural ingredients. Alternatively, fatty sour cream, choose yogurt without sugar, sour cream or perhaps yoghurt.

As a garnish you can eat porridge (buckwheat, millet, corn and barley), pasta from durum wheat. Pasta seasoned with a sauce of fresh tomatoes, couscous, roasted pumpkin, zucchini with minced buckwheat and onions – would be appropriate on a diet without fats.

Offal can cook, but if they are very fresh. Liver or chicken gizzards, hearts or bovine lung, can fit into the diet, but without the tomato and sour cream sauces.

We need to introduce in the diet of complex carbohydrates: brown rice, fiber, bran. They not only feed the person for a long time, but are an essential source of vitamin B.

Welcome to the fresh vegetables, which are better fried, steamed or grilled. Best friends on a diet without fat – broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant and tomatoes.

It is possible to afford to eat soufflé offal, cottage cheese with zero fat content, fish or chicken. Rolls without cheese can be as a full lunch and a light snack.

For dessert, allowed to eat homemade jams, jelly or jam, accompanied with better natural ground coffee, green tea (but not season it with milk).

Substitute products is prohibited on the diet without the fat

Diet diet, but any doctor will forbid losing weight person to completely eliminate fat-containing products and will definitely recommend to enter into the diet of healthy fats, which not only give the feeling of satiety, but also provide the body with invaluable assistance in the process of building new cells, upgrades, production the body needs hormones.

Have fats have plenty of advantages, to forget about which is not:

• help regulate blood sugar levels;

• restrain appetite;

• are excellent sources of useful amino acids.

That is why the diet is absolutely necessary to include flax oil, fish oil, pine nuts, olives, and even salty bacon – a couple of pieces every two or three days on black bread, Yes «go» with the first dish will improve metabolic process and help you to get rid of extra pounds in no time! The main thing here is not to get carried away and always remember.

To a diet without fat would be easier, any nutritionist advises to introduce a fasting day and be sure to treat yourself to healthy fats. Bake the steaks from trout for a couple, eat a piece of herring or fat – you will feel inflow of forces, there was a mood to continue the diet, and more!

Any diet is more restrictive. Wholesome herbs, spices, help to make notes of freshness and variety to any menu. Assistants on a diet without fat can be:

• Basil;

• parsley;

• cilantro;

• fresh mint;

• fenugreek;

• lime and lemon;

• fennel and rosemary.

Sample menu diet free fat on the day/week

If desired, and some imagination you can make a delicious and healthy menu for one day for the whole week. Might look like a day on a diet without fat?

For Breakfast eat buckwheat porridge, seasoned with herbs. Add a baked Apple and a Cup of organic coffee without cream.

After a couple of hours you can afford cheese souffle made with cottage cheese low-fat, and you can drink tea with currant leaf and mint.

In the afternoon, bake the veal with the onions in their own juice. Lay large pieces of meat in a pot, add onion half-rings, ground black pepper and leave to bake for an hour and a half in the oven at 220 degrees. Garnish cook pasta from durum wheat and green salad with radish, lettuce and cherry tomatoes available all year round. And the first dish can be soup or meatball soup, cooked without the contents.

As a snack eat jelly from a black currant with coffee or a couple of whole wheat toasts with raspberry jam. Wash down a treat with a Cup of tea with lemon or Melissa.

Dinner might consist of braised cabbage in water with green onions and eggs. As a Supplement, prepare croutons of black bread, pokushenie in the oven. RUB bread pieces with garlic and enjoy the delicious and healthy dish.

Before bedtime drink a glass of smoothie made from vegetables and low-fat yogurt, and season drink soy sauce and a leaf of fresh mint.

It is important not to starve, but eat in moderation, and then the diet will not be too weary of their monotony.

Important points of nutrition to a diet without fats

On a diet without fat, like any other important to eat no more than 500 grams per meal. Better yet, if the portion will be 300 – 400 grams. There can be up to 5 times per day, not skipping Lunches and afternoon tea. Do not forget to drink 2 liters of clean water per day. Water is an excellent means for the «acceleration» of metabolism and also excretes all of the products of lipid decomposition. If you follow all of the rules, before you know it — get rid of 5 pounds in one week. These results guarantee the supporters of the diet without fat.

You need to learn how to choose foods, focusing on freshness and composition. When choosing meat it is better to prefer a lean product, when selecting fish it is better, if it is not frozen and chilled goods. Any meat product, whether a dietary Turkey, chicken or pork, you need to clean away visible fats (chicken is better to clean from the skin, which contains fats). Flavor of bright spices, pickling in oil or mayonnaise, overly salted and smoked are also strictly prohibited.

The main condition for the use of vegetables – the regular dressing. If you are used to eating vegetables, abundantly watered with sour cream, mayonnaise or vegetable oil will have no effect: you not only lose weight but also will add. Scientific studies have shown that even vegetarians who consume excessive amounts of fatty dressings, you can stay fat. Because vegetable oil contains about 80% fat. The advantage of vegetable oils compared to mayonnaise or sour cream is that it makes you pudgy slower. That makes all the difference.

It is very important to opt for a product need a way of heat treatment. You must remember the principle: the less cooking, the more nutrients they retain.

How can you cook food on a diet without fat?

• bake in the oven;

• bake in the sleeve;

• cook in a slow cooker (without adding oil);

• simmer water;

• bake in a foil;

• float in the pressure cooker;

• boil or steamed in water;

• grill them without oil;

• fried;

• blanch (parboil).

It is important to remember that a diet without fat although it has many strengths, it remains a temporary measure to reduce the weight, but should not remain a permanent lifestyle and eating habit. According to nutritionists, those who eat little fat dramatically lose quality of life: mood drops, deteriorating the condition of the hair and nails, people become irritable and «looped» on itself. To avoid these problems to lose weight exactly, just a little reducing weight, indulging in small pleasures. It will take only a little time and you will not notice as you will find a new beautiful figure, fresh, cheerfulness and good mood!