Diet oranges: simple, delicious, effective, vitamin. All the details and a sample menu of this trendy diet on oranges

Diet oranges is one of the most effective, although quite strict diets.

Orange copes with fat deposits on the abdomen and thighs.

During the diet on oranges, you can lose weight pretty seriously: five to ten pounds.

The main thing – to love the beautiful orange fruit and strictly adhere to the principles of weight loss.

Diet to oranges: why are they?

The choice of orange as the basis for dietary scheme is not accidental. The fruit contains few calories and lots of vitamin C. one hundred grams of juicy pulp accounts for only 70 – 90 calories. Only one fruit far exceeds the body’s need for vitamin C – powerful antioxidant, essential for the body. Vitamin composition of the fruit varied: B2, A, PP, B1, E, B9.

The orange contains other substances: folic acid is extremely important for the female body, and limonoids are biologically active substances that prevent cancer. A lot of this fruit of iodine, iron, copper, manganese, cobalt, potassium, fluorine, zinc, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus. The number of amino acids (flavonoids and phytonutrients) shocking : more than two hundred.

A huge amount of useful fibre contained under the orange peel, a beneficial effect on the intestine, improves digestion, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the diet. Dietary fiber orange for a long time creates a feeling of satiety, which helps to avoid hunger meltdowns.

The undoubted advantages of the diet on oranges:

• stimulation of metabolic processes;

• cancer prevention, kidney stones;

• cleansing the body of toxins, waste, salts;

• removal of excess water;

• anti-aging effect;

• normalization of blood pressure and cholesterol;

• strengthening the immune system;

• improve brain activity.

However, remember that the fruits of the orange tree can not be there in the acidity of the stomach, ulcers, intestinal disorders.

The principles of diet on oranges

Options of diet on oranges a lot. There is a menu for three days, a week, two or even three. No matter what time period you decided to replace the usual diet orange. Guaranteed to lose weight, you should adhere to certain principles.

1. You need to eat regularly. If you select the option with three meals, you can arrange snack: small glass of orange juice, green tea with honey and lemon, half orange. If we use the scheme «the amount of ingredients for the day», it is better to spread them out evenly in five or six meals. Fractional power in small portions ensures a regular pitches.

2. Forget about alcohol completely. To get away cigarette.

3. Out any serious physical activity, a full strength and aerobic training. Replace them with dieting breathing exercises, yoga, Pilates. The fact that the intake of protein will be limited, so the body in case of high load will start to use instead of muscle.

4. Very important daily walks in the fresh air.

5. No matter how great the temptation, eat more oranges than specified menu for the day, it is impossible. To reduce the number of daily consumption of fruit also should not be.

6. To comply with the water regime, drinking a half liter of water without gas. On sugary carbonated drinks for the time of diet you need to forget.

7. You cannot use food additives: salt, honey, sugar, starch, gelatin, sugar substitutes, flavor enhancers, etc.

8. Specifically excludes the following products: flour and confectionery products, oil, pasta, conservation, industrial juices, starchy vegetables (potatoes, radishes, carrots) and too much sweet fruits (banana, figs, grapes, persimmons, figs).

Diet for oranges refers to unbalanced, therefore, to exceed the permitted period diet in any case impossible. if there was an Allergy, or pain, upset stomach and severe weakness, accompanied by dizziness and depression from diet and immediately give up.

Diet menu on oranges for three days

If you are confident in your ability to withstand a multi-week marathon of orange, you should try the Express version of the diet on oranges. Fit this option and those who don’t need to lose many pounds. Three days is enough to reduce the amount of waist and hip with a goal to fit into a dress from the category of «in case».

Will have to eat three times a day, choosing one of the options.


• Orange, biscuit or dried in the toaster a slice of bread, one hundred grams of oat or corn flakes with the addition of a spoon of bran.

• An orange, an egg, toast, 5 g of oil.

• Slice of melon, four crackers, 50 grams of Adygei cheese, two spoons of oil.


• Orange, a light salad of salted red fish and green salad (150 grams), two slices of black bread, a Cup of yogurt.

• Salad of boiled beans and lettuce (150 grams of each component), the dried slice of brown bread, teaspoon of butter, an orange.

• Vegetable salad with boiled beetroots, cooked rice (each dish is literally a spoon – no more than 75 grams), pyatidesyatimetrovy slice of boiled beef, orange.


• A serving of baked mushrooms and chicken (or to taste) liver – 150 grams total weight. The same amount of salad boiled green beans with wild garlic. One hundred grams of berries with 50 grams of yogurt, orange.

• 150 grams of boiled cabbage (cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli), a piece of boiled chicken (no more than 120 grams), orange.

• Baked lean meat (80 grams) one boiled potato and a serving of steamed zucchini (150 grams). A jar of yogurt, orange.

Diet menu on oranges for a week

Every day during the week Breakfast consists of one orange, one diet of bread (or crackers), tea or coffee. Throughout the day the menu includes egg. They need to be cooked (hard-boiled or soft-boiled).


• Lunch: an orange, an egg, a jar of yogurt or a Cup of yogurt, two small loaves of bread or biscuit.

• Dinner: two eggs, two toast, two tomatoes, lettuce.


• Dinner: an orange and an egg, a Cup of yogurt or kefir, two crackers or bread.

• Dinner: 130 grams of boiled beef, tomato, toast, yogurt Cup, orange.


• Dinner: egg and an orange, yoghurt (yogurt), toast or bread.

• Dinner: 130 grams baked without oil and skin chicken, toast or bread, orange, kefir (yogurt).


• Dinner: 130 grams of cheese is not higher than 2% fat, tomato, cucumber, croutons or bread.

• Dinner: 130 grams of boiled or roast beef, two tomatoes, a crouton or bread, Apple.


• Lunch: ounce slice of boiled or baked fish, tomato, toast or bread, lettuce, a Cup of yogurt or a Cup of yogurt.

• Dinner: egg, tomato, lettuce.

Weekends can be spent to your normal healthy menu: cereals, soups, vegetables, fruits. Avoid oil, sweets, fatty and salty food, mayonnaise, chocolate, alcohol.

Diet menu on oranges for three weeks

The most effective option of diet on oranges promises a weight loss of ten to fifteen pounds. To withstand the protein-free three-week marathon is pretty hard, so during the diet you need to completely abandon physical activity. It is better to engage in active care of the body, after rapid weight loss causes saggy skin. Massages, daily hot baths, hydration, sensation showers and a positive attitude will help with the honor out of battle for a slender silhouette.

The first week is the hardest. The daily menu consists of a kilogram of oranges, two eggs, two liters of water (non-carbonated drinking). To introduce additional ingredients not, and coffee should be replaced with green tea.

Second week carried much easier. Daily eat a kilo of oranges and any (preferably coarse) cereals in the form of porridge. Ideal – buckwheat, rice. Cereal can be eaten as much as necessary. Continue to follow the drinking regime: drink lots of water.

Third week also get pretty hungry if there is no habit to eat one fiber. Daily ration of a kilogram of oranges, fruits and vegetables in raw or steamed form and in unlimited quantities.

Diet to oranges: how to get out of it

After the diet oranges during the weeks to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition with low fat. The body needs to adapt to normal food after a long limitations.

You should limit sweets, replacing them with dried fruits. Preference should be given porridge on the water (instead of adding sugar fruits), boiled or braised without fat meat and fish, drink a lot of kefir, eat cheese, white bread and bread replace with whole wheat and branny bread. Oranges should remain on the menu, as well as a half liters of clean water.

Ideally, the diet oranges should take the same amount of time, how long was the diet itself.

Important notes!

  • It is very dangerous to start a diet on oranges without consulting a doctor, especially if you have decided on the three-week long scheme. You need to make sure that citrus fruits are not allergic, otherwise a large number of oranges in the daily menu will lead to trouble.
  • The appearance of urticaria, desquamation, burning, swelling of various localization signal of allergic reactions. Diet to stop immediately, consult a doctor to take antihistamines.
  • For some people three oranges a day (not to mention the kilos) is very, very much. The body can’t make vitamin attack and respond to the deterioration of health. Overdose of vitamin C can disrupt the hormonal system.
  • Oranges are acidic fruits. The excess acid can believe the delicate walls of the stomach. So you need to make sure that no ulcer, no gastritis or other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, making the consumption of oranges is impossible. A signal of trouble – nagging stomach pain, heartburn, belching.
  • Daily consumption of eggs on one of the variants of the diet is also quite questionable. Can rise the cholesterol level.
  • You cannot use neither orange nor any other diet, pregnant women, nursing mothers, adolescents. About a radical way of weight loss you need to forget those who have diseases of kidney, pancreas, liver, intestines, heart, blood vessels, and endocrine system.
  • Everyone else is forbidden to exceed a three-week period of using oranges for weight loss. An unbalanced diet used for a long period of time, can harm health. Repeat diet can be no earlier than three months.