Fastest way to lose weight effective diet in chicken broth. Features and sample menu diet in chicken broth

Chicken soup has long been considered a diet dish. He has a lot of attractive properties that allow to maintain health. It is actively used in the period of rehabilitation and recovery after complex operations.

Currently chicken soup included in the menu of many diets, even created a special power supply system on this useful dish, which allows you to lose weight.

About the benefits of chicken broth

Chicken soup contains healthy amino acids, mineral salts that are easily absorbed by a person, the b vitamins, which are involved in the metabolic processes that regulate fat metabolism. It allows you to relieve inflammation and reduce fever, chicken soup is the perfect assistant for colds and flu.

This dish is used in diseases of stomach, it reduces the blood viscosity and resists the formation of blood clots, is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. In its range of actions include: strengthening of bones, teeth, reducing fatigue, strengthening the immune system, wound healing.

Chicken soup is a very hearty dish, the calorie content in it is minimal – about 30 kilocalories per 100 grams of the finished product. This is a perfect dish for dieters. Invented this diet is for people who love chicken soup and are not ready to abandon the liquid hot meals for the period of weight loss.

The rules of cooking chicken broth

The correctness of the preparation depends on all the qualities attributed to this delicious and healthy dish. First we need to choose the chicken, which will be used for cooking.

Of course, the purchase of broiler chickens is not suitable. In the production conditions of their «stuffed» with all sorts of antibiotics and hormones, because these birds are susceptible to colds.

A good option to prepare the broth – egg-laying hens. But the perfect way to make healthy and tasty soup to take home a bird. Some suggest to buy chickens breeds of chinchin, which are not grown on an industrial scale.

These birds have a very thick pen, and the meat different from other chickens, it is very tender and tasty. Black meat chickens is characterized in that it contains a specific protein, allowing more rapidly to lose pounds.

Ways of preparing medicinal broth:

• take a small chicken, pour 5 liters of hungry water;

• for the broth you will need two chicken Breasts and 3 liters of water.

The principle of cooking the same broth: bring to a boil, carefully remove the formed foam. Reduce the heat to low so broth is not boiling, and slowly languished under cover. The cooking time is 1.5-2 hours, depending on how much chicken is being prepared.

Half an hour before end of cooking in the broth, add celery, carrots and onion (whole), parsley. In five minutes you can throw the Bay leaf. Ready broth is filtered, and the meat can be used for preparing other dishes for the household. The dish should be transparent and fragrant.

Attention! It is worth noting that the broth from a whole chicken is more nutritious, so its use is somewhat limited. It is preferable to prepare the broth of chicken Breasts.

About the salt, opinions differ. Someone said that salt chicken broth should not be, because salt retains water in the body and hinders the process of losing weight. Others are of the opinion that unsalted broth is not only delicious, but also loses useful properties.

Versions of the diet with chicken broth

Fasting day. During unloading, it is assumed that no other food in the diet should not be present. That is, the menu is only chicken broth. Ready broth is divided into 5 parts, each of which is used in 2.5-3 hours. It lasts all day, and then again, you can start normal diet.

• This diet is often used by women involved in fitness. It is more like fasting days. Stick to this option is not worth more than 2 days. From all other products during this period should be discarded. You can Supplement your diet with only clean water, and its amount is not limited.

• This diet is based on chicken broth lasts one week. For seven days food includes a certain quantity of broth. The day should be consumed at least 5 cups of the liquid. The diet allows you to fold up to 10 pounds in a week! But it is quite heavy. Weight after the diet will be quickly restored, if it is wrong to leave. Therefore key recommendations relate to this period.

The principles of nutrition and dieting

• The main principle of diet in chicken broth is a rule: no salt! The use of spices containing this element are also prohibited.

• To use this period of green tea without the added sugar. You can drink it in unlimited quantities, as it is also good for metabolism.

• From physical exertion in the period of dieting on chicken broth should not give up. They will more effectively lose weight.

• At the end of the diet should gradually increase your intake of salt and fat. This is important in order not to gain weight dropped again.

• To maintain the obtained result can be carried out once a week of such fasting days.

• Every day can «carry» up to 1 kilogram of excess weight. But stick to this food for more than 7 days is impossible.

Diet menu in chicken broth

On the day you want to cook 1-1,5 liters of chicken broth.

5 times per day used 1 Cup of the liquid.

Attention! The broth should be hot, clear and unsalted!

During the day you can drink unlimited quantities of clean water and green unsweetened tea. Drink water and tea should only be separate from the reception of broth: half an hour before or not less than half an hour after.

All the other food during the period of maintenance diet is prohibited. This is especially true of alcoholic beverages.

Tip! Because the diet is very strict and difficult, in the case of testing the strong hunger in the afternoon, you can afford several dietary bread or toast.

How to get out of a seven-day soup diet

The diet should be gradual. The body gets used to liquid food, so to introduce solid foods should immediately. A return to the old diet takes time at least a week. It is desirable in day to continue to drink at least one Cup of broth.

In the period of the diet plus you can lose up to 4 pounds.

The «output» menu.

On the first day. 4-5 cups of chicken broth to evenly distribute on the day. In between, you can eat cabbage stew – 1 serving of 200 grams of protein one egg.

The second day. 3-4 cups of chicken broth, a serving of cabbage. At lunch you can eat 100 grams of buckwheat or rice porridge on the water.

Day three. 2-3 cups of chicken broth, boiled egg whites, a serving of stewed cabbage, buckwheat or rice porridge. You can eat an orange or an Apple.

Fourth day. A Cup of broth for lunch to combine with the intake of cereals, dinner – stewed cabbage. As a snack you can use the orange.

Fifth day. A Cup of broth. The braised cabbage can be combined with fresh vegetables in a salad. Be sure to fill them with linseed oil. Snack – glass of low-fat natural yoghurt, orange.

The sixth day. Egg, fresh and steamed vegetables, boiled egg, buckwheat or rice. You can add a piece of boiled chicken or lean fish, but not more than 200 grams.

On the seventh day. To the previous menu added dried fruits.

Chicken broth diet

This type of diet is easier than previous. The fact that the power is on it is not limited only to broth. Its duration may be different. But the essence is the same: a slower but steady weight loss.

Menu chicken diet assumes that the body receives not less than 1200 calories. The menu includes and other products. A mandatory component of the diet – boiled chicken. On this diet you can eat vegetables in boiled, stewed and fresh fruit (apples, oranges, once a week – pineapple), cereal porridge on the water (buckwheat or rice), fresh juices.

Allowed to drink tap water, unsweetened green tea. Duration of the diet is 7 days. The weight loss during this period can reach 5-6 kg.

Starting period

It is a fasting days, which are held in a row. All you need to undertake a 3 day, chicken breast is divided into 5 parts, steamed with lemon juice. Break between meals should be at least 2 hours.

The main part of the diet

This period is present in the menu chicken breast necessarily, but it is complemented by other products, so that the norm of the caloric content was observed.

Sample menu

• Breakfast. A piece of chicken, portion of salad vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil.

The second Breakfast. A piece of chicken, one Apple.

• Lunch. Chicken breast, two tablespoons of buckwheat or rice.

• Afternoon snack. A piece of chicken, mashed vegetables.

• Dinner. A Cup of chicken broth with a slice of breast, vegetable salad.

Recommendation of experts: while maintaining power on a chicken diet is not recommended to consume cereal. The basis of the diet should lie exactly chicken and broth. Preferably in the day to drink water in unlimited quantities, tea – not more than 2 cups a day.

If you adhere to this diet within two weeks you can diversify the meals, and chicken once a week, replace with boiled low-fat fish to introduce food in the second week natural yoghurt, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs and tomatoes.

Disadvantages of diet in chicken broth

This diet refers to the mono-diet. This is a great option to lose weight quickly. But, unfortunately, it is not for everyone. Not every person can stick to such strict limits in the diet.

In addition, this option is not characterized by long-lasting efficiency, the result lasts very long. In order not to return to the previous settings, be sure to restrict your diet at least another week.

This diet, like any other mono-diet, has very limited menu. Especially its severe variant on the same chicken broth. Therefore, for maintaining healthy a good idea to enter complex vitamins.

To adhere to all rules of the diet very strictly, not everyone can. Judging by the reviews, many this weight loss some «perfecting». The result remains striking, and the diet no longer seems so impossible.

For example, the menu may contain seafood (shrimp), red fish, dairy products with low fat content (cheese, yogurt). Some are administered in the diet citrus fruits (tangerines, grapefruit) and pineapple.

And if you add to this a daily workout or at least walk in the fresh air, the effectiveness will increase significantly.