How to reduce cholesterol in the body?

In the diet of modern man too many harmful products – sweets, meats, prepared foods, fats, alcohol. All of this is absorbed in extreme quantities. And the payback be the trouble with the cardiovascular system, liver, pancreas and many other organs.

The phrase «proper nutrition» have already managed to get everybody’s teeth on edge – someone thinks it’s boring and tasteless, someone believes that is too expensive. However, both assumptions are incorrect – to eat properly – it does not mean to overpay or have fresh food. However, today we will talk not so much about the prices and tastes, but about how proper nutrition helps to lower the cholesterol level. It is worth noting that high-calorie and fatty foods, which is not cheap (cakes, sweets, salads, cooking supermarket) contain too much cholesterol.

What is this cholesterol, which has become almost a household «horror story»? The fact that there are two kinds of cholesterol, one of which is needed by the body and is produced by him. This high-density cholesterol – it is not harmful to blood vessels. Cholesterol obtained from food additionally possesses, on the contrary, low density – literally clogging the blood vessels, it disrupts the blood flow by narrowing them. The consequence of such negative activities become a variety of heart problems.

It turns out that we pay for what we actually kills. For products that have a lot of «bad» cholesterol. What’s worth buying and what is better to remain on store shelves?

Alas. The sentence nutritionists disappointing – the first step is to abandon the eggs. Moreover, there is no difference whether ordinary super nutritious chicken or quail. In disgrace includes all bird eggs. The reason is simple – the yolks a lot of cholesterol. The maximum that can afford the most avid fans of eggs two or three eggs a week. But it is better at all without them.

All of the above applies to products made with eggs. First of all – it’s mayonnaise. Don’t believe the hype – there’s never «easy» and «harmless» mayonnaise! It’s extremely fat and harmful product that kills your blood vessels and ruining the heart. This category can be referred and fat sour cream (20% fat), and milk with high percentage of fat. By the way, the higher the fat percentage, the product is more expensive, and the harm is heavier. A paradoxical situation, isn’t it? Whether to buy 5% milk or cream, if there is skim or 1%, and costs less? Here you have the obvious plus of proper nutrition. Saved and health is not damaged.

The source of «bad» cholesterol – butter. Product, it is not necessary to the body. Butter should be replaced by olives (in a pinch, vegetable good quality). If you like in the morning to eat a sandwich with cheese and butter, think though sometimes it can come back to haunt later, when the EKG will give a disappointing result. True, some of it already and do not need…

In Russia and many other countries, a great love to the fat – where it is national product. At the same time the number of cheap delicacies good fat does not belong. Eat bacon with garlic, neglecting and alcohol. One of the main products of true Russian feast. But from the point of view is a terrible burden on the liver. Fat, Yes, and complete with alcohol – a straight road to cirrhosis of the liver, which almost always accompanies high cholesterol. Draw your own conclusions, lovers fat.

The sweet tooth is also nothing to soothe the sugar in the quantities in which it is present in the diet of modern man, it is really the «white death».

So what can you eat with no fear of excess cholesterol? A good helper in the fight for the preservation of health can become legumes, as they contain pectin (it speeds up the elimination of cholesterol from the body). Delicious, nutritious and harmless product is lentils. In lentil porridge just add sautéed in a little olive oil to the vegetables, and it will be a great side dish.

Rich in pectin and carrots. It can be eaten raw – a couple of carrots cheerful orange color will help reduce cholesterol and will be an excellent dose of vitamins.

Eat garlic if there is digestive diseases. This is one of the most useful vegetables effectively lowers cholesterol. For those who don’t like garlic or the smell, there are garlic extracts, which is about as useful, but it does not have the taste and strong odor, characteristic of natural garlic.

Instead of meat choose low-fat varieties of fish is good for your figure, health and wallet, because the fish contains valuable minerals and essential polyunsaturated fatty acids.