Diet cystitis is a mandatory measure and the key to successful treatment. Features of the diet and sample menu diet in cystitis recipes

Cystitis is an inflammatory disease of the bladder. It is observed in different age categories, but is more common in older women.

This is due to anatomical and physiological peculiarities of the female body. The disease may be chronic in nature. In the treatment of cystitis, along with specific medications, a special role is given to the healthy diet.

General principles of diet in cystitis

The main objective of the diet for cystitis is to alleviate symptoms and accelerate the healing process. To solve this problem will help the basic principles of nutrition in this disease:

Proper distribution of products in the diet. For Breakfast and lunch you can pick up enough high-calorie foods. Calorie dinner should be small. This principle is scientific justification. Bladder and kidneys are anatomically and physiologically closely related. Their functions aktiviziruyutsya in the morning and daytime. So do not overload them in the evening and especially at night, when these organs are in the relaxation phase;

The correct drinking regime. The amount of fluid per day should be quite large. Moreover, it can be not only clean drinking water but also juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, herbal teas. Drinking large amounts of fluid helps to wash away infections from the bladder and promotes more rapid recovery;

Selecting products that do not cause irritation of the bladder wall. Individual products can be a cause of acute cystitis. Therefore, it is important to know what products can be used in the diet and which you should refrain;

Regular bowel movements. In some cases, constipation can cause intoxication of the bladder and cause cystitis. To avoid constipation in the diet must include foods with a high content of fiber: cabbage, carrots, dried fruits, dishes made from cereals. The tendency to constipation should be taken at night infusion of prunes;

The transition to nizkosoleva and salt-free diet;

Selection of products with a low content of protein, fat and sugar;

Selection of methods of food processing, excluding roasting, salting, canning.

What to include and what to exclude from the diet in cystitis?

As one of the main objectives of the diet for cystitis is to prevent irritation of the inflamed mucous membrane of the bladder wall, from the diet should exclude:

• Cured meats, pickles, spicy food products, processed frying, canning, pickling;

• Black tea, instant coffee and grain, carbonated beverages;

• Sugar, saccharin and products containing them;

• Spicy vegetables (sweet pepper and chilli, radish and radishes), greens (sorrel, parsley) and spices (black pepper, Bay leaf, coriander), etc.;

• Baking, pasta, confectionery products, with high content of fat, sugar and preservatives;

• Alcohol and beer;

• Cocoa and chocolate;

• Dairy products with high fat content, cheese, yogurt;

• Citrus fruits and their juices;

• Tomatoes and products on their basis;

• Based dressings vinegar, mayonnaise;

• All types of nuts, bananas, apples sour varieties, plums, cherries, peaches, avocados;

• Fatty meats, fish, animal and vegetable fats;

• All products with GMOs.

What is allowed in dietary cystitis?

Choosing the foods the patient should follow the recommendations of nutritionists.

Here is just a small list of products that they suggest be included in the diet for cystitis:

• Vegetables with diuretic properties. For example, pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini, celery;

• Sweet varieties of fruit – apples, grapes, pears.

• Pomegranate is also recommended for patients with cystitis, since they have an antimicrobial effect that is very useful in this disease;

• Watermelon has a strong diuretic effect;

• Berries – cranberries, cranberries, cloudberries, blueberries, having diuretic and anti-microbial properties;

• Wholemeal bread, bran, cereal whole grains;

• Fermented baked milk, kefir and yogurt with a small percentage of fat;

• Unsalted varieties of hard and soft cheeses;

• Meat and fish fillets low-fat varieties;

• Vegetable broths and soups;

• Olive oil( 1 tablespoon a day

• Cedar seeds – 25 grams per day;

• 1-2 eggs in a few days;

• Sometimes you can use honey, not more than 1 teaspoon per day;

Drinking should not be restrictions. You can drink, berry fruit drinks without added sugar, fruit compotes, herbal infusions and teas, extracts from buds, fresh juices, non-carbonated mineral water (chloride-calcium).

A special place in the diet for cystitis is vitamins. To get the vitamins from the fresh leaves, berries, and fruits in the home. Great vitamin tea is made from rose-hips, Rowan, black currant, sea buckthorn, taken in equal parts. To these are added the leaves of strawberries, and all components are welded into the thermos. This tea should brew for 2-3 hours. Infusion take half a Cup 30 minutes before meals. Course – 1-2 months.

General guidelines for preparation of diet menus cystitis

Taking into account the recommendations of nutritionists, you can make a rough menu for each day. Contrary to common belief that diet cystitis monotonous, you can expand the ways of cooking and combinations of products.

Breakfast for many associated with cereals. In addition to cereals made from whole grain cereals can be cooked steamed vegetables, vegetable purees. Once a week you can make an omelet. Also good for Breakfast take low-fat cottage cheese with yogurt and fresh fruit and berries. For sandwich good unsalted cheese. Drink can be consumed green or herbal tea, fresh juices of fruits or vegetables fruit drinks;

Lunch consists of three dishes. On the first suitable vegetable soups and borscht, Sokolniki, soups-crepancy. Main dishes – burgers and meatballs made with lean meat steamed, boiled fowl or veal, boiled lean fish. As a side dish is perfect steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, porridge. In addition to fresh fruits and berries for dessert, you can prepare many delicious and different ingredients: berry jelly, baked apples and pears, smoothies from berries, fruit and berry smoothies, cheese souffle with berries and fruits, mousses, jellies, juices, compotes, berry and herbal teas; afternoon Snack – yogurt, fermented baked milk with bread;

Dinner – cheese and rice casseroles, pancakes made of buckwheat or rye flour, vinaigrette, salad from fresh cucumbers, fresh juice, herbal tea.

Approximate weekly menu cystitis

The first day.

Breakfast: buckwheat, 150 grams of low fat cottage cheese with chunks of plum or Apple, a glass of fresh Apple juice.

Second Breakfast: a Cup of cranberry jelly (with rye bread).

Lunch: vegetable soup, 150 grams of boiled chicken, a Cup of infusion hips.

Afternoon snack: yogurt.

Dinner: fruit salad of Apple, pear, kiwi, a Cup of yogurt.

• The second day.

Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh Apple, or berries of cranberries, a Cup of herbal tea.

Second Breakfast: Apple juice.

Lunch: hash (no fatty meat, sausages, sour cream, vinegar), baked potato, Cup of cranberry jelly.

Afternoon snack: yogurt or fermented baked milk.

Dinner: an omelette from one egg with greenery, rye bread, carrot juice.

• The third day.

Breakfast: muesli with yogurt, a glass of berry vitamin infusion from a thermos.

Second Breakfast: a pear or Apple, a Cup of herbal tea.

Lunch: soup and toast, oatmeal, 100 grams of boiled beef, stewed fruit.

Dinner: a glass of cranberry jelly with the bread.

Dinner: baked potato, 200 grams of boiled lean fish (cod, sea bass, Pollock), a Cup of yogurt.

• The fourth day.

Breakfast: berry smoothie and yogurt, vitamin tea.

Second Breakfast: 150 grams of cottage cheese with berries, or prunes, a glass of juice.

Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled fish with rice, fruit salad, a glass of Apple juice.

Snack: cucumber salad, baked apples, stewed fruit.

Dinner: chicken steamed with steamed vegetables, a Cup of yogurt.

• The fifth day.

Breakfast: millet porridge with sunflower butter sandwich with unsalted cheese, herbal tea.

Second Breakfast: fresh berries with yogurt, a glass of broth hips.

Lunch: soup, oatmeal, lean chicken, casserole rice. A glass of cranberry juice.

Afternoon snack: baked apples, rye bread, a Cup of berry jelly.

Dinner: hash with beet broth, diet, meatballs steamed and steamed vegetables, a Cup of herbal tea.

• The sixth day.

Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit, herbal tea with a teaspoon of honey.

Second Breakfast: 150 grams of cottage cheese with pear slices, a glass of pomegranate juice.

Lunch: soup, fish (lean fish), bread, or whole wheat bread, rice with steamed vegetables, carrot juice.

Snack: fruit compote from fresh apples.

Dinner: rice milk soup, a Cup of yogurt.

• The seventh day.

Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole with prunes, a Cup of green tea.

Second Breakfast: Apple-carrot salad, cranberry jelly.

Lunch: vegetable soup, pumpkin stew, rye bread, a glass of vitamin tea.

Snack: a kiwi, a glass of berry juice.

Dinner: boiled fish with rice, bread, fermented baked milk.

In the sample menu you can replace a particular dish, trying to keep the weekly food distribution was varied. Using diet cystitis, you should monitor the reaction of your body. If it is felt improvement, the menu can be expanded by adding to it other products.

Individual prescriptions for diet cystitis

Learn how to prepare diet meals is quite simple. The more difficult task is to go on a diet in cystitis. Therefore, it is important to prepare not only delicious, but also visually appealing dish. Here are some simple recipes of foods allowed in the diet in cystitis:

• Steam cutlets from zucchini.

Products: one small zucchini, one protein egg, 2 tablespoons of rye flour, a little salt.

Peeled the zucchini, grate on a coarse grater. In the obtained mass add the egg and salt, and mix thoroughly. The bottom of the pan grease with vegetable oil and spread it on cakes, pre-obalanya in flour. Cook for 15 minutes. Serve with a little sour cream.

• Steam chicken cutlets.

Products: 500 grams chicken fillet, croutons, rye bread, ½ Cup water, salt on the tip of a knife, bread flour, the protein of one egg.

Crackers to soak in the water. Chicken fillet wash, cut into pieces and scroll in a meat grinder. In minced meat add soaked breadcrumbs, salt and protein. The resulting mass is thoroughly mixed and formed into patties, panira them in flour. Lay chops in shape for the steamer and cook them for 40 minutes.

• Pumpkin porridge.

Products: pumpkin, yellow, or orange color, honey, butter (1 tablespoon).

Technology of preparation:

The pumpkin scrub and clean. Cut the pulp into cubes, put them in a saucepan and add water and cook on slow fire until tender. Then, the pumpkin mash in the pot to puree a lot, to whisk, adding a little butter and honey.

Soup with buckwheat and vegetables.

Products: potatoes( 2 PCs), carrots ( 1 PC.), 1/2 Cup buckwheat, vegetable oil(1 tbsp), salt on the tip of a knife.

Buckwheat to sort, wash and cover with water. Wash and peel the carrots, grate on a coarse grater. Potatoes, wash, peel and cut into small cubes. Vegetables to add to the buckwheat and cook until ready on low heat. At the end add salt and sunflower or olive oil.

Diet cystitis – a necessary measure that is needed for a full recovery.

For this we have to go on a serious diet restrictions. But, gradually, these restrictions yield positive results, and ultimately a full recovery.