How to quickly lose weight by 5 kg at home review best ways. How to quickly and effectively lose 5 pounds without dieting and harm to health.

As said the heroine of the movie «Office romance»: «There is nothing impossible for a man with intelligence». The same phrase can be attributed to women who at some point in their lives suddenly decided to radically change the appearance, that is, to lose weight. Not on the shelves, and once on 5, 6, 8 or 10 pounds.

Someone may relate to this idea very skeptical, doubting the benefit of the envious, who never dare to experiment with your appearance, lacking in the modern world. Others will take note of some useful tips and recommendations gleaned from this article many new ideas how you can quickly and effectively lose weight without harm to their health. So let’s understand: what are the ways to improve your figure and lose weight 5 kg in the home.

decide what You need to lose weight and how feasible this task

Usually the weight loss program is built on three main pillars:

1. Correct, balanced, diet. This can be attributed to diet, and also all sorts of strict and not very limiting in the usual diet.

2. Active physical exercise, that is, in simple words is sports. There are so many choices that will confuse any woman, losing weight for the first time. Fitness, shaping, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, exercise, gym, running, swimming, tennis and the like.

3. Perhaps the most necessary criteria – a positive attitude. It can not be excluded, because without the right attitude You won’t lose any weight. It’s like forcing an alcoholic to stop drinking or heavy smokers ban cigarette: without the desire of the man, nothing will. Never.

Remember a very important rule, which is important during rapid weight loss: if You want to get rapid results, be prepared to sweat, to suffer, to starve and deny themselves many of the usual things. In simple words You have to «plow horse». Believe me, the result is worth it.

Reduce weight by 5 kg it is really at home, without a personal trainer and nutritionist. You just have to want to lose weight, and this requires motivation. This motivation can serve as pictures of stars, of Your personal idols, or an overwhelming desire to please the young man, to get the approval of her husband, parents, girlfriends and more. Set yourself and your body before you start losing weight, don’t do it abruptly, otherwise Your body may «think» that You are going to kill and begin to accumulate body fat in preparation for extreme survival. Everything must go step by step. For example, too strict diet is better to choose a system of proper nutrition or to replace it with a more benign option, and the main emphasis is on physical exercise.

How to lose 5 kg at home with diet

If You still want to try one of the popular diets, first, carefully study its structure and try to find reviews about it. Understand that some diets are not suitable for everyone, as well as developed a set of exercises. Here are just some of the famous diets that deserve attention. They brought a large number of women really good results. Try:

1. The Kremlin diet

2. Hollywood,

3. Japanese,

4. Diet called «Six petals»,

5. Protein,

6. Buckwheat,

7. Diet Pierre Ducane,

8. The power supply system «Minus 60» and others.

It is very important to have good health and absolutely no harm will be ready to start the diet: to visit or at least pass a General analysis of blood and urine. Most diets have a severe impact on the body, especially if the results occur very quickly. In order to avoid significant deterioration of chronic diseases and not to acquire any, should initially take care of your health.

Want to engage in active sports? This is the perfect solution! But it also requires an initial doctor’s visit, especially if You have had serious injuries in the past, You have a chronic disease or pathology in the body.

How to lose 5 pounds in a home environment for nutrition education

If You think that healthy food is too expensive, then You are wrong. If You think that a system of proper nutrition will not give absolutely no results, because You’re eating every day only natural food, You again are mistaken. And even if You believe that proper nutrition is not for everyone, it is again a misconception. This system can change Your Outlook regarding meals and menus in the root. Let’s look at it in detail.

We often «contaminate» our body is the so-called food waste, which includes various Goodies and treats. It’s not only chocolates, wafers and biscuits. This:

• Pelmeni, vareniki, cutlets and pancakes. The products of the culinary Department in a supermarket or frozen meals, ready to eat food immediately after heating. All of this is true of food waste. Remember: You never, under any circumstances, do not learn what You offer in the guise of «homemade» dumplings or pasties. Better (and much cheaper) to cook them at home for a couple than to fill his stomach an unknown product.

• Smoked products: fish, sausage, pork ribs or chicken wings. All this food should not become Your daily diet. And she certainly has no relationship to nutrition.

• Sweet drinks widely advertised Coca-Cola or Pepsi – it’s not what our bodies need. Only clean, preferably non-carbonated water, herbal teas and home-made compotes able to saturate it with moisture to quench their thirst.

• Oil: sunflower, butter and other. Simple enough to cook without oil, especially a system of proper nutrition means not roasted to brown chops, and steamed in a slow cooker or baked in the oven. Replace better than the usual vegetable oil with olive, flax or corn.

Plan a menu for the whole week ahead and set a goal: «I need to lose 5 pounds in 7 days». Clear plans and not vague ideas is very important during weight loss. Also, adhering to correct nutrition, you can eat huge amount of food, but it’s important not to fry them, and bake in the oven or on the grill, steamed or boiled.

What can and should eat using a system of proper nutrition:

1. Liquid: soups on vegetable broth (not the meat), it is permitted to cook it in fish broth,

2. Cereals: rice, buckwheat, oatmeal on the water,

3. Meat: crostino, veal, lean beef, chicken,

4. Fish: only low-fat varieties, for example, Pollock, hake, cod, perch or river perch,

5. Eggs cooked exceptionally hard. Also allowed 1-2 times a week a steam omelette,

6. Milk products: cheese, yogurt,

7. And, of course, vegetables and fruits.

Of all these ingredients you can prepare a lot of healthy and nutritious dishes that will be deposited on Your sides and waist. Don’t forget to always drink plenty of water!

In addition to proper nutrition, try a few times a day to hula-Hoop, squat or do jumping rope. Even the minimum amount of exercise will give great results.

One of the main rules, which is very hard to implement during a diet – you need to learn to control their impulses. Agree, break and eat a pie, sweet yeast bun or a plate of dumplings is very simple. Only if You are ready yourself to blame then for this, to oppress and to consider a weak-willed person, gradually bringing the process of obtaining the perfect body to depressive psychosis? If not, then you should choose a diet that will make Your life different, healthy and diet menu. The Dukan diet, designed by famous nutritionist from France, will give You the opportunity to realize themselves at the stove, to expand the boundaries of products and to lose weight.

The diet consists of three stages, the first of these, the most rigid, and in others You will be able to enter into the diet more nutritious foods that used to eat every day. The first stage usually consists of 3-5 days, during this time, you are allowed to combine meat (e.g., veal, beef, chicken or Turkey), seafood, dairy products and eggs. Cook them in almost any form, preferring cooked in water or steamed and fried. During the first phase you can not eat sweet and flour, cereals and pasta, vegetables and fruits. It’s hard, but You can console yourself with the fact that long this stage will last.

Second step: you can attach to the above products any vegetables, combine them together and cook separately. In addition, you can use a few spoonfuls of vegetable oil, low-fat cream, cheese and red wine. Important: you shouldn’t take in food products allowed simultaneously in large quantities. Distribute as You wish products, make the menu, and though this requires a lot of time in the battle for a beautiful figure all will be good.

The third phase is the phase of improvement of the obtained results. You are allowed to eat all the foods to which You are accustomed at first, supplementing diet with fruits, whole grain or bran bread, as well as 1-2 times a week, you can eat pasta, potatoes and peas. Sometimes you can afford to relax and eat a favorite dessert, but this should not become a habit.

Along with the restriction in the diet should definitely drink plenty of water (2 liters per day), and you can combine diet with sports that allow you to not get rid of 5 kg, and ten at once.

How to lose 5 kg at home with diet «Six petals»

This method of losing weight at home is based on the special «flower», each petal of which refers to a specific day supply. Permitted to alternate them in any order, because one day means only Your chosen product. The main stages of the diet:

1. The first day is meat. You can prepare meals using lean meat, preferably chicken. Bake, boil, simmer and cook for a couple of lean chicken with a minimal amount of salt or even without it. You can drink water and herbal tea without sugar.

2. Second day – vegetable. On the same principle You can prepare vegetables (except potatoes), washed down with herbal tea or juice.

3. Third day – fish. Lean it is recommended to Supplement with greens, and you can drink green tea and water.

4. The fourth is the day of cereals. Of course, to cook it only in water without oil, adding very little salt. Give preference to rice, buckwheat and oat.

5. The fifth day is sour – milk. Try low-fat milk, cheese, yogurt, plain yogurt and yogurt. Take products tea or kvass of own preparation.

6. Sixth – day of fruit. It is better to eat apples, grapefruits, a bit of banana, strawberry and kiwi. A great addition would be fresh juices and smoothies.

Stick to the mono-diet is quite difficult. Especially those who have problems in the gastrointestinal tract, for example, gastritis or peptic ulcer disease. A contraindication may be allergic to protein in cow’s milk, citrus fruits and fish.

After the passage of 6 days should take a week break and then try to repeat steps.

How to lose 5 kg at home without dieting?

It is not surprising is that you can do without dieting the question weight loss of 5 kg. it is enough to adhere to certain rules:

1. First, always drink plenty of water. It should be clean, non-carbonated and unsweetened. Useful to drink it in the morning, immediately after awakening, on an empty stomach.

2. Second, try to cut the number of meals. For example, your Breakfast is divided into first and second lunch on a full meal, but with a smaller amount of food, and afternoon tea. But the dinner it is desirable to reduce and Supplement with a Cup of yogurt drink one hour before bedtime.

3. Still recommended to replace the simple carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the body difficult. Products, rapidly saturating our stomach, it is better not to exclude.

4. Less try to pickle dishes, fry them in a frying pan and to buy products with high fat content. All of these factors will be a serious obstacle on the way to the ideal figure.

5. Select the suitable sport, even if it is slow yoga, or a treadmill. Most importantly – exercise regularly, don’t skip workouts and don’t let yourself relax.

6. To avoid overeating, use a simple rule: the portion that You need, needs to fit in the palm of Your hand.

Eventually You will enter into the necessary rhythm of life, get used to his new diet and, of course, notice how it changes Your body. To lose 5 pounds at home is actually quite easy, but it is very important not to stay on acquired result, and to make it their way of life.

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