Diet for muscle growth discuss with a professional! What should be the diet for muscle mass: ask the coach

Over the summer, and the autumn came. For some it means the end of vacations and beginning of the study. For others it’s just a change of season.

But for those who have dedicated their lives to sports and in particular bodybuilding, it’s a special time. The beginning of cold weather means it’s time to forget about the terrain and go to masonboro.

But not everyone knows that this period should be accompanied by a special diet, which we will cover in this article.

If you just want to gain muscle mass without excess fat, then hurry to disappoint you. It’s a pointless and futile exercise. To gain muscle mass would also have to purchase and a little fat. Only in this case, after drying, you can see a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing body, not bony reflection.

General principles of nutrition to diet to gain muscle mass

These principles apply not only to men but also to women, making that an immutable part of any proper diet for weight.

The most basic rule of successful masonboro is that the number of incoming into an organism calories burned must exceed. Only in this case, you will be able to notice the muscle mass growth.

• The main condition is a fractional power. Nutrients must be ingested throughout the day, not just 3 times like used most people. Food cost to take about 5-6 times a day, no less. But it should be said that a meal means not eating, and a moderate amount of food. Between Breakfast, lunch and dinner to have a little snack, more on that later.

Water. When you start working on a set mass, all metabolic processes in the body begin to work more intensely, and for their normal functioning increases the demand for water. Need to drink when you want. Per day should drink at least 3l of water, depending on the weight and physiological features.

Fats and fast carbs. You should limit the intake of animal and other saturated fats in the body. For the resumption of energy the body uses primarily carbohydrates, so excess fat will be stored in the body. Fast carbs are mostly sweet pastries. From them, too, should get rid of – they quickly raise blood sugar levels, causing the body begins to convert glucose into fat.

• During the day, meals should not be very different from each other in volume. But I should say that the first three meals should be 70% of the total daily volume. At night is not recommended to eat sweet and fatty foods – the best option protein foods that will nourish your body during sleep.

Food should be high calorie. The consumption of fruits and vegetables is also acceptable, but only in small quantities.

• To diet for weight gave the results needed to calculate the daily rate of consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates should be 60% of the total volume of food eaten, protein 30% and fats only 10%.

Protein foods that you can include in a diet to put on weight

Not just to swim fat and additionally gain muscle mass you must take in enough protein. It is the building block of your muscles and its deficiency in the body can cause stagnation in the weight. Foods that contain protein:

The meat. You can choose any lean meat, but it is preferable to choose a bird. In poultry meat contains minimal amounts of fat, and it has an excellent absorption by the body;

• Nuts. Most nuts include a large number of natural vegetable protein, and in addition, they are rich in unsaturated fatty acids;

Seafood. In fish and other seafood contains not only animal protein but also fatty acids omega-3, which is also necessary in the diet to put on weight;

Eggs. This is one of the purest and richest sources of protein. In the day there are 10-12 of protein, and 3-4 egg yolks. The yolk also contains fats, so it is better to reduce their number;

Dairy products. Should give preference to low fat products – curd, cheese, milk, yogurt etc.

Legumes. They are the main sources of vegetable protein and are great for eating during masonboro.

Carbohydrate foods that you can include in a diet to put on weight

Carbohydrates are the main energy source of our body and is required for all processes occurring in the body. There are two kinds of carbs – faster and slower, and they differ in the speed of absorption. Preference should be given exactly slow carbohydrates, and eliminate the consumption of fast. Products that contain slow carbohydrates:

Grains. These include various cereals, pasta, bread and cereals. Cereals contain a large amount of slow carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and many trace elements. Pasta should choose those that are made from durum wheat. Bread should be eaten only black and cereal and granola will help to bring a touch of variety in the diet.

Vegetables and mushrooms. Vegetables should be in combination with protein foods, as they improve the absorption and digestion of protein.

Greens and fruits. In them in large quantities, contain many essential minerals and vitamins.

Foods that contain fats that you can include in a diet to put on weight

The best fats for power during the weight are omega-3. In large quantities found in fish and other seafood, as well as sold as separate supplements. Should be excluded from use butter.

In limited quantities, you can eat bananas, chocolate and other sugar-containing foods. During exercise, the body uses the reserves of glucose in the body and contained in the product sugar will help quickly to restore them.

The list of prohibited things in a diet to put on weight

Despite the main goal of weight need to be careful not to get extra, unnecessary fat. Otherwise, you simply get fat, and muscles are buried deep under layers of fat. You also need to carefully monitor the foods that will hinder your progress. They will need to be deleted first. Among the banned products include:

1. Alcohol and cigarettes. These bad habits not only have adverse effects on the lungs, liver and kidneys, but also ruin overall health. They slow down the metabolism, causing the body accumulates reserves of fat.

Alcohol itself is a fast carbohydrate, so its use should be abolished already on that note. But in addition, it lowers the production of testosterone in men and estrogen in women. This means, men will manifest female characteristics, and Vice versa, women will appear masculine.

2. Fast food. These include various soups, cereals, semi-finished products. These products contain low quality carbohydrates and a large amount of fat which will break the intestines, and thus contribute to fat gain.

3. Snacks. Chips, crackers, etc contain a large amount of salt, and besides, they are incredible high in calories. Despite all the assurances from manufacturers, a standard bag of crisps contains absolutely no nutrients for the body. Therefore, you can safely throw out the available snacks in the trash.

Sample menu for muscle gain

Diet for weight girls must contain about 1.5 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. Fats around 80-110g a day. And carbs about 400g per day. In this case, you will receive the optimum ratio of muscle and adipose tissue.

About the menu for the day:

• Breakfast – bowl of oatmeal with a Cup of yogurt.

• Second Breakfast – protein 3-4 boiled eggs and an Apple.

• Dinner – boiled chicken breast with buckwheat.

• Snack – handful of dried fruit or nuts.

• Dinner – vegetable salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as juice or compote.

• The second dinner – low-fat cottage cheese.

About the menu for the week:


Some of the key points of power in the diet to put on weight

In order to successfully gain weight you should a day consume more calories than you spend. The body spends a certain amount of calories just for their livelihoods. That is, even if you just sit back and do nothing, a certain number of calories at this time burned.

We will take a random girl, weighing 55 kg, age 30 years, height 170cm. On average, girls that shape is spent from 1300 to 1500 calories for basal metabolism.

During intense training on the ground spent from 300 to 400 calories. That is, you spend the day from about 1600 to 1900 calories. For effective weight you need to consume 200-300 calories more than you spend.

Count your servings so that the total number of calories per day exceed the spent. You have to choose the size of the portions individually. To calculate your daily calorie expenditure without taking into account loads, you can use the formula:

665.09 + (9.56 хW) + (1.84 xH) – (4.67 ha)

W – weight in kg;

H – height in cm;

A – age in years.

When dieting for weight in the body receives a small number of essential vitamins and minerals. This is due to the fact that the power supply to ground should include a small number of fruits and vegetables, so as not to overload the bowels.

So it will be very useful to take special supplements and complexes that contain vitamins. So it will be easier to gain weight, and also improve the health of the body.