If you follow a special diet for osteoarthritis, will be the effect? Yes, successful treatment sparing diet for arthritis possible!

Terrible disease, which will be discussed in this article have long been out of status «disease of elderly» — now osteoarthritis affects not only the elderly, but also young.

Recently often speak about the huge role of diet in the development of osteoarthritis are related to the metabolic disorders.

With a diet for osteoarthritis it is possible to achieve a marked improvement in the condition of the joint and reduce inflammation.

Massage, medication, physical therapy and other conservative methods of treatment are often powerless if patients adhered to the diet. A significant role in the progression of the disease play an «extra» pounds – full of people stress on the joints considerably exceeded, often leading to disability. Diet helps to get rid of excess weight, and, hence, from the disease.

The principle of supply degenerative changes of the joint

Immediately need to mention: diet for osteoarthritis should be chosen solely by the doctor. This should be a complete diet with a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and with the increased amount of necessary vitamins and minerals to relieve inflammation and accelerate regeneration.

Knowing that osteoarthritis promotes weight, patients begin to lose weight by all available means. It is strictly forbidden! Full or partial fasting, caloric deficit, with the exception of protein, fat or carbohydrates is not allowed in a diet for osteoarthritis.

The treatment principle is one: to restore the supply of complete cartilage synovial fluid in a certain amount. The liquid should include a certain percentage of chondroitin and glucosamine without them, the cartilage will not be able to fully function.

To increase the amount of synovial fluid is able food with a certain set of vitamins and minerals. And the products with ready-made glycoproteins provide the cartilage with the necessary amount of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Only a balanced diet for osteoarthritis

Doctors believe that reduce pain and restore power supply to the cartilage do not need large amounts of protein, or specific vitamins. Comprehensive diet for osteoarthritis is rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates from certain foods cooked properly.


Cartilage contains a large amount of protein is partly why protein foods people with arthritis should be consumed in sufficient quantities. Proteins of animal and plant origin are involved in the construction of new tissues, including the cartilage regeneration.

In various publications written about the benefits of jelly for patients with arthritis. The authors believe that the gelatin contained in the limbs of animals, of which cooked the jelly, fill him damaged tissue in the diseased joint. But if it were that simple, operations for joint replacements have not been doing. Scientists have conducted many studies about the benefits of jelly, but none of them confirmed the therapeutic action on the joints. Therefore, who cannot recommend jelly to be included in the diet for osteoarthritis.

However, animal protein is still needed. Boiled, braised, steamed protein products must be present in the diet of patients.

The main food rich in proteins of animal and vegetable origin for patients with osteoarthritis:

• fish (salmon, tuna);

• lean meats (rabbit, Turkey, chicken);

• dairy products (cheese, yogurt, sour cream);

• legumes (beans or lentils);

• buckwheat.

Please note: you do not need to take fat-free foods, or low fat fish. Only fatty fish and organic dairy products will have a therapeutic effect. And don’t be afraid from these products is not better!


An integral substance for the functioning of the human body also carbohydrates. They do not give to break down the muscles during exercise and provide energy reserve. But it’s not about sugar and other «simple» carbohydrates that are contained, for example, in pastry products. They are very quickly digested, putting off in the form of subcutaneous or internal fat.

Benefits are only «complex» carbs that you can take of grains, fruits and vegetables. They are absorbed slower promote weight loss and normalization of metabolic processes.


In the consciousness of the masses is firmly established opinion that fat from edible products deposited in the body, and people began to use «fat free» products. This is wrong and is fraught with serious metabolic disorders.

Only fat can protect the internal organs in severe injuries and, due to its lower teploprovodnosti, maintains a constant optimal body temperature. The diet for arthritis use different vegetable fats and animals, such as butter and fish oil in moderation.

It fish oil like no other, able to improve the condition of the tissues of all the organs and reduce inflammation. In addition, fish is rich in phosphorus, iron and selenium, which are very necessary joints.

Vitamins and minerals for osteoarthritis

Production of collagen, the main protein compound in the joints, is not possible without vitamins and minerals. On the creation of collagen «work» vitamin C in combination with iron under the influence of enzymes. This should encourage patients to use products with these substances.

The main sources of vitamin C – citrus fruits, rose hips, buckthorn, black currants and peppers.

Iron found in red meat, liver, egg yolks, shellfish, cereals, oily fish, apples and beets.

To restore optimum saturation of the synovial fluid glycosaminoglycans and other necessary vitamins:

B vitamins:

• Riboflavin (B2) regulates metabolism. Under its influence the formation of energy substances for the human body. Riboflavin is impossible without regeneration of tissues and their growth. Contains Riboflavin in eggs, almonds and pine nuts, and mushrooms.

• folic acid (B9) – promotes the production of new cells. Most B9 greens, baked potatoes, beans, eggs, chicken meat and bananas.

These products usually form the basis of the diet for osteoarthritis. Moreover, the frequency of intake and amount of food needs to be recommended by a doctor.

Only in the case when dietary intake of vitamins not getting enough, take vitamin-mineral complexes.

Useful products

Diet for osteoarthritis is not strict. The main principle: do no harm and don’t get fat! Described below are the foods that doctors recommend are usually in degenerative conditions of the joints. They are very useful, but only if they are properly prepared and not abused.

So, when osteoarthritis need is:

• fatty fish (salmon, tuna) nourishes the body with essential omega-3 fatty acids lower cholesterol levels and improve metabolism;

• fresh fruit, berries and vegetables – contain vitamin C to synthesize collagen by the body;

• soybeans and their derivatives (soy milk, tofu), grapes (peel) – source of phytoestrogen, promotes the production of hyaluronic acid;

• potatoes and other starchy roots;

• cabbage (cauliflower, broccoli);

• spinach is an iron-containing product;

• red pepper;

• chicken eggs for the production of «good» cholesterol»;

• milk and dairy products source of calcium;

• red meat, chicken is the best source of protein and selenium;

• walnuts, pine nuts, almonds and hazelnuts – all nuts contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber, vitamins a, b, E in large quantities, and other minerals;

• legumes (lentils and beans);

• mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, for calcium absorption;

• garlic – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect (prolonged regular use).

Pay special attention to the vegetable juices for their antioxidant effect. It is, to a greater extent on freshly squeezed juices carrot and beetroot preventing the aging of tissues. After pressing it should take no more than an hour. Often recommended cabbage juice you need to try very carefully – it is not every digestive system, can lead to indigestion, colic, and other unpleasant sensations.

Fruit juices are not less important, especially the juice of citrus fruits. The risk of developing osteoarthritis reduced by 16 percent, it is necessary only to drink orange juice daily, one glass.

A powerful anti-inflammatory action it has pomegranate juice, about five tablespoons of pure pomegranate juice every day prevents the wear of the cartilage and reduces inflammation in the joint.

Many sources write about a powerful anti-inflammatory effect of pineapple thanks bromelain. But there is one caveat: you need to eat fruit immediately after cutting, paying attention to the top and the cobs and canned pineapple has no useful properties other than the pleasure of its sweet taste.

Though jelly and meat jelly is recommended for patients with osteoarthritis, they cannot provide the joints with collagen. The fact that gelatin is indeed collagen, but it has undergone the process of denaturation and completely changed its structure. Therefore, the aspic is present in the diet for osteoarthritis, but only as light meals.

Exception – fish in aspic on the basis of rich broth. It contains chondroitin sulfate, which really gets into the synovial fluid.

Osteoarthritis and water imbalance

The main thing you have to remember, a person suffering from osteoarthritis of the limbs, is of a sufficient amount of liquid. Train yourself to drink. Now you can not only set a timer to remind you time to drink – a lot of apps for phone or smartphone will remind you every day automatically.

That water speeds up the metabolism and renewal of the body. Dehydration leads to a deficiency of the synovial fluid and exacerbate the deformation. The first glass of water you need to drink upon waking and continue throughout the day. In General, the body must receive at least 1.5 liters of water a day.

Sample menu for osteoarthritis


1. Porridge on the water with the addition of butter – oatmeal, buckwheat, wheat, millet or barley.

2. Cottage cheese with honey, cheese, fermented baked milk or yogurt with biscuits.

3. Green savory tea sandwich with butter or cheese.

4. Boiled eggs or scrambled eggs, vegetable salad.

Second Breakfast

1. Dried fruits (apricots, raisins, dates).

2. Fermented milk drink – kefir, yogurt, yogurt, acidophilus milk, fermented baked milk.

3. Orange.

4. Grenades.


1. Soup with vegetables or cereals, vegetable stew.

2. Fish jelly or jelly, cereal.

3. Boiled or steamed meatballs or patties, vegetable salad.

4. Boiled or baked fish, steamed vegetables.

Bread is better whole wheat, rye, or flour.

Afternoon tea

1. Compote of dried fruits.

2. Jelly.

3. Tea with cookies.

4. Mousse.


1. Steamed vegetables.

2. Cereal (can use any whole grains, but not in the form of flakes or bleached rice).

3. Cheese dishes.

4. Mashed potatoes or baked potato.

Half an hour after dinner drink some hibiscus tea or light green tea.

As it is, not to overeat

Portions should be small, only to satisfy feeling of hunger. Small plates will help you not to overdo it with the amount, and a short pause during the meal to control the degree of saturation. After eating it is advisable to walk a bit.

What is not in osteoarthritis

Exclude from the diet sweet and flour dishes, takeaway food, alcohol, canned Breakfast cereals and mayonnaise.

The amount of salt should be kept to a minimum. To replace it will help spices and herbs unlike salt, they do not retain liquid in the body and are deposited in unwanted places.

The effect of such diets will be visible not earlier than in six months.

If you are overweight, then the first result is only possible after weight loss.

And remember: any treatments should be discussed with your doctor.