How to lose weight without dieting! Useful tips!

Tips for those who want to lose weight without dieting.

When the cold season is gradually coming to end and the approaching season of t-shirts, returning to our old desires: the hips could be less fat, the stomach could be flatter. And certainly it would be great if again you could wear old jeans. The dream of a better figure never goes out of fashion. We’ve compiled the best tips how you can achieve your desired weight.

Lose weight gradually!

If You have a couple extra pounds on the abdomen and You want to get rid of them, then, in principle, it is a good idea – however, it is important that You start your project called «Weight loss», while not causing harm to her health. The first step on this road: don’t expect from Your body wonders. Often one is only Your own desire to lose weight becomes a stumbling block. The people themselves too high to raise the bar myself and get disappointed if their body does not obey. In this case the rule: lose weight gradually!

Diets are often only bring short-term success

Many diets look very tempting. Why? Yes, because they promise quick success. But beware: not every diet gives what it promises. And some of them even dangerous. So, for example, diet Low Carb, in which there is a drastic reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates in the presence of food in sufficient amount of fat and protein is questionable, because this diet dramatically increases the fat and the blood often leads to digestive problems.

The so-called crash diets, in which the body suddenly stops receiving the necessary calories, reduce weight only for a while. In addition, when the zero diet decreasing primarily muscle mass. And the program of separation of power, which should not be simultaneously consumed carbohydrates and protein, is very difficult, since almost all recipes contain both.

Relatively can be considered acceptable low-calorie diet if they include a variety of mixed feeding. Nutritionists suggest, for example, so-called diet Bridget.

Perestroika power — the best way to lose weight

If You want to keep to a diet, when it is selected You should pay attention to several important aspects. Diet is good when You rebuild Your power is not radically and include in your diet sufficient amounts of fruits, vegetables, and ballast substances. Bans on certain food is wrong, and can hardly be observed for a long time.

Stay tuned always skeptical when You promise that those extra pounds will evaporate in the eyes. The real and without harm to Your health — a maximum of 1 kilogram per week. Best of all, when You’re not considering losing weight in the short term. It is a myth that losing weight should always be through diet is to rebuild the power much better!

Explain clearly: our body must burn approximately 3,500 calories to lose a pound of weight. And if You save now every day 200 to 300 calories, you the visible and permanent weight loss will occur over several months. You can easily forget about fasting the day, or night, You will not be able to resist the contents of Your refrigerator. Eat regularly, small meals throughout the day.

Little tricks — help with weight loss

For weight loss use little tricks, such as: small plates, serving dishes which seem more; longer chew every piece is useful for digestion and gives You a quick feeling of fullness. Best of all, stick to three meals a day. Sometimes you can afford a light snack: yogurt, piece of fruit or vegetable. And no need to fully give up sweets! However, You have to promise yourself to eat sweets as often as three times a week.

Recommended to eat mainly foods with little energy density, i.e. with a small number of calories. This includes, for example, lean meats, lean fish, potatoes, rice, fruit, vegetables and cheese. Foods high in energy density (white bread, sprinkled with sugar Muesli, rich in fats, cheese, sausage and sweet) should be consumed in small quantities. It is recommended nutritious food: often eat cereal products, potatoes and green fruit daily include in your diet fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of fat, sugar and salt.

Also important: drink plenty of water, even before eating. Water triggers the consumption of energy and additionally gives Your body a feeling of satiety. You should also give importance to protein-containing products, such as meat, fish and dairy products. Protein facilitates the weight loss, because it is quite hearty and prevents the collapse of the muscle mass, providing the combustion energy.

Lose weight correctly: sport vaporizes extra pounds

Speaking of muscles: movement always leads to long-term slimming effect. In this case we are not talking about maximum athletic achievements. Probably need moderate endurance exercise with heart rate 110 to 140 beats per minute. However, 3 times a week to train very intensively for at least 30 minutes. One who trains less intensely, have to do it 5 times a week.

Endurance training is not necessarily Jogging in the morning. Recommended also driving on roller skates, jumping rope, and such team sports as volleyball, hockey or handball. It is important to get pleasure from playing these things. And we are not talking about exactly that You certainly have reached the 36-th and 38-th size clothing. Depending on the build standard size clothing can be quite different. Some are 42-th size for the upper half of the body and the 38th for the bottom and have a wonderful figure. In addition, for example, French and Italian sizes are often less than German, and American firms often try to please the small size to their potential customers.

Lose weight, not getting stuck on only weight

Even the weight that You see on the scale is not the measure of all things. Once You’ve started playing sports, there is a gradual increase in muscle mass. But the muscles in any case heavier than fat. In addition, studies have shown that the prototype of our shape is genetically based, and from 40 to 70 percent of so-called «body mass index» predetermined by nature. So absolutely, not every person can become slim, like a model. And the remaining 30-60 percent impact sports and good food. And success will depend on whether You do it with pleasure and without regard for the end result.