How to lose weight on all inclusive

Many women going on holiday in a hot country, try to put in order your body: sitting on a diet and fitness club more often than usual. This is not surprising, because most of the time at the resort they will spend in a bathing suit. But often these efforts go down the drain in just a few days after arrival at the hotel with system «all inclusive». «All inclusive» is fraught with many temptations for those who lose weight or just maintain yourself in shape. In the context of such gastronomic abundance so difficult to resist and not to try the vending treats.

Here are some guidelines that will help you not only maintain your figure during the holidays at all inclusive, but even to leave the resort a few pounds.

• best choice for Breakfast — muesli with milk, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs and a Cup of coffee. Still good to eat in the morning orange or grapefruit, it «set the tone» good digestion throughout the day.

• the rule is to start lunch and dinner with salad, good vegetables are available in the restaurants of hotels is very wide. Not radnica, put in a dish a mound of the vegetables, add any sauce, and, slowly, eat. Ate a salad? Go to the buffet, but now you will be more or less satisfied, in order to make the right choice of food and to protect yourself and your stomach from thoughtless «throw» on my plate of stuff.

• do not snack between meals, spacing should be at least 3 hours. This will enable the stomach to assimilate and digest food.

• about the Eastern sweets, ice cream and other desserts. If you have a sweet tooth and can’t imagine my life without little sweet pleasures, then, of course, it is not necessary to turn your holiday into a test. Within reasonable limits you can afford sweets, but on one condition: you eat dessert after the main meal. Nutritionists believe that this makes the sweet less hazardous for our figures.

• alcoholic drinks is better to prefer dry wine because it contains the least amount of calories. Spirits prefer to drink in the pure form, not in cocktails containing large amounts of sweet fizzy drinks. Lover of beer is recommended to drink not more than 0.5 liters per day.

• move more. Participate in sports activities conducted by our animation team such as Aqua gym, dance master classes, water Polo, etc. Swim in the sea and the pool, not just lie with the magazine on the shore. Compare: for 20 minutes of quiet (!) swimming you lose 160 calories, and at the same time on the bed just 22. What to choose? The answer is obvious!