Diet carb-free: rules and regulations. Why so easily lose weight on a diet without carbohydrates? How to keep the result

Diet no carbs is one of the most effective.

It is easy to carry, as fasting is not necessary, and can be prepared in many interesting and delicious dishes.

The essence of the diet – limiting the intake of carbohydrates, both simple and complex.

Principles of the diet without carbohydrates

The creators of the diet claim that this technique will cause the body to adjust to burning fat. In the usual power for energy use carbohydrates. As soon as there is a deficiency, the body uses first glycogen storage reserves contained in the muscles and liver, then fat stores.

Diet without carbs is actually very effective. To lose her for a week on three to five pounds. Even if the weight goes slowly and the scale is not very convincing, inches off waist and hips just melt, the face is pulled up. Compliments are inevitable!

But nothing good in the long rejection of carbohydrates is not. Irritability not so bad. But the load on the kidneys due to protein great. Therefore, more than two weeks on a carbohydrate-free diet can not sit. Definitely need a break, after which you can again to return to the system. And it is best to use optimism, which will appear after good results for the transition to proper nutrition.

The principles of strawberry nutrition following

• Exercise carbohydrate number, i.e., it contains mostly carbohydrates. It’s all flour, pasta, rice and other cereals, starch, sugar, honey, alcohol, fruit.

• Strict water regime – not less than one and a half liters of pure non-carbonated drinking water.

• Smaller meals: number of meals is increased to five or six times.

• Obligatory reception of vitamin complexes.

Complete abstinence from carbohydrates is not required, and this is very good news. From carbohydrate food are allowed, all non-starchy vegetables, berries, citrus fruits, unsweetened beverages.

Limitations and contraindications

The first week of a diet without carbohydrates is the most complex: the allowable rate of carbohydrates is not more than 20-25 grams per day. And given the fact that carbs are protein-rich foods contain. So, kefir, which is usually attributed to a protein group actually contains more carbohydrates than proteins. So you have to use calculator and weights. If you exceed the normal carbohydrate, good diets will not.

In the second week the norm of permitted carbs increases to 40 grams per day. You also need to ensure that calorie carbohydrate foods were not above 250 kcal.

The basis of food is protein foods: meat (lean), egg, fish, chicken. Cheese should be eaten with caution because of the high carbohydrate content in some varieties. Despite the fact that the ban on the consumption of fat on a carbohydrate-free diet is not, should limit their consumption. In any case, to monitor the caloric intake. Welcome meals for a couple.

Protein is not limited, however, to exceed the calorie content is not recommended. Protein diet will help for a long time not to feel hunger, perfectly nourishes, so to touch with calories difficult.

A diet without carbs can not be applied to people with any disorders of the kidneys. Diseased kidneys just can’t excrete such a large amount of products of protein breakdown. Instead of the gorgeous selfie yourself updated, you can surprise friend-list photos from the hospital room.

It is not necessary to lose weight according to this scheme, and in that case, if the bowels are weak, lazy, prone to constipation. The restriction of carbohydrates leads to the disappearance of the diet of fiber – the main «driving force» of the intestine. Constipation guaranteed. Reduced immunity, salakavala the body, suffering being.

Menu for seven days: a diet without carbohydrates

To make the menu for the week is quite simple. Only need to calculate the number of allowable carbs. The set of products specified are approximate.


• Breakfast: cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream.

The second Breakfast: the kefir.

• Lunch: chicken breast stewed in sour cream or fried. On the side broccoli.

• Dinner: fish, baked under a cheese crust.

• Before bed: yogurt.


• Breakfast: two boiled eggs, orange.

• Second Breakfast: 150 ml of yogurt.

• Dinner: chicken breast stuffed with olives and cheese.

• Snack: cottage cheese.

• Dinner: baked in foil fish with a side dish of broccoli.


• Breakfast: baked Apple, stuffed with cottage cheese.

The second Breakfast: the kefir.

• Lunch: chicken soup with greens, vegetable cutting halves of tomato and cucumber.

• Afternoon tea: coffee and cheese with low carb.

• Dinner: cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream.


• Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole.

The second Breakfast: an orange.

• Lunch: fish soup without potatoes.

• Afternoon snack: yogurt.

• Dinner: baked chicken steak with ketchup from the tomato with garlic.


• Breakfast: scrambled eggs with ham or cheese.

• Second Breakfast: coffee with a slice of mozzarella.

• Lunch: boiled chicken and spinach.

• Afternoon snack: orange.

• Dinner: cheese or the sour cream.


• Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese.

The second Breakfast: an Apple.

• Lunch: boiled beef under cheese crust.

• Afternoon tea: coffee and cheese.

• Dinner: fish baked in foil with lemon and spices.


• Breakfast: cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream.

The second Breakfast: the kefir.

• Dinner: chicken cutlets with a side dish of squash puree.

• Afternoon snack: Apple.

• Dinner: boiled chicken with cream sauce.

If you follow the principles of the diet, then on the third day the reflection will begin to delight.

It is possible to make the portions more voluminous or to complement the menu, every meal another component.

Option menu – a simple list of foods for each day, which can be varied arbitrarily.


• 200 grams of cottage cheese, boiled chicken. One Apple. Half a liter of kefir and chicken broth.


• 150 ml natural yoghurt. One egg and four egg whites. 200 grams fish, chicken. 300 ml vegetable broth.


• 200 grams chicken and fish. One hundred grams of cottage cheese with a spoonful of sour cream. Apple.


• Two eggs (or four egg whites), 150 ml of yogurt, 150 grams of lean pork.


• 200 grams of cottage cheese, strawberry cheese, 200 grams of stewed lamb and fish, an Apple, a Cup of yogurt.


• A jar of natural yoghurt, two hundred grams of chicken broth with a piece of meat and greens, no carb cheese.


• Egg whites (no more than four), half a liter of yogurt, 200 grams of chicken 300 grams of chicken soup with herbs.

In the meat group except the chicken, beef, lamb, you can include Turkey, veal and rabbit meat. Nice and offal: tongue, chicken hearts and gizzards, liver. Instead of chicken you can get duck or quail eggs.

The fish you can use any. If not fresh, then eat canned. Cut fish allowed shrimp and other seafood.

Vegetables for diet no carbs you need to choose wisely. Starchy invalid: no potatoes, radishes, carrots. But leafy greens, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper, zucchini, onion can be included in the diet, calculating the daily rate of carbohydrates.

From fruits you can eat one serving of green apples, oranges, pomegranates, grapefruits. You can drink tea with lemons, and sometimes indulge yourself with a handful of berries: blackberries, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries. Not to damage the diet five to eight nuts, a handful of sunflower seeds, a tablespoon of sesame seeds.

The important points of a diet without carbohydrates

It is very important to make each meal the same size and saturability. We can not ignore the Breakfast and overeat at dinner. Portion weight should be around 250-300 grams.

It is important to observe the principle of fractional power. The stomach is not overloaded with heavy protein will not appear constant companion of dieting – hunger. And this is the best way to avoid breakdowns and night raids on the fridge.

Drink water during the diet without carbohydrates is necessary. If you follow all the principles to count carbs and even calories, but do not drink enough water, the weight will rise, and kidneys are forced to work with a huge overload. One secret: after eating withstanding a water break, that is, do not drink half an hour.

The last meal two hours before bedtime. Well, if it’s something easy, for example, a Cup of yogurt.

Despite the fact that it is possible to calculate the amount of carbohydrates, it is impossible to get them out of the cupcake and chocolate, even if «carbohydrate corridor» are met. Better to cook something delicious and unusual.

What to replace meals in the diet without carbohydrates?

Dieting without carbohydrates can be easily tempted by something forbidden, like a sandwich, pizza, pie. That did not happen and the process of weight loss did not slow down, we can replace some familiar dishes cooked specially.

If you really want bread, you can cheat yourself by preparing cakes or muffins from bran and soy protein isolate. The recipe is very simple. Separate the protein of one egg and whip it in a solid foam. Yolk mix with a spoon of sour cream, a pinch of salt, a spoon of bran, three tablespoons of isolate. Enter protein, spread out over the cups or put into a form and bake at 230 degrees for twenty minutes. Perfect replacement for the traditional morning muffin sandwich.

As a binding framework for the most delicious cheesecakes you can also take bran. Mix them with curd and egg, fry in olive oil. Don’t forget to count the carbohydrates in a spoon of bran! Cheesecakes can make a salty or sweetened with a sugar substitute. However, experts suggest to limit sweeteners. Moreover, it is not very useful, so also triggers sugar cravings!

If on a diet no carbs like the usual juicy sandwich, you can bake the minced meat, formed into a pellet, then put on a baked meat cake transparent slice of tomato and cheese. Bake to cheese spread.

Many option for pizza on the basis of the usual scrambled eggs, you can invent your own: cheese, mushrooms, ham, olives.

How to get out of the diet without carbohydrates

To save the result, you need to leave the diet without carbohydrates. You can gradually add the first amount of carbohydrates to 60 grams, then up to 90 grams per day. If you start uncontrolled eating cakes, eating their mashed potatoes, the weight will immediately return.

Picking up the daily rate of carbohydrates, you need to give preference to «long» carbohydrates. A good option would be oatmeal in the water: buckwheat, oats, lentil. You can eat macaroni from durum wheat with low-fat and non-meat sauces. Caution you must enter the natural vegetable and fruit juices.

Diet without carbs does not apply to balanced. Apply it very carefully, because the individual reaction may be different.

Someone easy to tolerate the restriction of carbohydrates, but someone feels weakness, headache, fatigue. It is strictly prohibited to diet without carbohydrates for pregnant or lactating women, teenagers.