Carrot diet: hard mono-diet for stubborn and healthy, a day of fasting and gentle option for everyone. The basic principles of a carrot diet

Charming, shy carrot has many talents. For example, it can be an excellent basis for an efficient, uncomplicated and inexpensive, rapid diets.

Girls, check for yourself the effectiveness of carrot power scheme, claim to lose on this diet can up to five pounds overweight. Yes, half of lost pounds will be in water, but with the right exit to keep the weight off is not difficult.

Like any mono-diet, carrot is fairly hard. The diet consists essentially of one of the carrots. Selecting a three-day or ten-day regime, you need to keep in mind: more than this period to use this diet is simply impossible. For all the usefulness of carrot, this root is not able to meet the needs of the body in all the right nutrients to him. The shortage of proteins and fats can cause serious harm.

The principles of a carrot diet

Three or ten days? Choosing the validity of the carrot diet, you need to consider low tolerance for mono-diet. Yes, it is very convenient. But are tired of monotony very quickly, and carrots may suddenly lose one’s attraction. But if the carrot salads in ordinary life go with a Bang, then relive the days of strict diet would not be very hard.

Guaranteed to lose weight, you need to adhere to these nutritional guidelines:

• eat only the carrots;

• use a light dressing;

• drink plenty of clean water and a hot liquid in the form of herbal or regular, but not very strong teas. Welcome mineral water without gas;

• allowed to add to a carrot salad one fruit: Apple, kiwi, orange, pear;

• fruits can be eaten separately, after the carrots, or use as a snack. The main thing – not to get involved and not to eat more than allowed.

• salad can be replaced by freshly squeezed carrot juice;

• adhere to the five-mode eating.

The serving size is not restricted. To eat large amounts of grated carrots is quite difficult. Meals can be enjoyed at any time of the day. If you do not want to eat five times a day, you can reduce the frequency of eating up to four times.

Strictly prohibited any additions to the diet. Fry the carrot is impossible, the diet allows to eat only raw vegetable. At the time of the carrot diet you need to forget about all pickled, smoked, salted, sweet, canned, fat – in General, unprofitable.

The carrot salad for diet

The classic version of carrot for a salad diet is simple. You can prepare it in the morning for the whole day, not to waste time. A very convenient option for working women. One serving of salad is two large carrots.

Carrots grate on medium grater. Mix with a spoon of vegetable oil (olive, Flaxseed, sunflower, buckwheat – any on your taste), a spoon of lemon juice, if desired, add a spoonful of honey and one piece of fruit to choose from. The oil you need to useful carrot carotene is completely learned. Mix everything and prepare a tape. Waist begins to melt by the evening the first diet of the day.

The secret is that the carrot is one of those rare vegetables that have negative calorie content. This means that the absorption of carrot salad the body will spend more calories than is contained in the carrot. That is, eat and grow thin! The main thing – carefully grate the carrots and a good chew. Rough, tough carrots can damage the delicate walls of the stomach.

Carrot is very useful and is generally considered a unique vegetable. In addition to the fat-soluble beta-carotene it has a lot of vitamins, fiber, and minerals, folic acid, and essential oils. Thanks to vitamin A increases immunity, strengthens hair and nails, increased visual acuity, and the metabolism comes back to normal. The intestines due to the large amount of fiber starts to work like clockwork.

To abandon the use of carrots is not worth after the end of the carrot diet. The high content of natural antioxidants, should make the orange vegetable is a regular guest on our table. Antioxidants slow down aging by stimulating the emergence of new and healthy cells and preventing cancer. Among other things, boiled carrots contains twice more antioxidants, although completely deprived of vitamin A.

Menu for three days carrot diet

All three day Express diet must be strictly follow its principles. Every day you need to prepare a new batch of salad. The meal is divided into five times. Carrots for all three days is only used raw.

Menu variety will not please you, but will inspire simplicity and efficiency.

Breakfast: carrot salad, green tea.

Second Breakfast: carrot salad, mineral water.

Lunch: carrot salad, herbal or of weak black tea.

Afternoon snack: carrot salad, a glass of water.

Dinner: carrot salad or a glass of fresh carrot juice.

The salad is definitely mixed with a spoon of oil. The fact that beta-carotene is converted to vitamin a only in the lipid environment. Therefore, the «reduced calorie» in the hope for better results is simply impossible. Calories in body will do not much more, but the healing effect will be reduced significantly.

Between each meal you unlimited drinking water and tea. However, people with low pressure should drop herbs. They often cause even higher pressure drop, weakness, dizziness.

Water healthy body needs at least one and a half liters, and best of all two. Of course, we are not talking about a sweet soda that on any diet simply forbidden. The number of cups of green tea a day or four. This is enough to quench your thirst and further stimulate metabolic processes.

Three days later on the carrots scale will show the lack of three kilos of weight. They did not return instantly, you need to properly complete carrot weight loss.

Out of the diet

The fourth day is the day of the release of carrot diet. After the shock that is experienced body to pounce on the heavy and oily food is strictly prohibited. On the agenda is the fractional meals, small portion sizes, the life-giving water in the amount of one and a half liters. The diet enriched boiled or baked potatoes (two medium potatoes a day is enough), one hundred grams of boiled chicken breast, cut into transparent slices. Instead of chicken you can cook lean beef or Turkey.

If you want sweet (as often happens after a hard diet), lean on cakes and chocolate is not necessary. Better to eat a couple of sweet fruit, a Cup of berries or make your own… carrot dessert! Yes, the carrots were tired and stuff, but the balls of it is really tasty. You finely grate one medium carrot, mix it with a handful of finely chopped and fried in a dry frying pan walnuts, a spoon of sweet honey. The mass is stirred with a spoon, then form balls and sprinkle them with fragrant coconut flakes. Not Raffaello, but tasty.

Carrot diet. Menu for ten days

The toughest girls can continue a carrot diet for another week. If in the morning of the fourth day a strong aversion to the basic salad did not appear, and the loss of a size (based on favorite jeans) inspired by the exploits, you can start.

Bonuses – the appearance in the menu dairy products and warm food. It makes life much easier. However, the size of portions will have to monitor.

Breakfast: a glass of low-fat yogurt, Bifidok or other fermented milk product with low degree of fat or even zero fat. 200 ml is the maximum volume.

Second Breakfast: carrot salad with no oil, and sour cream or natural yoghurt. One kiwi in the salad or separately. The total weight of the portion of Breakfast – two hundred grams. A glass of mineral water or green tea.

Lunch: carrot salad with kiwi and sour cream – two hundred grams. Water or green tea.

Afternoon snack: salad from boiled carrot and fresh sweet-sour Apple and sour cream. Portion weight two hundred grams. Mineral water, herb tea or green tea.

Dinner: salad of fresh carrots with oil dressing, any fruit. Dinner option – a large glass (three hundred milliliters) carrot-Apple juice. As the second component for juice you can take another fruit.

Exit ten-day carrot diet needs to be the same as after three days. The first day to the carrot salad is added to boiled or roasted card and a piece of boiled lean meat. You can then include in the menu of porridge with water or low-fat milk, gradually add soup and rye or branny bread.

After ten days of carrot regime weight loss will be quite substantial, ranging from five to eight pounds.

Contraindications for carrot diet

To enter the carrot diet hard. The first two or three days, frequent dizziness, weakness, nervousness, headache. Contrast shower, a walk in the fresh air will help to cope with the discomfort. However, when the symptoms are severe, an urgent need to interrupt a strict diet regimen and seek the advice of a physician.

Absolutely contraindicated carrot diet for pregnant and nursing women, and people with diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver. The list of prohibitions on the basis of diagnosed Supplement diabetes, hypotension, diseases of the biliary tract.

Carrots can cause allergies or lead to so-called carotene jaundice. Skin will have unnatural orange tint. It is not dangerous and after some time passes, but looks rather strange.

But the carotene is able to make the tan is smooth, bright and beautiful. So carrot diet you can try in the spring or summer. If the mono-diet body will react well, in addition to getting rid of excess fat, improve complexion, clears skin, throughout the body will ease.

Unloading carrots

The carrot diet can be one of the options light of days. If during the day, follow the unsubscribe below the menu, you can bring great benefit to the body.

Breakfast: a glass of kefir or milk. Carrot salad master recipe with sour cream or yogurt dressing.

Lunch: carrot salad with any fruit with butter and honey.

Lunch: carrot-pear salad with any dressing of choice. Instead of pears you can use any fresh fruit or a couple of large steamed prunes.

Afternoon snack: a portion of salad.

Dinner: large glass of carrot-Apple juice, or just fresh carrot juice.

The whole fasting day be sure to drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water (not less than one and a half liters), green or of weak black tea with no added sugar. During this time, leaving the excess water, reduced content of toxins in the body, clears the intestines.

Alleghany option carrot diet

There is a lightweight version of the carrot diet. It can not be considered as a mono-diet in pure form, but nevertheless is also quite effective, and is easier.

Breakfast: a glass of carrot juice or cocktail from milk and carrot juice.

Second Breakfast: carrot salad and a slice of whole wheat bread.

Lunch: carrot salad without honey and fruit, but with a chopped tomato, a pinch of salt and pepper, a spoonful of oil and a slice of cereal bread. Cup of lentil soup.

Afternoon snack: any fruit.

Dinner: carrot casserole with one egg (not more than two hundred grams) or carrot salad with 150 grams of boiled rice.

This option is carrot diet as the base, calculated for a period of not more than ten days.

The result it gives is good: at least three pounds will disappear.

Contraindications for the light diet on carrots the same as for the preferred option.