How to lose 10 pounds in a month, and is it possible for 10 days in a week at home. How to quickly lose weight by 10 kg without dieting and harm to health.

Newfangled clichés about the need to have a perfect body and a minimum weight they are driving us in, to stick which is very, very difficult. Agree, with almost every magazine cover, TV screen or on the pop-up browser Windows looking at us another beauty with glowing skin, shiny, bouncy, long hair and she always dressed to the nines. Ah, Yes: this beauty is definitely thin.

Thanks to modern stereotypes, to consider the alleged men in love just from the «look so thin», and indeed it lives are lucky in everything: a prestigious job, a whole ocean of fans, expensive cars and luxury homes. Given the flow of this information, the average woman has a huge number of complexes and is given only one goal in mind: to lose weight. And quickly, easily and in the right places. But not so simple.

Is it possible to lose weight in a month by 10 kg?

Always remember one simple but very important rule: a beautiful woman is a healthy woman. Not to say that diet «ruin» the body, but the rapid dumping of a large amount of weight can positively impact on health. That is why you should listen to the experts, for example, coaches and dietitians, who in one voice say that optimal weight loss is one kilogram per week. By simple calculations it is possible to calculate that, ideally, You can lose 30 pounds in the same number of days, but is it worth enough to put your health at risk?

How to understand that really was time to lose weight? It’s very simple, you only need to look at ourselves:

• If immediately after a meal You feel sleepy, or at least just lie down. You feel sleepy and fatigue, so You actually have extra weight.

• If, even with minimal exertion shortness of breath, dizziness and so-called «stars» in the eyes, you should reconsider your lifestyle and try to lose a few pounds.

• In the second half of the day and closer to the night You irresistibly drawn to the refrigerator? This may mean that the body is not working properly, turning everything eaten for a day to cellulite and excess weight. And You only add fuel to the fire, eating another batch of «Goodies».

Overall to lose around 10 kg of extra «ballast» for the month is quite real. It is important to combine the selected diet or at least a system of proper nutrition and physical activity do not give yourself any favors.

How to lose 10 pounds in a month with a diet «Minus 60»

For effective weight loss it’s very important to adjust yourself to the fact that You will fundamentally change the way of life. It is easier to move, if You are limited in terms of losing weight, and doing it solely for his own pleasure and for health. For example, a popular diet called «Minus 60» will help calm and size lose weight and not to limit the use of favorite products.

That is the meaning of the diet:

• To follow two main rules. The first is to reduce the amount of consumed servings of Breakfast, lunch or dinner due to the reduction plate. Second – make sure to stick to the diet.

• So, in the first week of the diet You need to get rid of harmful products and food waste, and also take a plate smaller. All products must be her, but not beside her.

• Next, you should train yourself to eat Breakfast, even if before the usual meal for You had coffee and a cigarette. Better to eat a traditional English Breakfast – oatmeal, yogurt, a sandwich with chicken.

• Learn food combining: the most appropriate garnish for fish or meat will become rice or buckwheat. Potatoes should eat separately and cook it without meat soups. Pasta and flour better to completely eliminate, and avoid fried foods.

• As light as possible should be dinner. You can eat fruits such as watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, plums or apples. You can add a little yogurt dinner homemade.

Limit yourself to sweet, add each time less sugar in the tea minimize the presence in the diet of white bread, pasta and potatoes. And most importantly: up to 12 hours of the day allowed to eat almost everything, closer to 14-00 portion sizes need to be reduced and after 6 PM it is better to abstain from food.

How to lose 10 kg in month by using the system of the diet

A fairly simple diet called «the System» will help You to lose weight without much restrictions, and loss from the health. Its main point is to eat in one day not more than 1200 calories. Given the fact that a healthy person requires about 2000-2500 calories a day, it is not so rigid.

To stick to a diet exactly You need to find the table of calories. Some of the products and their calorie content You can read below:

1. Portion of oatmeal contains about 170 calories,

2. One egg, hard-boiled – 75 kcal

3. Green Apple – 75 calories

4. But banana calories more – 125,

5. If You eat a bowl of vegetable soup, the body will get about 100 kcal

6. While the soup cooked in meat broth is 250 kcal

7. One serving of rice contains 140 calories,

8. Chicken fillet with a mass of 100 g – 110 kcal

9. 200 grams of salad from fresh vegetables – 120 kcal

10. A Cup of herbal tea is only 2 calories,

11. A Cup of yogurt contains 110 calories,

12. In one teaspoon of sunflower oil has about 40 calories.

Thanks to these tables, You will be able to distribute your menu for 4-5 meals and to properly build a diet. Remember that You’ll need 1.5-2 liters of clean water and regular exercise. And, of course, forget about fast food, sweets, alcohol and fatty foods.

How to lose weight in a month 10 kg with diet «Five parts»

Not bad, but more stringent restrictions diet called «the Five parts». Another popular name — «Diet 5». What is the essence of the diet?

Everything is quite simple. You should divide your Breakfast, lunch or dinner on 5 main points:

1. Fats take eating fish, nuts and some olives (you can substitute a tablespoon of olive oil),

2. Proteins – eat boiled chicken, lean beef, seafood, dairy food (cheese, cheese),

3. Carbohydrates are allowed to eat cereals (rice, buckwheat, millet), vegetables and fruits

4. Branny bread – fiber,

5. Drinks – tea, juice, smoothies, some amount of soy milk.

Adhering to this diet you need to choose a plate small size and complete dish. But an important rule: more than 5 components on the plate should not be. The meals is also recommended to divide into 5 parts.

Physical effort required. If You have no money to visit the gym, you can buy a jump rope or hula Hoop and do at home.

Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in 10 days?

Of course, there are diets that promise You getting rid of 10 kg at once for a short period of time. For example, if You have an important event and You desperately need to lose weight or as is often the case, before the holiday there are only 2 weeks and You are out of shape. Consider only one fact: rapid weight loss is always fraught with consequences, especially if Your chosen diet only consists only of constraints. Before you set foot on this path, think. Perhaps we should deal with the correction of the figure in advance, not to stall for time until the last? In any case, the choice will remain yours, and we can offer You a sparing diet for the period from 10 to 20 days.

To lose weight properly how to lose weight at 10 kg for 10-20 days?

If You want to lose weight quickly, but You feel that leave the service You certainly will like a fun diet, which is called «Tag.» All of us in childhood played this game. Imagine the 4 cells horizontally and the same vertically. Each cell represents a single ingredient that is in total there will be four for every meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner must be equal to the size of Your fist, if the portion will seem at first too small, you can add more than 10%.

Divide the «tag» area:

1. Red zone – poultry meat, lean fish, veal, lamb, and liver, and dairy products (cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt),

2. Green – eat vegetables in any form (except potatoes), mushrooms and pickled greens (peas, cucumbers,etc.)

3. Blue zone – drinks (water, coffee, tea),

4. Yellow zone – fruit.

Each meal should consist of red, green and blue areas, and in the afternoon you can eat a few items from yellow. Here is a sample menu:

• For Breakfast you are allowed to eat an egg, some broccoli or cauliflower and a Cup of coffee.

• Lunch consists of veal or beef steak, steamed, vegetable salad and mushrooms. All you can drink herbal tea.

• In the afternoon you can eat fruit like cherry, pear and currants. If at this time, these berries are not then allowed to eat a Mandarin orange, kiwi and Apple.

• Dinner fish with tomato and cabbage, drink plain water.

You can’t eat bread, pasta, potatoes, cereals and flour products. Quite a bit you can eat olive oil, nuts and seeds. Be ruled out as legumes, fatty meats and milk.

Main goal – speed: lose weight rapidly with buckwheat-kefir diet for 10 kg for 10-20 days

The most important thing in the process of losing weight – not to shock the body. Otherwise, he after a while will simply refuse to work properly. You may feel tired, be apathetic and indifferent to everything. To avoid this, it is better to avoid mono-diet, so a clean diet You will not do. But the combination of buckwheat + yogurt + dried fruit will help to rapidly lose weight.

The main ingredient of this diet is, of course, buckwheat. It can be consumed in unlimited quantities throughout the day. Adding it to the kefir, You will be able to withstand the hunger, who will visit You regularly. Only it is not necessary to connect two dish, buckwheat and a Cup of yogurt must be at least 1-2 hours.

When You feel that Your stomach is weak from hunger, try a little to eat dried apricots or prunes. This does not mean that you should immediately eat the entire package, quite a few berries in order to fool the stomach.

To withstand buckwheat-kefir diet can not every woman, therefore, first try to hold on to it for at least one day a week. Then inject it twice within 7 days. If You can get through the day, eating only buckwheat and kefir, then this power system will suit You in the future.

The Japanese diet: how to lose 10 kg in a short time

The Japanese diet is widely known throughout the world. It reminds diet «Six petals»: it is also allowed to eat for days, dispensing categories of food, for example, on the first day should eat only fish, second vegetables, third – beans, fourth day – rice, and the fifth – soup. Only in the Japanese diet You can Supplement the monotonous diet of greens, fruits, soy sauce and low-fat yogurt.

You should pay attention to if Your choice was the Japanese diet:

1. First, vegetables and fruits are better not to be treated thermally. Everything that can be eaten raw, must last and stay.

2. Secondly, it is necessary to divide your usual portion at least in half.

3. Thirdly, it is better to cook in minimum amounts, that is, with one or two servings. Yesterday’s meals don’t need to eat.

4. Drinking, drinking and again drinking. The more green tea without adding sugar and water, the better.

Color scheme as Japanese food is one of the brightest in the world, it needs to be while comply with diet. The bright colors and products to diversify Your menu, and lose weight with this range of color is much nicer.

With the exception of products: chocolate, sweets, chips, crackers and fast food. The bread must be replaced with a rice cake or quite abandon it, and the meal must be balanced, including fish, seafood, vegetables, rice and fruit. The secret of the Japanese diet is to slow the chewing and enjoying every bite of food.

Whether to lose weight 10 kg in a week?

To this question the answer is rather «no» than «Yes». If You want a long time to spend on the restoration of the stomach, intestines, pancreas and other organs, then of course You can try to lose 10 pounds in a week. Comparing the possible risks and the effect of this weight loss, I must say that the balance tips more to the first. You are risking their health in the first place. And lost in a short time the pounds will more than back, and even with an excess, such as having stress, the body including a mechanism overcompensation. So take for yourself as a fact — any miraculous diet telling you how to lose weight 10 kg in a week will only cause harm to your body.

How to lose 10 kg without dieting

Yes, and this is also possible. Unfortunately, this requires much more time, but not 7, not 10 not even 20 days. In the long term, you can help the system a proper diet combined with a fair amount of physical exertion, and in a short time will help to lose weight only complex, expensive and require rehabilitation procedures, for example:

  • Liposuction,
  • The gastric bypass surgery.

Both of these operations are carried out under anesthesia only by qualified personnel. Typically, they choose, if a person has already a certain degree of obesity and to lose weight did not succeed. In any case, You can first try one of the diets proposed by us before to think about extreme measures.

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