How to freeze blueberries for the winter correctly. The main methods, recommendations on how to keep blueberries fresh for the winter

Blueberries, in spite of all his external modesty, the product is very useful for the human body.

It can be used to improve the immune system, vision and just to lighten the mood.

Continues until the summer season and berries are around in abundance, but closer to winter, the question becomes: how to preserve blueberries?

Ways to save really a few, and each of them deserves closer scrutiny.

How to freeze blueberries?

There are three basic ways of preserving blueberries:

  • drying;
  • freezing;
  • the trituration with sugar.

Each of these methods is aimed not only to ensure that the berries stay fresh, but to save the maximum amount of nutrients in them. Today the most popular way to preserve these berries is freezing. To implement this method, you need to:

1) to collect blueberries, you can iterate through it, leaving the most sturdy and smooth berries, simultaneously removing small litter;

2) thoroughly rinse them;

3) arrange on a tray in a single layer so they are thoroughly dry;

4) after the fruits are dry, put them in plastic containers or small jars and hide them in the freezer. Ready!

Important! To store berries should be away from other foods, especially fish or meat because bilberry has the ability to absorb odors.

Shelf life is maximum 12 months.

Once the fruits are thawed, use them in different ways. If you use them without various additives, they will lose their juiciness and elasticity (in comparison with fresh berries). So to avoid this it is recommended to grind them with other additives, for example, with honey or sugar.

Also frozen fruit can be used as an additive to your favorite cereals, or as a filling for pancakes or any fruit dessert. For people who lead a healthy lifestyle and watching her figure, with these berries you can cook healthy fresh smoothies.

How to keep blueberries fresh: dried

There are times when the freezer is too small, or there is some other reason why you are not able to freeze the fruit.

For such cases, the best way in which the loss of vitamins is minimal – drying. You can do it in different ways. But first we have to make the preliminary preparation of the fruit, exactly the same as when frozen, that is, to rinse, disassemble and dry.

Then you can go one of two ways. In case you live in a private house or a cottage, you can use the option of drying outdoors. To put the fruit in a thin layer to fabrics of cotton, under the canopy.

The main requirement here is the presence of shadows, low humidity and adequate ventilation. The top can be covered blueberries berries gauze to her not sit down dust and insects. Every 2-3 hours, don’t forget to check the fruit and shake them. The total drying time is 3-4 days.

However, you can use another option. Take the prepared berries, spread them in a thin layer on a baking sheet and put in oven at minimum temperature. The drying time in the oven will make up only 5-8 hours, the door should remain open. Do not forget to periodically shake the berries so they don’t stick to the pan.

In addition, you can use a special dryer for fruits and berries. If you have a farm available, then all that is required is to follow the instructions.

Dried berries are often used as an additive in tea and for preparation of various medicinal decoctions. They are stored, usually in special cotton bags in a dry, dark place. Shelf life – 12 months.

How to store blueberries for the winter: recipe with sugar

This option is very easy to prepare, moreover, stored in the refrigerator. To make the blueberries with the sugar, you need to sort through the berries, rinse them, run through the blender mixed with sugar and a good grind. In the end, the wonderful aroma and taste of the fresh berries will be saved, besides, vitamins will also remain in full.

As to the amount of sugar, you can add depending on your preferences and the desired shelf life, that is what it is, the longer it continues the product. For example, to billet stood all winter and remained until spring, then you need to fill up sugar in the ratio of 2 to 1, that is two times more than the berries. If the billet is not intended for long-term storage and will be used within 30-40 days, then the ratio can be 1 to 1.

Prepared mashed berries decomposed into sterilized jars and put in the fridge. It can be used as a separate dessert, additive in ice cream, filling for crepes or for spreading on bread.

How to store?

Any blanks could long be stored, fresh berries also need to be stored correctly. Immediately after collection they should be selected, washed, dried and stacked in glass or plastic containers. Thus, the working life of the future blanks will be able to extend the maximum. Store them preferably in a separate location from the fridge to berries are not picked up flavors of other foods.

To store berries is not necessary through freezing or drying, there are other methods, for example, in the form of juice.

The juice from blueberries

As mentioned above, the berries in the fresh state can be stored not only in the entire state, but also as a great juice. To do this, take the juicer and turn fragrant berries in great vitamin juice. Of course, the blueberries to be stored can’t, because the juice has not been pasteurized, so after a week or two it will ferment, and the lost.

What to do in this case? To solve we need to take:

  • blueberry – 3 kg;
  • sugar – 1.5 kg.

The process of making juice with a long shelf life looks like this:

1) take the berries, washed and dried;

2) when the fruits are dry, put them in a container, pour water and a little proverjaem;

3) you then squeeze the juice from the berries and add the sugar;

4) after that, boil the drink and proverjaem a maximum of 5 minutes, pour into sterilized jars and preserve them;

5) after cans of juice has cooled, put them in a well-ventilated cool room. Ready!

There is one recipe for saving the berries for the winter in the form of juice. To prepare it, you need to perform the following actions:

1) take the ripe fruit, as usual, wash and dry them;

2) dried berries grind them with the pestle and put the resulting mass into a press;

3) the cake that was left, added 2 tablespoons of boiling water and thoroughly pounded to the juice and dyes went out of it;

4) then, the concentrate is diluted with sugar in the ratio of 100 g per 1 liter of juice, brought to a boil and off;

5) juice in a still hot state is poured into sterilized jars and rolled. Storage conditions are the same as in the previous recipe.

Thus, using any of the above recipes you should not worry that blueberries, after long storage will lose its nutrients.

Bon appetit!