How to grow and use Kombucha at home (photo). Rules for the care of a tea mushroom at home and the secrets of using

Everyone at least once had to meet with this miracle in a jar.

Its discoverers the Japanese call it the sea cabbage.

On our expanse he called Kombucha.

Outwardly, it resembles a constantly growing jellyfish.

Smooth top and loose at the bottom, where there is a huge variety of yeast bacteria, which in the process of chetvernia.

How to use Kombucha at home? Its good for the body

Application of tincture Kombucha can be classified as alternative medicine. With his help get rid of different diseases and prevent their re-occurrence:

• Sleep disorders and insomnia;

• Headaches;

• Unstable blood pressure;

• Stress and fatigue;

• Chronic rhinitis;

• Chronic tonsillitis;

• Sore throat;

• Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

• Diseases of the kidneys;

• Disorders of the liver;

• Diseases of the genitourinary system;

• Disorders in the cardiovascular system;

• Rheumatic heart disease;

• Polyarthritis;

• Atherosclerosis.

To use Kombucha is quite simple. First, you need to brew the tea. You can add a variety of useful herbs that do not contain oils. Typically add lime blossom, rose hip, birch leaves, nettles, strawberries. After the brewed tea infusions within one hour, carefully strain it, add to it a pre-prepared sugar syrup and poured it all in three-liter jar, where all is mixed with purified water. Now put the well-washed Kombucha jar and cover with clean gauze.

Within a week of the tea filled yeast bacteria and acetic acids. It will be possible to try. The taste of Kombucha should remind the brew – a sharp and sparkling. If the sharpness is not enough, you should wait until home Medusa dorotovic drink. It can last up to two weeks.

How to use Kombucha with health benefits? Lovers and connoisseurs of this drink are advised to drink up to 0.5 liters per day. Fasting in the morning a Cup of tea from the home mushroom will help to Wake up, invigorate and stimulates the digestive system. During the day it is recommended to drink Kombucha for an hour before eating or 3 hours after a meal. A glass of miraculous tincture at night will prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, soothes and adjusts the body to a restful sleep.

Using Kombucha to help cope with the extra weight, improve the condition of hair and nails, get rid of problem skin.

The harm of using Kombucha

It should be remembered that the finished drink Kombucha contains a large amount of acetic acid, yeast bacteria, causing fermentation and sugar. Therefore, its use is acceptable in pregnancy and breastfeeding only under the condition of absolute health of the mother and the absence of her allergic reactions.

Drinking Kombucha can and children. But given the fermentation processes, it is not necessary to teach children to it from early childhood.

The presence of acids, yeast, bacteria and sugar in the drink makes it prohibited for people with such diseases as:

• Increased acidity of the stomach;

• Ulcer;

• Diabetes mellitus;

• Fungal diseases.

Individual intolerance to Kombucha, of course, is also the place to be. And in the presence of adverse events, after taking this tea, you should refuse it.

Kombucha at home: how to grow?

To grow Kombucha at home is fairly simple if you know simple rules. For growing miracle comes from Japan you will need:

• The process of Kombucha;

• The net three-liter Bank;

• Ready to brew regular black tea — 100g in 1 litre of water;

• Sugar – not more than 60 g;

• Clean gauze.

So, first you need to take the process of the Kombucha from someone who has already managed to grow it. A person who spreads Kombucha, willing to share it, as this homemade jellyfish is growing quite rapidly. It is able to fill in the end the Bank and even to reach a weight of 100 kg under certain environmental conditions.

Washed process of the fungus placed in a clean three-liter jar. Separately, brew tea, add sugar and mix thoroughly. The sugar should dissolve completely. Kombucha likes, when it contains particles of undissolved sugar. From this it can start to hurt or even die.

Carefully pour the brewed tea Kombucha. Cover with gauze, so that the inside did not get dust and other unwanted debris.

The process of growing Kombucha at home run.

Kombucha at home: why die?

How to start the process of growing Kombucha at home is now clear. But important question – how to save? What are the secrets you need to know to keep tea jellyfish from disease and death?

The cause of many diseases Kombucha is bad care:

1. First of all, the tea mushroom it is necessary to allocate it a permanent place. It should be warm and bright, but direct sunlight are detrimental effects on the fungus;

2. Direct sunlight or the room temperature is below 18 degrees provide a good basis for the development of the Bank with a tea mushroom blue-green algae. If such breach the conditions of detention of the fungus, the algae cover it, and the walls of banks and swim around the solution. Thoroughly rinse the mushroom, wash and dry the jar, to correct errors in the content of Kombucha then the algae will not return;

3. Contact Kombucha undissolved sugar leaf or welding will provoke the appearance of brown spots. So painted the affected areas tea jellyfish, which have to be separated from it;

4. Small flies that often flock to a bowl of fruit in the summer, I love Kombucha. They sit on it and lay their eggs. After which, the larvae of the flies feed on the fungus, destroying it. This is another reason that a jar of Kombucha. it is necessary to cover multilayer gauze;

5. Young mushrooms with insufficient acidity vulnerable to the negative impacts of the environment more than the adult specimens. If violation of a temperature mode or in a room often smoke, on the surface of the fungus mildew. Most often, this Kombucha is only be replaced. But you can try to save Kombucha at home. For this it is well washed with water, and then pour boiled vinegar. After this, the mushroom should be placed in clean welding and to monitor its condition. And, of course, it is necessary to eliminate the causes that caused the disease.

Caring for tea mushroom at home, it should regularly be washed with cold running water. The older the mushroom, the more he. This tea jellyfish grows, building up layer by layer. Each of them clearly expressed. When the layers will be changed a lot, it indicates a good health of a living organism. But dealing with such charges all the more difficult. The growing size hindered its retrieval from banks. This often leads to tears and cuts Kombucha. It can hardly be attributed to a critical lesion of its tissue. The fungus is quickly restored, as has an excellent semiregenerative. But to ease the process of caring for a Japanese tea companion, better gently away from him a number of layers.

The older and bigger the mushroom, the faster he copes with the preparation of the drink. The drink is yeast and bacteria and acid. Therefore, it is necessary to be on time, ready to drain the infusion. Otherwise, peredereeva tea mushroom educated in his juice, you can ruin it. The acid content in the Bank is growing every day. Reaching a critical level, the acid will begin to eat away at the fungus. It will show it, trying to roll over on its side.

Having these basic knowledge, you can easily grow Kombucha at home and use his gift with health benefits.

Kombucha at home: healing beauty

Home infusion tea fungus long known for its unique cosmetic properties. The content of acetic acid allow you to effectively cleanse your face from dirt and also lighten dark spots. For such purposes it is recommended to use as long as infused tea. But it is important to ensure that Kombucha itself began to suffer from increased acidity in the environment of his life:

• Cleansing poultice made from the heated infusion of Kombucha. In warm tea moistened gauze, place it on the face and kept for 10 minutes;

• Tighten pores, tone and trigger the production of natural collagen will help the ice cubes from Kombucha;

• Nourishing mask for the face, the diluted infusion tearoom, homemade jellyfish, many multiples will increase their beneficial effects,

Infusion of Kombucha, you can simply wipe the face. This will clean it and clarified. Return the hair strength and Shine use the rinse a tea mushroom.

As you know, the beauty of the skin is hidden in the depths of the body. The tea is prepared with Japanese mushroom, perfectly cleanses the body of toxins, heavy substances and excess cholesterol. He fills it with beneficial bacteria, which leads to normalization of all systems. Therefore, a man filled with strength, energy, and regaining a healthy radiant look.

To grow Kombucha at home is not difficult if you follow the simple rules. But the benefits of this healthful drink is always obvious.