How to dry currants: secrets and tips. For cooking any meals and use dried currants

Currants, be it black, white or red varieties is a tasty and useful berry.

Thanks to the healing properties attributed to medicinal plants.

But black currants are not only popular for their beneficial qualities, but bright and rich taste and aroma that made these berries and its leaves are a staple in the traditional Russian ceremony of tea drinking, but also opened up many opportunities for experimentation in cooking.

Usually of currants harvested a variety of preservation: preserves, jams, jellies, compotes. But due to the heat treatment, the berries lose almost all the beneficial properties. So the dried currant is the best way to preserve vitamins.

Dried currants: useful properties

Dried berries are not inferior to their useful qualities, fresh. Currant has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, immunoliposome properties. Freshly brewed tea made from dried berries and leaves of currant drink for colds and in the event of problems with the respiratory system.

Currant occupies a leading position among other berries on the content of useful substances. It and folic acid, and vitamins b, C, d, E, K and zinc, iron, manganese, copper.

To prevent chronic diseases, dried currants are consumed with problems of the cardiovascular system, kidney, gastrointestinal tract. Thanks brewed the dried fruits can also cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. The use of currant reduces the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

How to dry currants: selection, preparation, storage

To dry currants freshly picked need. The fact that the longer is the berry, the greater the likelihood that it will infest the causative agents of intestinal diseases, it is covered with mold and it formed mold.

Fresh currants for drying should be firm, not bat, no visible cracks, her scent sharp, but pleasant, suitable smell of berries. The color of the berries should be solid, without impurities: if black, then dark blue; if red, then bright, without greenish shades.

Gathered currants plucked, removed from the sprigs, remove leaves and other possible debris. Whole fruit without signs of deterioration are placed in small portions into a colander and rinse, then gently shift to spread out on the table towel to dry.

Before proceeding with drying currant, it is important to make sure the berries are ripe, whole, clean and dry.

Store the dried berries should be in bags made of natural fabrics in a dark not humid place not more than 3 years. Dried currants can be stored in a clean dry glass container, the neck of which is better not cork tightly with a lid and cover with gauze fixed with a regular elastic. But in this case there is a risk that the berries will suffocate and begin to mold, so from time to time to shake the jar and check the status of the berries.

How to dry currants in the fresh air

This method of drying berries, though the most time-consuming and not very comfortable, but natural. The room in which the process must be well ventilated. Unacceptable of direct sunlight on the grapes, the sun destroys the beneficial properties of black currant.

Lay on the table a clean paper or fabric. Do not use for drying old Newspapers. Lay morning on the prepared surface currants so that the fruits do not touch each other, leave for the day. At night you can put the berries in, but in the morning they again have to allocate in the same place. Currants dried thus from two to three weeks. The finished, dried the berries are deep black in color with blue, if black currant or Burgundy-red, if the berry is red, they’re shiny and not stick together.

How to dry currants at home

In the oven. This method due to its ease and speed the most common. Spread the berries on a dry baking sheet. Place them in a preheated 40 degree oven for one hour. After set the temperature at 60 degrees, dry currants, about 3 hours. If after the allotted time, the berries are darkened and not sticking, drying can be completed.

In aerogrill. Put the currants in a pan, set the temperature to 60 degrees on the mode of «Blowing». The moisture from the berries evaporated, leave the lid of the convection oven ajar. Dried currants about 2 hours, which is an advantage of this method. But it has the disadvantage that a lot of BlackBerry in this device to dry for one approach will fail in the pan only holds about one kilogram.

How to dry black currant leaves

Collect currant leaves should be not rainy Sunny weather. Choose large leaves, without any signs of damage, poshlosti, damage by pests. The leaves that grow on the top of the shoot, it is better not to touch, otherwise the next year these branches may not be as fruitful. Tear the leaves without the berries and stalks, and only the leaf plate.

The collected leaves spread a thin layer on newspaper in a well ventilated area. Depending on humidity, temperature in the room, drying can take from three days to one week. The finished leaves are dry, but at the same time not brittle and not crumbly. This effect you can achieve, if they will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Dried black currant leaves fold in a canvas bag or a glass container. Use them for brewing tea or for the preparation of conservation.

How to use dried currants

Dried currants can be used, it serves as a useful treat for tea, it also offers fruit drinks and fruit drinks. Drinks from the dried berries work better than fresh. The taste and color them the same full-bodied, the flavor is unique, and use less.

Also from the dried berries, it turns out gorgeous cakes. Use currants as a filling for cakes, pies, tarts. Put in the dough when cooking mannikov, muffins, cupcakes. Add to cakes and pastries. Baked currant becomes soft, but does not release juices, making the cakes, do not soak, and it turns out surprisingly tasty.

Can decorate dried currants and various confectionery products: cream, yogurt, frozen. Berry enhances the taste of sweetness, making it even more appetizing and beautiful. Besides, unlike fresh berries, dried currants does not coagulate dairy products.

However, not only in desserts put dried fruits. Of currants you can make an incredibly delicious and aromatic marinades and sauces for meat. Some add a few berries in fruit salads and even soups, making them not only unusual and interesting but also more useful.

And fans of alcoholic drinks can taste homemade wines, liqueurs and cordials on the basis of dried currants.

The recommended daily allowance of dried currants is around 50 grams a day, so there for culinary experiments you plenty. This is a versatile product, able to highlight and add flavor to any dish.

Dried currants: indications and contraindications

In General, dried currants has no contraindications, except an allergic reaction to vitamin C and hypersensitive. Adults need to strengthen the immune system to eat in a day a handful of berries, children are usually to maintain overall health and in disorders of the stomach are boiled with freshly or dried currant compote. Dried currants are also recommended to enter into the diet of the people weakened after illness or undergoing surgery.