How to drink water to lose weight: what, in what form and why. How to drink water during the day for weight loss

Many of you who prepare your figure for the beach season, concerned with the question: is it possible to quickly and effectively lose weight on the liquid and how to drink water to lose weight.

In this matter, nutritionists have divided into two camps: some are skeptical, others assert that it is possible.

The main thing is to keep the volume and frequency of fluid intake and to monitor its quality.

How to drink water to lose weight: to whom and how much to drink

Weight loss on water also called «the diet for the lazy». This method to lose weight is a great option for those who do not have enough will power to strictly limit yourself to food. It is important to understand that the first control fluid intake becomes diet, and then becomes a way of life. The habit of drinking a lot is beneficial to the body. The important thing is that the digestive tract works like a clock, and it means that all other processes are in the desired mode. The result is on the face: the skin is taut and elastic, has a healthy color, there is no problem in the form of acne.

How to calculate the volume of water you want to drink? There is calculation of daily allowance for weight loss: 1 liter for every 30 kg of body weight. That is, with a weight of 60 kg should drink per day is 2 liters.

However, what if the weight is too big? Suppose 100 kg. it Turns out that a day should drink at least 4 litres. Quite a large number, which can overpower not everyone. In addition, a large amount of fluid is not only not benefit, but rather harm the body. According to research, the daily volume of fluid over 4.5 l leads to the leaching of mineral substances. It gives failures in work of kidneys and heart and lead to the development of osteoporosis (brittle bones).

In this case, you can use a different scheme, according to which the quantity of water depends on eaten per day, calories.

For example, in the day to eat 1200 calories. So, you need to drink 1200 ml of water plus another half a litre on top.

The above is the volume of water is average. In practice, it may be all very different. For example, diabetics and those who have problems with cardiovascular system, you should not consume so much fluid. Therefore, they will need to adjust to the demands of the organism, taking into account existing diseases.

Many are wondering: why do we need to drink so much water? In order to answer this question, you need to know that the liquid gives the body:

● removes recycled proteins, fats and carbohydrates;

● involved in the biochemical process (processing of incoming fats);

● restores skin elasticity;

● speeds up metabolism (which is especially important for weight loss);

● nourishes cells, helps to break down fats.

In order to assess the benefits of water, it is enough to imagine the following situation: every day you take the garbage at home, but not throw it, and fold in the corners. What happens in the end? Here the same happens with the lack of water. If you drink enough, all the «garbage» that accumulates in the body during the day, will leach out liquid.

How to drink water during the day: in what form and how often

Slimming and improve the General condition of the body should give up carbonated water. It contains carbonic acid, which destroys tooth enamel and causes flatulence in the digestive tract.

To learn how to drink water during the day to lose weight, you need to refer to the recommendations of nutritionists. First of all you need to know about what kind of fluid you can drink. It is worth to mention that tea, coffee and juices (especially the store) must be in a minimum amount. They in any case should not replace water in daily volume.

During the day, you must drink the water that was used the body. However, its quality must be good, as it affects the overall health of the body. It’s one of the rules of the water diet.

Among nutritionists, there is such a thing as «empty water». This fluid, almost devoid of electrolytes. Those who lose weight, it will not bring absolutely no benefit.

In order to find good water, you may have to sort through a few firms. When choosing you need to pay attention to the label. It is advisable to choose drinking water with a good composition of minerals. To rely on my ability to taste also needed: liquid should not have any odors and impurities.

By the way, it is not recommended to fill the daily requirement of liquid to drink healing water. Many do, believing that killing two birds with one stone: lose weight and improve health. However, the curative water has on the body a heavy load and can cause additional health problems.

Also, be aware that drinking water should only glassware. Plastic bottles is not the best way affect the composition of the liquid due to the compound bisphenol A. the bottle Is slightly warm when BPA gets immediately into the composition of the liquid. It is fraught with cardiovascular diseases and problems with the reproductive organs.

In order to lose weight with water need to know the rules of consumption. There are General provisions that should definitely be followed to achieve the desired effect:

1. Every morning immediately after waking up drink a glass of warm water. It will set the right rhythm metabolism for the next day, plus will help from possible constipation.

2. Instead of snacking between meals, you need to drink a glass of water. Sometimes the requirement of the organism saturation with moisture, we mistakenly perceived as a signal of hunger. This is because in the brain centers of hunger and thirst are very close to each other. To distinguish hunger from thirst is very simple: in time, when hungry, you need to drink a few SIPS of water. If after 10 minutes have perehotelos, means that the body is required to quench your thirst.

3. Drink water half an hour before a meal. Consumption of water before meals leads to indigestion. Enters the stomach the fluid flushes out the stomach acid and enzymes. Food is poorly digested and gets «stuck» in the stomach before the next production of the required amount of juice.

4. Forbidden to drink during meals and for hours after. This leads to the fact that the incoming fats deposited in the body.

5. A diet is considered useless if there is no physical exertion. While exercise is necessary to drink pure non-carbonated water. Sport raises body temperature, makes you sweat, which speeds up metabolic processes. The water in this case will help to quickly remove toxins. If not to drink it in time, even normal charging, it may lead to violation of the metabolism and reduce performance.

6. The required daily amount of water you need to drink to 18:00. After this time you need to drink in extreme cases, if required by the body. This mode will allow you to avoid morning puffiness and night trips to the toilet.

An important role in losing weight, how to drink water. It is a mistake to assume that the more water is drunk, the better to saturate the body and quenching thirst. Actually, the longer will be the process of drinking the same glass, the better.

Drinking water should in small SIPS. For self control can drink through a straw.

How to drink water to lose weight: achieve maximum effect

Maximum effect of water diet can be achieved knowing how to drink water during the day. On average every person on a diet to drink at least 2 liters. For those who have just started, is quite difficult to drink that much liquid. To accustom themselves to such a regime may, following the scheme:

● the first glass of warm water immediately after waking up;

● the next couple of glasses — to replace the usual snacks (it will take approximately one liter);

● about half a litre is consumed during exercise;

● remaining quantity of water is consumed instead of the usual tea/coffee/juices.

Beginners water diet not advised to drink 2 liters a day. It can negatively affect the work of the genitourinary system. In order to get the body accustomed, you can start with one liter of gradually increasing the volume. After a few days, drink 2 liters will not be so difficult as it might seem at first.

Few know how to drink water during the day, you also need to choose the right temperature. Greater effect on the water diet you get when you drink liquids at room temperature. Cold water is not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and, therefore, will not rid the body of toxins. Moreover, a glass of cold water after eating reduces the residence time of food in the stomach. It passes undigested into the intestine and a short time later after a meal, again there is a feeling of hunger.

It turns out that 2 litres daily just to be «fly» by. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that cold water causes the feeling of hunger, which is unacceptable during a diet. Warm, on the contrary, blunts it. It soothes the stomach and drains from the walls of the digestive tract of harmful substances.

To water diet the maximum effect, you need to strictly monitor the amount of alcohol consumed per day. For this, you can keep a diary of water balance or download mobile app that, besides, be reminded that you need to drink another glass.

Girls, spring is in full swing, and very soon will come summer. It’s time to show others their slim and fit body. To get rid of excess weight no longer need to exhaust yourself with strict diets and starvation. Enough to know how to drink water to lose weight. Bracer not only refreshes the body but also helps to throw off those extra pounds.