How to drink tequila: recommendations for use. Properly drink tequila: detailed instructions and best recipes

Tequila — what is it?

Tequila is a strong (about 40%) drink.

The fortress it is similar with our vodka, but there are many significant differences.

The tequila is cooked in Mexico, and its main difference is the use of agave, which are grown in this country.

Thus, the main component of tequila is the fermented juice of the blue agave.

Recently, this alcoholic drink has become very popular in our country. There are special recipes and distinctive trait of drinking the beverage, which in our country not everyone knows. So, let’s see what the features is the feature of the use of the drink.

How to drink tequila: step by step instructions

To learn the process of proper consumption of this drink, no need to be a bartender. All that is needed is to understand the basic ways of its use.

To begin, prepare the list of ingredients, without which no one procedure drinking this beverage:

  • A bottle of tequila. Today there are a sufficient number of types and grades of this beverage, gourmets prefer to Marche Sausa (especially silver and gold species;
  • Lime (in some cases it is replaced with lemon);
  • Salt plain (some fans use sea salt);
  • Orange;
  • Cinnamon (powder);
  • Sugar;
  • Caballitos (special small piles for tequila).

Consider the traditional method of using «gold» tequila, which is used in most pubs around the world:

1) Pour some amount of «gold» tequila in caballitos;

2) Cut into half rings orange;

3) Mix the cinnamon with the sugar;

4) Dip the orange in a mixture. Drink the tequila in one gulp and ate an orange slice dipped in cinnamon sugar.

Tequila is often consumed with Tabasco or chase it with sangrita. But still aged and expensive varieties are the best to drink «pure», this will allow you to enjoy the amazing aroma and taste of this national drink.

How to drink tequila with lemon and salt

Many gourmets prefer to drink this drink with lemon and salt. For this you need to fill caballitos drink and put next to him a small dish with salt and a slice of lemon. Before you drink you need to pour some quantity of salt in the deepening of the thumb, squeeze a drop of juice from the lemon and lick everything with my tongue. Then immediately drink the tequila in one gulp and sakasavesa lemon.

At home drinks (Mexico) the procedure for the consumption of tequila may vary: a lemon slice can be eaten before drinking the beverage, in some cases, salt and pepper. Salt can be sprinkled on the inner side of the palm, the lemon dipped in salt and other methods.

There is another common method: cut lemon in half, it removes all the pulp, a little splyusnuta the bottom. The edges of the resulting lemon «Cup» pours a bit of salt. Tequila is cooled with ice. At parties guests are welcome to drink from this kind of «vessel» from the doorway.

As a rule, tequila is usually drunk before meals as an aperitif or after (digestif). In Mexico, tequila make a perfect drink under gunkali is the national dish, presented in the form of mashed avocado with tomato sauce and chili.

How to drink tequila and what to eat

Varieties of the drink

Don’t forget that tequila is not made to cool, its temperature must remain the room. If you decided to try this delicious drink – not in a hurry. Suggest you use one of the four most common ways of drinking this wonderful drink.

1. «Volley». This method in our country has caught on much better than the rest. Pour a small amount of tequila (gold or silver) in caballitos and a slice of lime or lemon. Then, pour some salt into a recess between the thumb and forefinger and drink under the «licked-drank-bit».

2. The second method is applicable mainly to gold tequila and successfully practiced in many drinking establishments in the world. The method we have described in the beginning of the article. Caballitos pour in a small amount of beverage, slice the orange in half rings and mix the sugar and cinnamon. Orange need to dunk in the mix, chug a drink and a bite to eat orange.

3. «Mexican boilermaker». Mix 33 g of tequila and 330 g good beer. The resulting mixture should be consumed very quickly. But we must remember that to get drunk from such a mixture can be very fast.

4. This method can be used not everywhere, it takes a «special» situation. Salt need to fill the girl’s belly, while the citrus, which you will eat, drink directly from her mouth. In some cases, the juice of a lemon (lime); a girl’s neck.

How to drink tequila: cocktails with her

We should also talk about the cocktails, the benefit them today there are so many. To describe everything we are not going to examine only a few of the most popular types.

«Rising sun» (from the English. sunrise)

This cocktail is most often consumed in summer, but not necessarily. Gather the following ingredients:

  • 40 ml tequila any;
  • 15 ml lime juice;
  • 1 tsp pomegranate syrup (optional, you can add one more teaspoon of any other syrup to taste).

All these components are mixed in a blender with the addition of one scoop of melted ice, which are sold in bars and clubs, and playing in a pre-chilled cocktail glass. On the edge of the glass is necessary to string the orange circle, which gives the cocktail sophistication and beauty. «The Mexican»


  • 40 ml tequila,
  • 20 ml lemon juice;
  • 15 ml of juice from pineapple;
  • 1 tsp pomegranate syrup.

To make the cocktail, prepare the shaker, which is necessary to cool with a few pieces of ice. All ingredients poured into a shaker, adding there is and ice, shake well and pour the mixture in a tall glass. To make the cocktail of originality you can decorate it with icing on the edge of the glass or pineapple leaf.

«Dream Acapulco»


  • 30 ml tequila;
  • 10 ml dark rum;
  • 100 ml pineapple juice;
  • 40 ml of grapefruit juice.

As with the previous cocktail, we need a shaker. Pour all the ingredients into it and shake well. Thereafter, the resulting mixture cedida in a glass (with ice or without it, optional). Served with a slice of orange or pineapple circle for originality or as snacks.

As we can see, the process of drinking tequila is pretty simple. All you need is salt, lime (lemon), orange, sugar, cinnamon or other components to taste. Oh and don’t forget your imagination to decorate the glass if you prepare a cocktail of this drink.

Having fun at the party, in a bar or club tequila always very popular, so we recommend that you learn to drink it properly to experience the noble taste and aroma of this great Mexican drink.